Willfully Stalked and Harassed

Stalking is broadly defined as “willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly following or harassing another person“.

Being stalked is:

  • frightening
  • frustrating
  • life changing

Stalking is a very serious and potentially dangerous offense.

From Women’s Web:

Stalking has been referred to as a “building block crime” because it usually starts with small incidents that can get more and more serious. These incidents can include such behaviors as:

  • Repeated phone calls, emails, or letters
  • Following, watching, spying, and tracking someone
  • Sending unwanted gifts
  • Stealing from someone’s property (including mail)
  • Vandalizing someone’s property
  • Threatening someone and/or their loved ones
  • Showing up uninvited
  • Assaulting or threatening to assault someone verbally, physically, or sexually
  • Having friends or acquaintances do any of the above for them

Let’s see, my stalker has repeatedly (for 7 years) posted horrendous, totally untrue material about me on the World Wide Web.

Ugly and spam-like emails from my stalker submitting my personal information to junk sites have been a constant.  At one time, this harassment damaged my credit rating just when I was working with a mortgage lender to refinance my home – and subsequently was denied.

My stalker follows me everywhere online and has been known to do so in my day-to-day existence.

My home has been robbed and vandalized.

I received death threats.

I’ve had unsavory men show up at my door for unspeakable things – and send me disgusting emails and text messages.

My stalker has openly threatened to “smash my face in”.


I’d say her actions define “willful, malicious, and repeated” harassment, wouldn’t you?

Criminalize Cyber Stalking.

Cyber Stalkers Infographic

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