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  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 175

    Posted on by jbr

    Time for Snail to re-surface. Apparently a story hit the local paper about some charges he incurred; I truly do not know the whole story- but stalker Medusa sure did. And then some.
    Snail was someone I wanted to help out when he was down and out– nothing more, nothing less. But Medusa just keeps adding more and more to a situation she – again- truly knew very little about. She attempts to sensationalize it (ie – LIE) to really make it sound as though I associate with the dregs of humanity.

    “Jennifer Reisinger’s ex-bootlicker and porn king/bestiality artist [deleted] (aka ‘Snail’) has been set free.”

    “Porn king” and “Bestiality artist”??? News to me.
    No one was interested. But the stalking continues – and takes on a new form. The man I had been in a relationship is now a “fornicator”, who donated to a Republican Senator – therefore, the Senator, I guess, should be frowned upon? And why look up who he donated to in the first place? Isn’t that taking stalking a bit far? I think most would agree it sure is – and even the wicked witch herself wouldn’t put that stupid comment under her stupid moniker “m”. But she just HAD to say it…
    “Go Joe! just read Joes campaign finance report, 2 things stuck out for sheboygan talk folk. 1) he continues to take money from known fornicator John [deleted].”

    In that same post, Medusa had to delete something “by request”. People were tired of her smearing them all because they somehow – SUPPOSEDLY – had something in common with yours truly. It didn’t matter how far she had to stretch the truth – or the supposed “connections” she made up. Tell me, what community wouldn’t be sick of it – along with the person (me) – stuck like a pig in the middle of something I didn’t create.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 174

    Posted on by jbr

    Good morning to you, too Medusa, you perverted, warped fool.

    Go fuck yourself (Or visit Jeni Reisinger)

    How crazy-awful must a person be to say something like that on the World Wide Web?
    In a topic Medusa titled, ‘people of authority on Facebook’, Medusa posted: “Apparently for some people, being referenced to on this forum is more embarrassing than having photos on Facebook at some drunk fest where people are shit faced…
    She’s got that one right. The woman’s mind is filled with heaps of gutter-pig filth.
    “[Deleted] and [deleted] also joined sheboygan spirit forum so maybe [J*&@!] will run their websites (and give them blowjobs).”

    On July 4th, a topic was started by someone else whom I know to be a “real” person. It was a discussion regarding a candidate for an upcoming election. It was going on for some time before Medusa couldn’t help herself. In regard to a candidate they were defending, someone posted, “[Deleted] has experience in management as he was the CEO of Special Ops.
    Out come her filthy fangs.
    “[Deleted] has you well trained as his sock puppet. Now he just needs to get holster-sniffer Jeni Reisinger to do his guys . . . I mean websites . . .”

    A piece of news hit the papers that the former mayor – the one I had “issues” with – was going to run for another office. Well, can’t let that go without bringing my name up – and proving how little she truly knows about me.
    “Jeni will be so happy to have [deleted] to kick around again.”

    < sarc >That’s just so funny…< /sarc >. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
    Moving on to my “extreme political views” – you know, the one’s mad Medusa created in her psychotic episodes and delusions – Medusa creates a topic that not one single person bothered to respond to. I think you’ll see why.
    “LIEsinger cries about police surveillance. All of a sudden Ms. right wing extremist Jeni Reisinger is citing the ACLU regarding police surveillance of political groups. Wonder how many people SHE caused to be under police surveillance because of her lying, false accusations, and holster-sniffing?”

    I had shared a quote and an article reference on a topic that was on the ACLU web site somewhere online – which I happened to agree with. Can I not do that? Or is there some unwritten “rule” I missed that says I must always disagree with the ACLU – for starters? And furthermore, did she not just prove – yet again – that she cyber stalks me?
    In another topic involving a sheriff’s election, Medusa actually had two or three people discussing the issue. As is often the case at this point in time, out of the blue she decides to add the following 2-cents after one candidates qualifications were cited: “I’m sure that excites the Reisingers.”
    Doh! For WHAT?

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 172

    Posted on by jbr

    The Triple Strike

    Strike 1: Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!!!

    Again, too many names, too many references to locals that don’t – didn’t – deserve to have their names or organizations dragged into Medusa’s mad house for too many screen shots.

    06-26-2010, 02:13 PM “Jeni Reisinger, pathological liar, defamer and ex-mistress of a former married Sheboygan police officer, is allowed to run a prayer request website while she continues to host a smear page that not only smears me with lies, but presents my business and husband in a false light. Reisinger uses some sort of method that keeps her page of lies about me at the top of Google rankings, while my legitimate Kohler sites are kept below it.” {insert image of me playing the violin for “m”}
    She also blocks me from defending my reputation, and that of my business and husband on her smear page. The page includes a photo of me that she stole without permission from my business site. Rather than link to this site as her source, she links to my business site in an effort to paint my business in a false light. If you submit a prayer online at http://dial452pray.org, guess which email address your PRIVATE prayers get delivered to?justjenidotcom@yahoo.com
    Interjection: That was not true at all. Prayer requests went to an address ending in @dial452pray.org. Suffice it to say, as usual, Medusa knows not a whit about what she speaks. She just made that all up. I didn’t even have an email address with Yahoo!. It’s ALL B.S.
    Back to regularly scheduled rantings.
    06-26-2010, 02:13 PM – CONTINUED: “That means Jeni Reisinger is able to read everyone’s personal prayers that get submitted on that site. The Dial 452-pray officers are [she listed their names from the web site]. Participating churches are listed here: http://www.dial452pray.org/churches.html This post will remain here until Reisinger removes ‘Struck Strike.’

    06-27-2010, 05:00 PM: “Here’s my prayer list I might submit for “Just Jeni” . . . oops, I mean God.:
    Dear Just Jeni (or God)
    Please bless Obama’s health care plan
    Please bless him with a second term
    Please help him pass gay marriage.
    Please help him ban guns.
    Please let him pick a Muslim VP next time.
    Please help him pass a law banning all prayer.
    Please bless [deleted] and [deleted].
    Please strike Sarah Palin with permanent laryngitis.

    06-27-2010, 08:18 PM: “I want to complain to somebody in charge of hiring that so called ‘Christian’ woman. Talk about blasphemy.
    What the hell got into her

    Strike 2: Back to Blackmail

    07-11-2010, 12:10 PM: “I don’t know, but whomever told her to remove her [deleted] smear page in time for the Sheriff’s race, can also tell her to remove whatever SEO feature she has keeping her “Struck Strike” page artificially ranked at the top in Google. Until then, a Google search of “Officer [deleted]” will bring up this thread at #1. (I know how to play the SEO game, too).

    If I don’t see her “Struck Strike” page start to drop in Google rankings, I’ll be setting up my own blog page — just in time for the sheriff’s race. When people google the Sheboygan police department or [deleted], they’ll see a sordid tale of how two Sheboygan cops let a hate-mongering, racist, gold-digging holster-sniffer run amok in police programs lying about and threatening people, while these cops protected and even paid her. And unlike the LIEsinger, I wouldn’t even have to blog a bunch of lies.
    No one tells me what, or what not to do on my own web site. Good grief, how ridiculous. Furthermore, I do NOT have or attempt “SEO tricks” – all I do is make clean, compliant web sites. I’m honest – remember what honesty is???
    Medusa’s madness continues…
    07-12-2010, 12:14 PM: “I have a friend who came across that stupid Struck Strike page and offered to find me ‘help’ if I want it. (Her clients include attorneys involved in litigation worth millions, and she has served as an expert witness in US District Court). I figure I’ll go the free route first. I decided to let it ride as long as her [deleted] smear page was also up there. Now it’s gone — just in time for the Sheriff’s race — while ‘Struck Strike’ sits at the top of Google rankings. I hold [deleted] and NAD (under [deleted]) partly responsible, since they enabled (and paid) that fraud while she was at the peak of publishing blatant lies about people. Then we were threatened with police investigations for exposing her antics (while she rolled in the sack with [deleted]). When her stupid Struck Strike page is scrubbed like [deleted]’s page, I’ll delete this thread.
    07-13-2010, 03:12 PM: “Open wide and say ahhhhh Jeni can’t pass up a chance to do a cop a favor…

    Strike 3 Enough is Enough!

    Medusa still cannot stand it that I volunteered to help the NAD group with an amazing project they undertook (until Medusa ruined it for them). They did refund me for 2 years of hosting and 2 years of domain registration, with a little extra, but that was their doing. Here she blows again and here she goes again – lies, lies, lies.
    07-03-2010, 12:59 PM: “I double checked a few documents and NAD (under [deleted]) was having Reisinger do that enoughof.com site DURING the same time period she was rolling in the sack with [deleted] She said in her deposition that she got paid $400 for the website, yet she had to offer $20 to strangers on a tech forum to help her out with a “simple” script. See http://www.sheboyco.com/vb/showpost….59&postcount=7” (link dead)
    Somebody had contacted [deleted] about the enoughof site, and he acted like he had let NAD volunteers run amok with their personal agendas and he was unaware of a lot of what was going on.
    Okay, so who signed the NAD checks for crappy websites by cop mistresses, and a big ol’ billboard on Indiana Ave.? Who did the buck stop with?


    Just to clear the record – I am not a programmer and never professed to be one. I can use programs, I cannot alter the code without assistance. And never will I feel shame for that. I cannot do and be all things to all people! I didn’t realize Medusa held me to such high standards…(ug). As for the rest of it – said it before but it now bears repeating: Stupid is as stupid does.
    And that “somebody” that contacted the officer? IT WAS HER. I knew it – had been told as much by the officer; however, she later admits it on her filthy forum – as that mass in her head that stand in for a brain really goes into over drive.
    07-24-2010, at 10:06 AM: “Awwwww. Poor, holster-sniffer, [delete] listened to me instead of his partner’s psychotic, pathological lying ADULTRESS SLUT!
    Evil bitch

    God have mercy. Please.

    No good deed goes unpunished.” Indeed.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 171

    Posted on by jbr

    Medusa must really be feeling bugged out – she’s about to blackmail again. Again, too many names for screen shots of everything, but I’ll grab one of the beginning of her attempt at blackmail – again.
    06-26-2010, 02:47 PM: “Since Jennifer Reisinger of Sheboygan has now removed her smear page of former Sheboygan Police Officer [deleted], she can remove her lying ‘Struck Strike’ page, too. As long as ‘Struck Strike’ remains on her Sheboygan Spirit website, the below post originally posted by her on Sheboygan spirit blog will remain here.
    Officer [deleted] is the former Sheboygan Police Officer whom Jennifer Reisinger had an affair with. He reportedly hid his squad car in her garage during his visits.
    Reisinger also runs Fitness and Freebies, Belly Bytes, and Dial452-pray.org sponsored by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches in Sheboygan County
    Copy and paste queen at it again


    It was my business what I did or did not post on my own web site. The page she copied and pasted was something I put online because I was getting so many inquiries asking what happened regarding the “relationship”. This page allowed me to just send a link because I was very distraught and deeply hurt. To go through it over and over was too painful. However, its use had run it’s course, people had moved on and it was past time I took it down. So I did – it’s truly that simple. But the cyber-stalking witch, for whatever reason that remains a mystery to this day, gets a bug up her butt when I do this and starts with her wild speculations, accusations and wild, paranoid hysteria again.
    Since when can she dictate what material I post on my own web site? Talk about unmitigated gall! And just a piece of advice – any, and I mean ANY involvement with this she-devil and you’ll open yourself up to the same thing, you can bank on it.
    06-26-2010, 03:13 PM: “I like how the LIEsinger removes her [deleted] smear page right before [deleted]’s former partner, Officer [deleted], runs for sheriff.
    The officer running for Sheriff had absolutely nothing to do with my taking the page down. It’s time had come and gone. In fact, I had forgotten it was up there and while updating the site I saw it and immediately took it down – something I should have done much sooner. The ignorance that pours out of this woman is stunning.

    It just never occurred to her it might be a good idea – for once – to just …
    shut up

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 170

    Posted on by jbr

    There was a Sheriff’s election going on at this time. One of the candidates was someone I had done some web site work with. Well, we can’t let him get away with that, now can we?
    The topic contained a name, and became quite long and filled up with the names of others in the city, so I am not going to use screen shots; however, trust me, I have it all if ever it is needed.
    Let the gutter-pig garbage begin. She gets every dig in she can conjure up in her twisted, lying mass of damaged cells that acts as her brain.
    Gutter Pig
    06-23-2010, 09:13 AM: “Are you one of the Jeni Reisinger holster-sniffers? I could totally excuse his crying if one of them was riding along.
    06-23-2010, 10:46 AM: “I don’t know how much he was involved, but [deleted]’s ex-skank (Jeni Reisinger) said in her deposition that [deleted] helped [deleted] install the sophisticated security cams and panic button on her house after she got those supposed death threats. This was supposedly before [deleted] was actually shagging LIEsinger, but it was at least when the two of them were buddy-buddy in going after [deleted].
    [Deleted] was also apparently paying [deleted]’s mistress/crappy web designer Jeni Reisinger to design a website for NAD that made Sheboygan judges look bad. They had a big billboard up on Indiana until people here complained. Then [deleted] made her take it down and she had her usual hissy fit.
    The site had mugshots of every Sheboyganite charged with drug dealing (whether they were convicted or not), and a rating system underneath so visitors to the website could rate how the judges ruled. That lying trailer trash was being paid for this WHILE she was suing the city (and [deleted]). Her web skills were so crappy I found her on a tech site offering $20 to any stranger who could help her with the site. Nice.
    06-23-2010, 02:01 PM: “Playing judge and jury was one thing, but paying LIEsinger to help while she was suing the city was just over the top. The NAD nags were probably the ones who were ultimately behind it, but still . . . the buck stopped with [deleted] letting a pathological liar and all around nut job with four counts of credit card fraud run any kind of police-related website.
    Then Jeni’s big squeeze at the time — [deleted]– came on here spouting off about how he reported me to [deleted] to have me investigated. [deleted] is the Manson lookalike who was recently arrested for luring a minor into his apartment to look at porn and undress, and Walgreens reported that he was in there often to develop representations of bestiality. I called [deleted] and he denied investigating me and asked me to remove [deleted] comment. But still, why was that creep even bringing up [deleted]’s name? Probably because LIEsinger was telling him to.”


    No, more like probably Medusa was lying about the whole thing. I never heard anything about her “being investigated”.If something went down between her and Snail, I knew nothing of it. And…




    Just like with everything, Medusa cannot quit. And…drum roll…




    “Then, at a later date, Jeni or one of her bootlickers came on here using the name ‘COP’ to ‘duly warn’ us that we were being watched as suspects regarding her death threats. According to ‘COP,’ we were ‘treading on dangerous ground’ for picking on her and the police.”

    Well, it’s nice to end a difficult post on a humorous note! Whoever really did create that “COP” post deserves a medal. The person really got to Medusa. She can’t get over it! And I confess, I love it.
    Big Grin

    P.S. The candidate she trashed the hell out of here WON. The one she sang praises for lost – BIG. 🙂

  • Cyber Stalked Book Bit 169

    Posted on by jbr

    Random Rottenness


    “I’ll stick with a sheriff who has never palled around with a [deleted], or paid a Reisinger for crappy web design.”

    “Are you one of the Jeni Reisinger holster-sniffers? I could totally excuse his crying if one of them was riding along.”

    Medusa enjoyed using the term “tard” or “retard” – which IS offensive, but that’s just her style. Someone called her out on it, so let’s toss ‘ol Jeni into the mix!
    “I’m not a Reich winger like you (and the Reisingers) who believes only your fellow Reich wingers are allowed free speech rights (and the right to be offensive).”

    How about a little self-promotion? I’ll post this so people will be forewarned to avoid this woman and her site(s) like the plague. Call it a community service. 😉
    Self Promotion
    “FYI: Those of you offended by my use of the word “‘tard” can read my post on my legitimate Kohler news site here: [URL]”

    Under a topic titled by the master pervert Medusa, “Sexually perverted Libtards”, an “anonymous someone” conveniently says, “Clinton, Edwards, Gore? WTF Al?“.
    Which opens the door for the gutter pig to bring me up – again.
    “At least they didn’t get caught messing with men, like so many Reich-tards have.”


    Wow. I was involved with ONE man in a decade – and who are all her “Reich-tards”? Better yet, what IS a “Reich-tard”? Good grief.

    (See how Medusa loves that offensive word, “tard”?)
    Have to do a major eye-roll at this comment:

    “To be honest, the kinky sex lives of old political has-beens really doesn’t fascinate me as much as it seems to fascinate you.”


    It’s just the one she makes up in her mad mind that she LOVES to run with.

    Now please note this comment and keep it in mind as I move forward – the hypocrisy is so crystal clear it’s astonishing.

    “Frankly, I’m tired of the media and everyone else making such a big deal about humans getting naked and touching each other. Grow the hell up already and try to crawl out of middle-school. Animals are more mature about reproductive stuff than stupid humans.”




    “Your claim to being an agnostic is You sound more like one of those idiot Reisingers. I just knew I was wasting my time on a nitwit.”

    “I sent the [deleted]-hating Snail clone over there, but I guess the LIEsingers are too boring even for him.”

    All kinds of random rotten rambling from the mad, mad mind of Medusa. Some of it is so childish it’s amazing there is a real-live adult behind the comments. A middle-aged one at that, who should have long since known better. Then there is the sick, twisted, gutter-pig that flourishes in those demonic genes of hers that one cannot – should not – excuse. I guess that is why they call people like this psychopaths, or sociopaths.


  • Cyber Stalked Book Bit 168

    Posted on by jbr

    06-04-2010, Posted to Medusa by “TakeYourMedsMary”: “I guess you still can not read. [deleted] said he does not have time to charge the deputies… You might want to get a refund from what ever school you went to because your reading comprehension is awful.

    “I think YOU should seek a refund from the Jeni Reisinger school of journalist wannabe.”

    Now I want to be a journalist? Wow, I didn’t know that.

    Back to dirty digs.

    To make it appear there are others equally as filthy minded as she is, Medusa will use her profile of “WTF” for this disgusting, reprehensible garbage; however, she uses this line under her own moniker of “m”, as well. (Which makes it quite obvious she is “WTF”.)

    “I’ve never done anything to [deleted]. However [deleted] has helped loose legs Reisinger in spreading lies.”

    This constant, never-ending sexual harassment was a complete and utter nightmare – and it sickens me so; plus, it was never to end. Around this time the police took my security away and trust me, to say I was feeling vulnerable is an incredible understatement. I was afraid to open my drapes. I would freeze in fear when my doorbell rang, completely unable to even get to the door to look out the peep hole I’d had installed. The sound of my telephone ringing would make me jump darn near through the roof – literally. I stopped mowing my own grass or shoveling my snow due to feeling “watched” from the Horace Mann parking lot. Instead, I hired a service to mow and my kind neighbor did my driveway in the winter.
    I began to stay in the house a lot. I avoided public places. I changed my phone number constantly. I cannot stay off the Internet because that is where my work is.
    But no matter what I did or did not do, where I went or did not go, including inside my home, there was no longer one moment or one place where I could feel secure or safe. I felt completely violated in every respect. I still do.
    By this point, my life had literally become a living nightmare because of Medusa and her madness.
    On 06-13-2010, Medusa posts an admission of the intent of her forum – the forum about a city she doesn’t even reside in, did not grow up in, but pretends to be an expert on. Whilst talking about FaceBook, Medusa says, “…you don’t have the advantage of anonymity there, unlike here, where we can be smart asses with reckless abandon.
    “…you don’t have the advantage of anonymity there, unlike here, where we can be smart asses with reckless abandon.”


    And that you are, Medusa. That. You. Are.


  • Cyber Stalked Book Bit 167

    Posted on by jbr

    Now Medusa’s latest victim gets the same speculations she conjured up about yours truly!

    “Back when Jeni ‘Quixote’ Reisinger was leading the [deleted] witch-hunts, I asked over and over again why that psycho was privy to ANY city and/or police business.”

    To which she then added she now thought the same thing about her latest victim, etc.
    I never responded to Medusa’s madness, but her latest victim replied to her; here he said, “You are worse than the UFO Enthusiasts.” (Thumbs up!) To which Medusa says:
    “Oh yeah, people thought I was a crazy conspiracy theorist when I asked the same questions about Reisinger. Gee, why does it seem like LIEsinger is privy to city and police business that she has no damn business being privy to? Well, dang if we didn’t find out she was whoring around with a married cop while he hid his squad car in her garage after he outfitted her house with surveillance equipment.”

    Just for the record, I wasn’t “privy” to anything. I submitted open records requests and talked to alder-persons. I also read meeting minutes and watched the Council meetings on television. That’s where all my “privy” information came from. Medusa knew it, too. In addition, she knew nothing of the truth of my relationship so I’ll just say this – in no way, whatsoever, could anyone called what TRULY DID happen, “whoring”. That’s despicable. However, the truth is WAY too inconvenient for the games Medusa plays with my life – and the lives of others, for that matter.
    After simmering overnight, Medusa comes back with a veiled threat.



    “You just better pray to your God that I don’t find out you or any of your goons have ever invaded my privacy . . .”


    Really, Medusa – or else??? AND … Why is it okay for her to invade and rip apart the privacy of anyone she wishes, but no one better do it to her?


    OOP! Time for Medusa to crawl back into the muck of her gutter.

    Here the filthy minded wretch is referring to me, although doesn’t spit out my name. The topic was titled “LOWER TAXES !!!” and yet again, had not a thing to do with me.

    “Unlike the trailer trash of SheVegas, I don’t need to hide squad cars in my garage and give blow jobs to cops to feel like I’m somebody.”

    Gutter Pig
    The revolting pig.
    Same topic; and an admission I’m not news any longer – not that that inconvenient fact matters to Medusa, of course:
    “Are you getting lonely on Sheboygan Spew-it now that hop-a-cop Jeni’s 15-minutes are over?”

    And lest anyone forget…
    “…[deleted] come out smelling like roses, he let LIEsinger run amok in NAD hiring her to set up a controversial website designed to make judges look bad. And that was while she was suing his boss, [deleted], and sniffing [deleted] holsters. [deleted] also helped [deleted] set up that nice surveillance system on the holster-sniffer’s house so they could watch for the bogeyman while Reisinger spewed her lies.”

    The security was because I was receiving death threats – but it sure seemed to bother Medusa that I had it. And her not even a Sheboygan taxpayer. Now why would that be?
    The gutter-pig is on a roll. In a topic about the new mayor:
    “No one is saying a word because the recall cabal and hop-a-cop Jeni think [deleted] is the greatest.”

    Just for the record, never once did I publicly state my preference in the mayoral election. She has no idea where I stood or even if I voted.
    Hate to sound like a broken record, but again out of the blue comes another cyber stalking incident – and for what purpose is anyone’s guess. The discussion was about a young man and a metal folding chair, of all things. (The intelligence level on Medusa’s forum can be extraordinarily elementary). In any event, I had been invited to participate on a candidates web site – I had actually worked for him at one time, many years prior, so I was happy to join in and post. I was curious if she would find this, thus further proving my point that I am cyber stalked – she didn’t let me down.
    “Here’s your apology: http: //markforgov.com/ blog/ view/ JenniferReisinger /”

    (I put the spaces in there to avoid a hyperlink that is no longer active.)
    But gee. Why would I feel cyber stalked?

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 166

    Posted on by jbr

    Since the word “terrorist” didn’t get people wound up, it was time for Medusa to ramp things up another level.
    She’s going to try a new tactic – back to a site called Resistnet I had joined for a very brief time when it was launched. Once she started cyber stalking me there -something I fully expected by this point, I left. In fact, I only joined and posted ONCE to see just how far Medusa would go in her cyber-stalking of me. I really didn’t have the time to visit it or participate much.
    Sure enough, she found me there and copied and pasted the first and last post I made. That was shown in Volume I. Medusa has tried to tie me into militia’s before, now she tries to take that and add terrorism and murder to the mix.
    The title of her terrible topic: Militia kooks plotted to kill cops.

    “Told you the Timothy McVeigh wannabes in this country were plotting violence. They were plotting to kill a cop in Michigan, then attack other cops attending his funeral. Nice. And they call themselves ‘Christian Warriors.’ How much shit did I catch for picking on the ‘God Warriors’ (including having my posts deleted on the Press forum)? Bet this bunch hung out on Resistnet.com, too. (That’s the website that nut bag LIEsinger funneled her lying crap about me and [deleted] to, knowing full well armed crazies hang out there. Then [deleted] got shot at with a BB gun soon after that).”

    This was way out of line. First of all, I NEVER mentioned the former mayor’s name anywhere – not even on my own forum once he was out of office. He was a private citizen again and I respected his right to privacy, period. Saying I “funneled” his name is asinine but insinuating I had something to do with that stupid BB gun shooting was Medusa’s pure evil showing. She did this several times in previous years, as well. She knew full well some young boys were swiftly caught and that I hadn’t the slightest involvement in the incident. To imply that I did takes a very sinister mind working over time.
    Furthermore, I never mentioned her by name, either. All I did was refer to a cyber stalker – so here she is, admitting her misconduct.
    Just more of Medusa’s malice in action.

    Here come “da gutter pig”


    “At least you don’t see me spreading my legs for a married Sheboygan Teabagger cop. Hahahahaha”


    04-17-2010, 08:23 AM: “Why yes, I AM bigoted toward a lying, gold-digging cop-hopper; a cheating, badge-abusing whore-hopper; and an animal porn king. I don’t have a problem admitting that. Not at all . . (LIEsinger Klan must be getting restless now that their 15 minutes are over).”

    Gutter pig

    And out of the blue – yet again lies, lies and more lies.

    Another thread began going on involving the man I mentioned earlier who Medusa decided to victimize. It was a lot of back and forth between Medusa and two others – and at the risk of sounding so redundant, again a topic that had absolutely nothing to do with me. The two men, and her diving into the middle of something that really was none of her business, were sparring about the details of an incident that apparently took place between them. Medusa gave them a sounding board with her forum. So you have this conversation going on about two people totally unrelated to me whatsoever and…

    “Reminds me of LIEsinger going nuts blaming [deleted] for death threats left in her door. “

    She is saying I blamed the former mayor when I had never said such a thing. Truth be told, I suspected her, but kept my mouth shut because I had hoped the police would be able to determine who it was and everyone could be sure. That never happened, so I had always kept my mouth shut.
    In the same conversation:
    “Has everything to do with my aversion to people persisting in publicly accusing others of serious crimes and proceeding to go on witch-hunts trying to have them arrested when you can’t put up any proof. You know, like the same aversion I had toward LIEsinger and all her Don Quixote missions from God to nail people based on her hallucinations of ‘the truth.’”


    Missions from God?

    She be crazy.
    She be crazy.

    Medusa injects herself into a serious matter between two men, which she had absolutely NOTHING to do with, for one reason and one reason only – the one man fanned her flames of hatred for the gentleman she made another victim. Yet, anything negative that occurs to meddling Medusa, is suddenly the fault of every one else – never her.
    Roll Eyes

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 165

    Posted on by jbr

    Now we have some left vs. right political spew going on in Medusa’s forum under a topic she titled, “In your face, Tea Bigots”.
    I guess it was too long since she cyber bitch slapped me, so in the middle of the show, Medusa realizes there’s a topic going on without “JENI”!!! Oh no!
    Can’t have that, now can we?!

    “I bet there are gray clouds over Ooostburg today (and the Reisinger Klan’s house). It’s sunny where I am, though.”

    Where it came from or what it means is anyone’s guess.
    We had an interim police chief until a new one was hired and started on the job. “Someone” posted asking what happened to the interim chief because he was no longer listed among the ranking police officers. Well wouldn’t you know, some how this had to be my fault.
    “I’m starting to smell something fishy. A Reisinger must be lurking around again. I bet the new Chief got one of Jeni’s manifestos.”

    (She’s not done yet.)
    “He says third shift was his choice. Are [deleted] and [deleted] still captains? Weren’t they the two that told LIEsinger that nothing could be done about [deleted] because he retired? I can’t remember who talked to the dingbat. They were probably trying their best to get rid of her.”

    (She’s having too much fun now. She can’t stop.)
    “Maybe [deleted] took 3rd shift because the Reisingers will all be asleep.”

    To Medusa, everything was a left-right issue and for a time, she really ramped up her hatred of anything right, especially the Tea Party. In one of her extreme rants about the Tea Party, she actually started a topic titled, “Tea bagger terrorism”. Okay, whatever trips her trigger, but again, she had to get my name in there, which – as usual – was totally asinine.
    To give a bit of background in what was horrible, insane insinuations that Tea Party activists are terrorists, one person said to Medusa, “Like that makes a difference with you? Lumberjack and Otto have posted numerous times the facts and the locations of the facts and all you do is insult them.” This same person then mentioned an email s/he received, which s/he must have quoted and/or referenced somewhere. So…
    “I rest my case. All you know how to do is sling empty insults and repeat what others feed you. You’re the Jeni clone.”

    Then, in this same crazy conversation, some mysterious anonymous person says, “Why do you respond to BeenHereB4. He/she has nothing significant to add.” and Medusa decides it’s all MY fault she HAS to respond because…
    “Because these are the type of people who run around spreading total misinformation about me. (That’s why Jeni Reisinger won’t link to this forum or give the URL on her smear page of me. Too afraid her 3 annual visitors will come over here and see what a lying propagandist she is).”

    In all her rants, raves, accusations, lies, libel and defamation, never once does she show anyone so much as an iota of truth – but I am the “lying propagandist” – see how she turns what she is, onto yours truly? Creepy, I say, creepy.
    OH NO!! lol