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  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 185

    Posted on by jbr

    Now the queen of liars calls me a pathological liar and adds a veiled threat to myself and another victim of her choosing – but just before doing that, she crawls back into her favorite place, the gutter.


    10-24-2010, 06:12 PM: “If I understand how libel works, and I do, Jenny would have to prove that she isn’t filthy, misguided whore that hides behind a cloak of righteousness while doing unspeakable acts that violate the very bible she thumps. I am innocent until proven guilty. She would have to go to court to prove that I am guilty of lying about her. All I need is one witness to testify that I am right. She could have an entire church testify to her virtues, but that doesn’t technically prove anything. How do you think the Enquirer stays in business?”


    Kudo’s to the poster, “lester”, who added a welcomed comment at this point saying,

    “If you are innocent until proven guilty, that applies to Jeni, too. But m says unspeakable things about Jeni and thinks she can just call it satire. M cannot prove one thing she has said about Jeni.”

    Applause, applause!
    Of course, the mad woman just glosses over that to go in for yet another “kill”.
    In her beloved name calling on this one, she’s ranting at someone else – who is a real person for a change.

    “But go ahead and listen to that pathological liar LIEsinger at your own risk. If we ever meet under oath, all you bitches will go down for the evil you’ve perpetuated against so many people.”

    Seriously? She must have been talking to herself when she said that.
    But she’s going to be a busy big bee, because…

    10-26-2010, 02:40 PM: “No. I’m not going to ignore them. I’m finishing my paper for this month, then I’m going to work on getting them busted.”

    I don’t know who her “them” consists of, but I do know not a single soul she may have been directing her unfounded anger towards got “busted” for anything.
    So who is the REAL pathological liar?

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 184

    Posted on by jbr

    A Look Back


    08-13-2010: “The professional victim is getting exactly what she wanted – all traces of her name is being removed from this forum and soon, from Google’s cache. Her name will never be uttered here again and and I will ignore her like everyone else does. Does that upset you?”

    Just a little over a month and Medusa’s tirades got even whackier.

    9-27-2010, 09:17 AM: “Well, I’ve gone into hiding because I’m afraid [J*&@!] is going to bring this horrible crime against humanity to the cops. I’ll be jailed for the rest of my life for making a joke on someone’s website.
    09-27-2010, 09:17 AM: “…you’re not going to kill yourself over [J*&@!]’s onslaught of verbal abuse, bold faced lies, vile insinuations, utter and complete defamation, character assassination, bad, ugly, untrue, sinister, evil accusations!? You just don’t get it.
    09-27-2010, 09:24 AM “To be able to understand that fruitcake one would have to be as nutty as she is. No thanks.
    09-27-2010, 02:03 PM: “What happened to all [J*&@!]’s sites? They’re all gone? Awwwwwww, too bad. So sad. Who cares why they’re gone. Just so they are. Maybe the “weenie cop” threw a bucket of water on her and she and her websites melted.”
    09-28-2010, 05:50 PM: “Perhaps Mommy and Daddy said enough is enough of enoughof, gave her a good spanking, took away her computer and sent her to bed…
    09-29-2010, 09:19 AM: “Now I’m betting the Republicans had something to do with LIEsinger’s websites being scrubbed. My guess is, they had an attorney send a letter to her server and GoDaddy removed her sites. I think local Republicans are just tired of the local crackpots embarrassing them.


    She be crazy.
    She be crazy.


    Now I’m a Hacker

    And we can’t forget, EVERY BODY IS JENI!!! Someone posted to Medusa, “‘m’ you’re a piece of shit. Everyone is better off going elsewhere – Spirit or the other new one, whichever, anywhere but HERE.
    So it just HAD to be me in Medusa’s mad mind…

    “Awwwww. Getting frustrated because I won’t take your bait? I bet a few of my forum visitors would be interested in my evidence that you were trying to gain access into my admin panel, along with other suspicious activity. And that the IP numbers point to you and/or LIEsinger.”

    A few minutes later…

    10-23-2010, 08:59 PM: “Life will go on when LIEsinger and [deleted] get a letter from MY attorney ordering her and her bootlickers to cease-and-desist from coming on this forum attempting to provoke us into violating her attorney’s orders. And he will order her to stop linking my name to her pathetic [deleted] site. AND I might just send my evidence of the breaking and entering attempts into my admin panel to the cops. My attorney will get it for sure.”

    And the next day…

    “This should prove once and for all what I’ve been saying about her all along. Poor [J*&@!] just isn’t happy unless she’s the poor, persecuted victim.”

    Then someone dares to call Medusa out for what she is- a pathological liar. 🙂
    “Everyone will find out who’s really lying, once I start talking to cops and attorneys. This will be the final uprising of you shrieking, ugly beasts.”

    Now, even though I’m not posting on her dung heap, nor was I even visiting, I’m not only attempting to “hack”, I’m also engaging in “entrapment”!
    “I will also be raising the issue of attempted entrapment.”

    This stuff is getting hilarious, now. What world does this she-devil live in, anyway???

    Since you just can’t “prove” lies, I don’t think anyone was too worried – much less impressed. She looks and sounds like a first-rate fool – only looks are deceiving, because she’s much, much worse.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 183

    Posted on by jbr

    Meta Tag Madness

    Medusa had been using my name, my work, my blog and web sites in her meta tags for some time. I have it all copied in the HTML files I saved:

    Meta Tags

    She changed them around from time to time, but always included my name and my work. If you ran a search back then on my name, here is what you would see:

    Meta tags 2

    Or, like this:

    Meta tags 3

    I am not clear as to what the law says about that, but I do know big brands and big names will not let anyone get away with that. It’s falsifying and completely unethical. She used her site in her attempts to completely redefine who I truly am, creating a monster, then tried to gain traffic from anyone who may be inclined to run a search on me. She used fitnfree because it was the handle I used for one of the web sites I earn a living from and bellybytes because it is the name of another of my web sites. Brat City Web Design was my designer site. Meta tags are supposed to tell the search engines what a web page or site is about. She attempted to degrade not only me, but my work as well, in her 24/7 efforts to thoroughly and completely destroy me and all I’d worked for, for so long.

    And she calls me a fraud.

    Oy Vay

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 182

    Posted on by jbr

    Random Rottenness


    “[Deleted] and [deleted] also joined sheboygan spirit forum so maybe [J*&@!] will run their websites (and give them blowjobs).”

    Gutter pig

    This is all Medusa, by the way – playing her “multiple personalities” game again.


    “The only people getting blowjobs are the Sheboygan Police Department and possibly the Mayor. I hear he like hummers too.”

    And now Medusa brags about the problems she put me through with her constant harassment, cyber stalking, lying, defamation and libel.
    Medusa admits to knowing the damage she is causing

    I have several witnesses who saw her and her lackies say repeatedly that she NEVER CAME to this “dark-sided” site, yet now she attributes this forum to

    -umpteen sleepless nights
    -lost work
    -destroyed relationships
    – hyper vigilance and severe post traumatic stress disorder.”

    So Medusa is now fully aware that (for starters):

    • I do not go to her site.
    • I want nothing to do with her whatsoever.
    • I am not by any stretch, a “public figure”
    • She is causing me much distress and unwarranted humiliation.
    • She is making my physically ill.

    And yet she will carry on – and will get even worse and more ugly, with no reason, no provocation, nothing. Just her crazy ideas in her paranoid, childish mindset.
    Have mercy.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 181

    Posted on by jbr

    Liar, Liar

    Wow. Again with the enough of web site. We’re nearing the end of 2010 and that non-story goes back to 2007.
    This Medusa bitch takes obsession to a whole new level. And forgets her 3-year old lies in the process.
    Note this comment by Medusa, after ranting and raving about my volunteer role on a web site:

    “A former poster on this forum gave [deleted] a call, and [deleted] put the kibosh to the website.”

    And yet again on 09-25-2010:
    “…in spite of her misinformation and smear tactics, it wasn’t me who discovered the billboard/website, or coerced [deleted] into killing the project. Another poster saw the billboard, went to the website, and recognized [J*&@!]’s “crappy” web design and commented on it here. So I Googled “enoughof.com” and found her on a tech forum offering strangers $20 to help her with a script for the site. Then another poster, rjlutz, called [deleted] and talked to him about the site because he felt it might cause liability issues.”

    Let’s not miss this one – it’s even whackier, what with her “talking” to me on her madhouse when I wasn’t going over there at all.
    “By the way, [J*&@!], I still have copies of private messages proving rjlutz was the one to call [deleted].”


    BUT! Recall on 07-24-2010, at 10:06 AM, Medusa admitted (in her usual gutter-pig form) it was her who called, in yet another topic where she could not stop obsessing over that web site:


    “Awwwww. Poor, JENNIFER REISINGER, [delete] listened to me.”

    That revolting drivel is from a woman over 50 years of age.

    Also note her comment at the bottom of this screen shot – taken BY HER:
    Enough Of Post by m

    I knew it was her who called because I was told by the very man she called – the one who’s name is repeatedly deleted. He told me the very day she called.

    Struck: Blatant, pathological liar.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 180

    Posted on by jbr

    08-13-2010: “The professional victim is getting exactly what she wanted – all traces of her name is being removed from this forum and soon, from Google’s cache. Her name will never be uttered here again and and I will ignore her like everyone else does. Does that upset you?
    Liar Liar
    If only it had been so… To think Medusa would tell the truth was too good to be true; and, you know what they say about anything that sounds too good to be true.
    It didn’t even last one month. At this point in time, I was working with a lawyer to end this nightmare. He claimed he “really wanted to help me“. In the end, for God-only-knows what reason, he called her, then suddenly decides we “have no case“. In short, he robbed me and broke attorney-client confidentiality – and the Wisconsin State Bar cared not a whit. And it was Medusa with her big mouth who proved it – more than once. What we’ll see in this next post is mention of him and something he told her that was supposed to be confidential.

    “You start making up lies about me again, I post that LIEsinger family shrink report AND ‘juicy’ info. on Julieeeeeeee plus all the goodies D ierkes gave me from LIEsingers depo. Dumb vindictive bitch was stupid enough to give him a copy.”

    There was only one other person in the world who knew I gave the attorney a copy of my deposition – the lawyer. He is the only one who could have revealed that information. And FYI: There was never any “Reisinger family shrink report”. There was only one report done – on ME. And it was all good. NOTHING about my family. That is so absurd it’s almost funny.
    Hm. Maybe he chickened out because Medusa is (in her mind) such an “expert” on the law…
    “Go ahead and play armchair attorney. I’m sure it will be comical reading for real attorneys and people like me who have a grasp of how cyber-law and the First Amendment work. If you get a hankering to slap me with a SLAPP suit, I’ll be ready for you.”

    Never mind the little nuisance fact that Wisconsin doesn’t have laws on the books for “SLAPP” suits – can’t do them in our state.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 179

    Posted on by jbr

    On 08-07-2010 I received a disgusting email. Whenever something like this occurred I did two things – make myself go over to Medusa’s cesspool and see what she was up to. If that didn’t give me a clue, I ran a few searches of my own. This particular one knocked me out.

    She linked me to pornography.


    Gutter pig
    Medusa linked my name to porn.

    That link led to a site that said, “Women looking to get laid near Sheboygan!” It also included pornographic images of women doing – well, pornographic things. Ahem.
    I will leave it to your imagination regarding what that one did to me. I honestly don’t know how to put it into words. I reported this to the police, but I never heard back.
    On 08-07-2010, (around the same time period of the above evil) I received a scathing email from someone saying I really should “do something” about Medusa. It went on to ask that I complain about a video she had on YouTube. I responded that I didn’t want to see it or bother to complain and suggested they file the complaint. The person said they felt I should because she said nasty things about me on YouTube.
    I never knew if these types of emails were for real, or just her trying to “stir the pot”, so I deleted it and didn’t reply again. However, later that day, after getting work done, I confess my curiosity got the best of me. Instead of going on YouTube, I ran a simple Google search on Medusa’s domain name to see if it would come up connected to her. Here are the results:
    Search Results
    Terra-media.us is Medusa’s domain – she also uses that domain for her little village paper. And of course, this came up connected to her, but the video referenced in the email I received was the same video she was so proud to put out back in 2008 – her stupid “god-warrior” video.
    Out of curiosity, I did something I never did before – ran a search on my own name. Some interesting results appeared.
    Search results 2
    Search results 3

    Meta Tag Madness

    I then went and took a look at her meta tags in her madhouse-forum.
    Meta tags
    I am not clear as to what the law says about that, but I do know big brands and big names will not let anyone get away with that. It’s falsifying and completely unethical. She used her site to completely redefine who I truly am, creating a monster, then tried to gain traffic from anyone who may be inclined to run a search on me. She used fitnfree because it was the handle I used for one of the web sites I earn a living from and bellybytes because it is the name of another of my web sites. Brat City Web Design was my designer site. Meta tags are supposed to tell the search engines what a web page or site is about. She attempted to degrade not only me, but my work as well, in her 24/7 efforts to thoroughly and completely destroy me and all I’d worked for, for so long.

    And she calls me a fraud.

    Face palm

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 178

    Posted on by jbr

    Before we dig in, we must not forget…


    In response to the comment from some “unknown” poster, “If you are looking for bright people, you are in the wrong place here.

    “WHO is the blooming idiot here? Thats right, YOU are, Jeni/Joan/Julie/Jeni’s Mole….”

    I don’t know where this next bunch of drivel came from, but for whatever reason, Medusa blew another gasket.
    “No more [deleted], LIEsingers There are too many important issues to discuss these days without having to be distracted by these narcissistic self-promoters who just come here to leech off this forum for attention. So [deleted], and all the LIEsingers with their anonymous proxies are banned, and will continue to be until they run out of proxies. It’s futile dogging Reisinger because only medication can fix her (maybe). LIEsinger had to sell her house. So in the end, she lost. That’s good enough for me.”

    Truth? Hardly. I never sold any house, ever. As for the lawsuit – well, to quote my then-lawyer, “You won, Jeni!” I’ll take his words over hers, that’s for sure. She knows me not, so she just makes this garbage up. But WHY? Who cares? What purpose does any of it serve – other than to attempt to demonize, demoralize and destroy me? And even at that – WHY? Talk about a major “DUH!”.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 177

    Posted on by jbr

    In the next topic, someone had posted they had some “inside information”. None of it had a thing to do with me, but that just does not matter to mad Medusa.

    “I can’t believe any city insider would directly send you stuff like that. They would have to be as dumb as the people who let LIEsinger in on city business. No wonder the city is going down the hole.”

    “Anyone who gives the [deleted] dude inside info. is dumb, too. And he’s dumb for passing it on to you. (But then, I remember him being a Reisinger bootlicker for awhile, so it doesn’t surprise me).”

    This person Medusa is referring to never “licked my boots”. In fact, we had differing views on many issues, some – most – that involved the city we agreed on. He, too grew up in Sheboygan and cared about making it a better place, as it truly was (still is) going bad. He and I had what I thought were a couple of pleasant conversations on the telephone, but we had never met in person. We agreed to exchange web site links. So now he’s labeled a “boot licker”, as well. He’s never spoken to me again. ‘Nuf said.
    Now someone posted a new topic on Medusa’s forum, clearly interested in trying to get some discussion going on an issue in the news. The title of the post was, “Arizona Should Station Snipers On Their Border With Mexico”. The comment the original poster made was, “If I was the Arizona Governor, I would order the Militia to station snipers on their border with Mexico.
    “Maybe you and Jeni could hang out on the border together sniping at Mexicans.”


    Original poster:Who said anything about Mexicans? Why are you making it a Race thing? I said “Illegal Immigrants.” M, I had a funny thought earlier today. Jeni is your [deleted].
    “Jeni isn’t my [deleted]. [deleted] may be crude and obnoxious but he has brains and wit. Something LIEsinger couldn’t buy if she wanted to.”

    Plus – or is it again? – I’m hanging out on “armed militia sites”. First, someone using a gutter-pig anonymous name (gosh, who does that sound like!?) says, “I am sure that is what Jesus would do, right?”, to which Medusa replies:
    “No. That’s what the armed militia fanatics want to do. Here’s just one comment from the armed militia site Job’s new buddy Jeni hangs out on (sound familiar?)”

    As you can see, she then proceeded to copy and paste material that belonged to another site – in other words, stole content that did not belong to her. But this is rather amusing – what this tells us is that she was the one hanging out on militia sites! After all, she stole content from them and there’s only one way to do that – actually be there!

    Later I’ll prove she REALLY was hanging out on a militia site.
    On 07-29-2010 at 10:26 PM, Medusa posts as “Julie Baby Mama”, saying, “Sheboygan will be much better when [deleted 4 names] are elected.” Julie is my niece’s first name.
    First, my niece would be utterly clueless to any election information, much less the names Medusa splattered in that stupid post that came- LITERALLY – out of nowhere. But she had to set herself up to get out some information about my niece that her cyber-stalking unveiled:
    “Her name isn’t Baby Mama anymore. She’s back to being a LIE-zinger. She celebrated her divorce by popping out another kid by her latest baby daddy.”

    But Medusa doesn’t stalk me or my family. Yeah, sure. And pigs fly.
    When pigs fly

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 176

    Posted on by jbr

    Back to the Sheriff’s election. Medusa sure had a freakish obsession with that election…along with the obsessive hatred that I had any work whatsoever.
    (She’s a “bubba” alright!)
    At this point in time, she’s dredging up things that were three years old.
    What she did here, by posting as “bubba”, was set herself up to go in for the gutter-pig kill.

    “Awwwww. Poor, [holster-sniffer]. [deleted] listened to me instead of his partner’s psychotic, pathological lying ADULTRESS SLUT!”

    Look at the times on the posts – 09:59 AM and 10:06 AM. Yep, she’s talking to herself and her multiples again. And as usual, she’s just not done yet. At 10:14 AM she logs in as another alter-ego, “Otto”. (REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.) This is to get in not only another dig at yours truly, but to also get in another:
    “Hi Jeni! Wassa matta? Jealous because there is lots of traffic over here on the dark side? No one posting over at Sheboygan Spew It?”

    See now anyone who happened to drop by Medusa’s madhouse is supposed to think ALL these people were just having so much fun at the expense of my life, my livelihood and my reputation. ‘Cuz after all, you’ve just got to hate on Jeni or you simply don’t belong in Sheboygan County!
    But she just isn’t done yet – now she has to use my full first name and post, “Way to GO M thats GREAT”, as if I’m applauding Medusa for calling me an adulteress slut.
    Medusa plays identity thief again
    Note the time again – it’s now 10:17 AM. SO here you have a middle-aged woman, sitting at a computer on her own forum, posting under different names, all by her lonesome, simply to make it appear I had an entire cadre of haters in my home town. That is one unsettling visual, never mind having to live with the actual fact and repercussions of the nightmare she was putting me through.
    Of course – and in spite of – all this fun Medusa is having playing multiple poster-personalities, hating on me isn’t quite enough. She’s got to stalk my nieces on facebook and see if she can’t get in a few digs on them, too. Medusa also proves she went so far as to stalk my niece in “real life”, too.
    “I saw Jeni’s loud-mouthed baby-mama niece Julieeeeee at Walmart the other day looking like she was about to pop out another kid out of wedlock. Those LIE-zingers sure set the standard for morals. Talk about “dark-siders.” No wonder it didn’t take that dog [deleted] very long to sniff ’em out.”

    This woman who can’t keep her mouth and mind out of the gutter, has the unmitigated gall to talk about morals.
    You gotta be kidding me
    Plus, she’s still not done playing propaganda! Now she posts under another multiple she calls “Officer Summer”, eluding to being the man I had been involved with.
    “I tried to keep Jeni’s conspiratorial yap shut with my night stick but it didn’t work very well. If I had it to do over again I would’ve run like a scared chicken shit instead.”


    EVERY BODY IS JENI!!! (Or Family)


    “Unregistered Turd is from the LIE-zinger clan. They pretend they never lurk around on this “dark-side” forum, but every once and awhile they rear their ugly heads with some pathological rant. Then they go crawl under their rock for a few more months. They’re obviously still bitter that Jeni got her little cash cow pulled out from under her when [deleted] gave in to pressure from people complaining about their questionable NAD campaign.”


    Cash cow??? I was a VOLUNTEER!

    Stupid sure is as stupid does.
    Face palm