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    2007: Medusa’s Madness Manifests

    Previously I mentioned that the recall group and myself had moved on. One thing you can bank on is that I DO tell the truth. I do my best to live my life in such a way I have zero reason TO lie. We literally “moved on” I had long since removed myself from Medusa’s forum. When I did so, I had no desire to go back. In fact, after a few months, I had forgotten about it.

    The Spirit forum continued to thrive and most of us stayed in touch on and off line. In April I met someone who was to become very special to me for quite some time. I was working hard, enjoying my new “special” friendship, enjoying my family as always, and just keeping busy in general.

    Minding my own businessI have no idea what occurred on Medusa’s forum from January to November of 2007. I didn’t go there, nor did I care what she was doing. She had already positioned herself as a creature of ill repute that I wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with. I had worked too hard, for too long, distancing myself from trouble-makers and ne’er do-wells. The last thing I needed or wanted was trouble. Medusa defines trouble.

    In late October of 2007, a very strange incident occurred to me that involved the then-mayor – the very same one we attempted to recall. That, too is another story, but the very short version is, he was after me (as you can gather from the referenced articles above) and attacked my first amendment rights. How? Well, I had been in the process of creating what I had hoped would be my business web site for web design services. Back in those days, a web page for links was a common practice. I had a “links” page with a couple local links, which included one to the local Sheboygan Police web site. That bothered this mayor. So much so, he had the city attorney send me a “cease and desist” letter regarding the link to the police department.

    The cease and desist letter was bad enough; however, I decided fine, I’ll just take the link off. The then-mayor couldn’t stop there. Next he wanted “the linkINVESTIGATED. Meaning, have ME investigated.

    That ruffled my feathers. Enough was enough, for heaven’s sake. That man had been a thorn in my side long enough, so I sent the information on the police “investigation” to a local, very popular talk show host, who ran with the story. I had to attempt to stop the insanity.

    From there, the incident hit the news – BIG. The local talk radio host commented it was just “eerie” – and indeed, it most certainly was.

    All I did was make a web site!

    This whole petty mess became huge, resulting in my filing a federal lawsuit against him for infringing on my 1st amendment rights.

    By November 1st, Medusa caught wind of the story and BOOM! The claws came out. From here on you’ll notice a lot of “[deleted]”‘s due to names of people who befriended me or did business with me. Defaming and libeling names of people I associated with was a common practice of Medusa’s. Every single one of them faded out of my life, not wanting their names brought up or their lives and families smeared by the evil, mad Medusa.

    I do have digital copies of all of this. This is all going to be documented as it occurred. Extraneous material, such as the long-winded, insufferable conversations Medusa had with herself that simply made no sense whatsoever, will be weeded out, since it is irrelevant garbage. Original posts will be left as as they were posted – I will even include screen shots of some of the postings.

    Stay tuned.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 009

    Medusa’s madness began to get very tiresome. And I began to be told more and more frequently that “things” were being said about me on Medusa’s forum. Things I probably would not be too happy about.

    For a while I had no inclination to visit her forum, much less bother with this she-devil whatsoever. I was very busy, content with my life and friends and wanted to focus on the positive. She had proved herself to be a gutter pig back stabber and a first class liar. I had NO desire to associate in any form with someone like that.

    However, the on-going, negative and damaging effects on my personal life were soon to follow.

    Struck in the beginning
    Struck: In the beginning

    They invaded:

    • my life
    • my loves
    • my passion
    • my work
    • worst of all, the very heart and soul of who I am

    When the ripple effect turns into a tidal wave, one cannot help but sit up and take notice.

    Tidal Wave

    This is the end of 2006  installments. Stay tuned…we’re soon to get into the gruesome hate filled postings of Medusa. She exposes herself and her true nature, and her mindset, all on her own by “the very words she speaks”.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 008

    September 6thOn September 6, 2006, the day came when the recall group had to turn in the signatures and there were not enough. The recall group was about 1,000 short.

    I sent out an email to everyone on my list to inform them that I set up a new forum, told them I enjoyed working with them and we all agreed it was time to move on. I ended it with:

    Blessings to everyone … we fought a good fight and accomplished a lot.  I’ve been honored to work with each and every one of you and hope that somehow we’ve only just begun.

    I meant that sincerely – and for a time, we had truly just begun. There were a lot of good people involved who seemed to truly care about our city, as I did. We weren’t about to allow the failed recall to make us just “go away”. Quite the contrary, the group made quite an impact and managed to get a lot of information buzzing around the city with their effort – information that would never have gotten out to the public otherwise.

    Anyone visiting the recall site, from this day until the domain name expired in May, 2007, was forwarded to a newly developed site I made called Sheboygan Spirit. In the forum, discussions continued regarding dissent with the mayor and other city goings-on.

    Learning ExperienceThe recall group had done their best, and I certainly did my best on their behalf, in spite of what I felt was some pretty timorous behavior on the part of many involved, but I decided to chalk most of it up to emotion and nothing more than inexperience on my part – different ideas and a different approach. The world of politics was truly quite foreign to me (in spite of the Press touting me as a “political activist”), while many of them lived it most of their adult lives. In spite of everything, I sincerely liked every one involved and enjoyed what I thought was their friendships.

    In short, I chalked the entire experience up to quite a learning experience. Now it was time to look forward, and that is precisely what we did.

    We eventually grew to 160 plus members in the new Spirit forum and had lively discussions along with some successful efforts in fighting shenanigans going on at city hall. The remainder of 2006 flew by, with Medusa attempting to inject her poison, but at this point, everyone just ignored her and I would simply delete her proxy produced hate.

    During this new beginning, it never occurred to me to keep copies of her despicable behavior – that just seemed like a waste of time and disk space. She was like a fly buzzing around that we couldn’t swat – a nuisance, a nasty, unwelcome, childish playground bully, but not worth any effort.
    Swat the fly!

    Sadly, no matter how much “swatting” i.e., ignoring we did, that fly kept on buzzing…

    I did keep copies of forum topics and postings from the Sheboygan Spirit forum. Following are two examples of typical topics and the dialog that took place. I share these as they are all typical of the tone of all the postings. I am including them to show how we truly were concerned with the degradation of our city and discussed topics that affected us all as members of the community. PERIOD. We strongly supported the police, who were having great difficulties with the then-mayor, along with a stronger fight against crime and corruption, which was – and still is – running rampant.

    We had zero desire to engage ourselves in personal attacks

    According to my history classes, my reading of the Bill of Rights, Constitution and The Federalist Papers, all of that was quite within our rights. However, in the mad, mad world of Medusa, only those she chooses to speak should be allowed free speech…

    FYI – “UBO” was how we often referred to the then-mayor. Warning: May be boring; lol.

    Examples of Spirit Conversations

    Topic: The police station saga continues…

    Post by: [deleted] on October 17, 2006, 08:36:31 AM

    UBO won’t listen to anybody – so why bother? He just pushes his way thru, no matter what anybody else wants (or NEEDS) – time after time. It’s been this way, right from the beginning. [Deleted] doesn’t have the problem – [deleted] does! If he doesn’t get his way, he throws a fit!!! Now he’s dragged [deleted] into this crap, along with 11 other alder persons (who I’m sure felt that if they didn’t vote his way now, the station would never be built). That’s what he’s been doing all along – threatening and bullying the city’s department heads, police personnel, fire dept. personnel, city attorney & clerk, etc.! And since the D.A. doesn’t seem to care enough to press charges for any of his criminal behavior, it will continue… who knows how long!

    Post by: Jeni on October 17, 2006, 02:15:03 PM
    “What grieves me the most, is that it will be innocent, undeserving citizens that will pay the highest price for this seduction from morality, allegiance, and duty.”

    Post by: stilljuanarecall on October 21, 2006, 11:14:00 PM
    This is the kind of CHIT they don’t need to be doing,man — the police station WAS SUPPOSED TO START BUILDING IN SPRING OF 2005 — read that tons of times. Man they mislead!

    Post by: [deleted] on October 23, 2006, 04:34:40 PM
    I truly think our mayor should take a class or do SOMETHING to learn how to communicate with people! He keeps claiming this same problem with so many people – those who don’t AGREE with him.

    If only ALL of the people in Sheboygan who’ve been slandered, insulted, back-stabbed, ignored, etc., by our current mayor would only just stand up and admit to this in public! THAT would be quite the list – EVEN longer than the 3,035 who signed the recall papers – I’m sure of it!

    Post by: Jeni on November 06, 2006, 10:47:31 AM
    Sure could change the tone if they would understand what it means to communicate with the public instead of with their own little groups, pushing their own agendas w/o even caring what the taxpayers think, feel, need, want, etc.

    Post by: Woodstock on November 08, 2006, 12:42:18 PM
    I cannot figure out this Mayor or this council.  Furthermore, when the Mayor DOES speak, I have an awfully hard time understanding what he is saying.  Also, he looks like a child learning a new game, and he can’t understand the rules.

    Post by: Rondie on November 09, 2006, 08:36:17 AM
    I get the feeling [Mayor] is about to blow a gasket. He seems to be getting angrier and short tempered lately. More than usual.

    Topic: What’s new with the Council?
    Post by: Jeni on October 18, 2006, 09:53:17 AM
    Thursday, October 19, 2006
    R.O. 284-06-07
    Council No. 13-61 Communication from [deleted] regarding the Storm water Fee (tax) stating “the Sheboygan County Taxpayers Alliance recommends that the fee (tax) be abolished.

    Even the SCTA acknowledges (in a round-about way) that the storm water fee needs to go — but funny how they don’t word it, “Holds Mayor to Campaign Promise”…

    Post by: stilljuanarecall on October 21, 2006, 11:36:48 PM
    Just proves that there is no way UBO can keep a promise — probably doesn’t even know the meaning of the word

    Post by: Alberto on October 21, 2006, 11:42:30 PM
    We all know that already.

    Post by: booboo on October 24, 2006, 01:44:28 PM
    …do you think I should email all the alder persons, and invite them to come here and view our comments, and our confusions as to what they are up to? They even admitted last night about themselves being confused. I would like to see or hear something concrete about what is happening.

    Needless to say, I want the PD to have it’s 60,000 sq ft building for all of their needs, and a 20,000 sq ft garage that is not a butler tin can. And I want them to have tasers, which wasn’t even brought up last night.

    by: Alberto on October 24, 2006, 01:59:17 PM
    Don’t think its a bad idea…but they will most likely not take you up on the offer. Or they will say something like, you are hateful and angry blah blah blah..

    Post by: Rondie on October 24, 2006, 02:16:23 PM
    I’m not sure about that one. Only a few Alder people would do it.

    Post by: Jeni on October 24, 2006, 06:12:46 PM
    Heaven knows our local media isn’t a big help these days — well, let’s just say our print media is ZERO help. Shoot, they do more harm than good.

    Post by: Joan on October 24, 2006, 06:33:05 PM
    Intensify our prayers, I guess.

    Post by: Jeni on October 24, 2006, 09:33:31 PM
    A-men. Funny you said that now — I just, I kid you not, read this Bible verse: “…The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27).

    Post by: [deleted] on October 25, 2006, 09:25:46 PM
    Yup, let’s all keep praying and doing whatever we can on our own end to make a positive difference. The real truth about all the corruption will come out – some day. Let’s all keep hoping and praying that it will be sooner than later (and keep asking those ‘in charge’ why charges haven’t been filed)!

    So, there you have it – a couple of typical discussions amongst people with nothing more than the best interest of the city in which we reside. Discussion and debate more than welcome – personal attacks? NEVER. Consequently, every time Medusa felt her sick need to attempt to lambast us with one of her proxy-produced hate posts, I deleted it and we carried on.

    This was my “ignore the ignorant” stage.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 007

    In August of 2006, after the Sheboygan Press (in spite of my begging them not to) did their write-up on the death threats I’d received, the result was more nasty forum and guest book postings. I removed them immediately, without saving, because the ugliness of it all was beginning to wear on me. They consisted of more threats, ugly racist comments and some just gibberish. At this point, I could never have imagined this kind of indecency would not only occur, but was never to end. Naive, wasn’t I.

    And Medusa…well, she obsesses on it all for quite some time, with conjectures that were so insufferable they left one incredulous – some scenarios she conjured up were just downright stupid. As of this writing, she still tosses out bits and pieces from this time period. To use the word obsessive would be a gross understatement.

    I really didn’t know what to do at this point, so after the Press played with my life handing Medusa a good dose of fuel, and the police did next to nothing, I posted a favorite quote of mine that I felt was quite fitting:

    “To force a man to drop his own mind and to accept your will as a substitute, with a threat in place of a syllogism, with terror in place of proof, and death as the final argument — is to attempt to exist in defiance of reality.“

    “Reality demands of man that he act for his own rational interest; your threat demands of him that he act against it. Reality threatens man with death if he does not act on his rational judgment; where the price of his life is the surrender of all the virtues required by life.”

    “If there are degrees of evil, it is hard to say who is the more contemptible: The brute who assumes the right to force the mind of others or the moral degenerate who grants to others the right to force his mind.

    “That is the moral absolute one does not leave open to debate. I do not grant the terms of reason to men who propose to deprive me of reason. I do not enter discussions with neighbors who think they can forbid me to think. I do not place my moral sanction upon a murderer’s wish to kill me.” — Excerpts taken from “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

    I ignorantly believed at this point in time that most people were sensible and rational and would have the insight to understand the message I’d hoped that quote would send. Was I wrong! Medusa is not one bit sensible or rational. Quite the contrary.

    On August 11th, a nasty post was made by Medusa with a link added to Wisconsin Court Access regarding an arrest for credit card fraud that I was guilty of nearly 20 years ago. (It will be 20 years in March of 2013). I did not keep a copy of the post, but have copies of an e-mail I sent to the recall group to inform them of the incident so they would not be taken by surprise should someone toss it their way. Point being, many received that email and saw what was going on and what Medusa was doing to me.

    Medusa ran around to blogs I frequented and posted about those charges over and over and over again (can we say “obsessed”??), so I went to the most popular one and posted an explanation. Everyone in the blog-o-sphere that I participated in was terrific about it, seeing it as I did – an old mistake from the distant past that was, in reality, quite trivial. Yet, suddenly I found myself in this insufferable position of being on the defense of my own life, when all I really was, was the web developer behind the recall site.

    In other words, it wasn’t about me – or wasn’t supposed to be! To this day the she-devil of Sheboygan continues to bring up those charges. No one else seemed to give a whit. But Medusa – she cannot let it go, as you’ll see as things progress. In fact, as I write this it is April of 2013 and she is STILL posting screen shots of my now 20-year old gaffe. And really, who cares? I’ve atoned, repented, apologized and most importantly, repaid any debt to society I created so no, I don’t care any longer, no one else I know does – but in the event you’re curious…

    Sheboygan She-Devil’s favorite screen shot of all:

    (PLEASE NOTE THE FACT THAT THESE WERE MISDEMEANOR CHARGES! Later the wicked witch will repeatedly cite me as a “felon” for them – just another deliberate lie to paint me in the worst light possible).

    Struck's favorite screen shot

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 006

    Shortly after the July 22nd addition to the recall forum noted above, I was contacted by the District Attorney of Sheboygan County. The District Attorney said he had to look into charges against me because the mayor complained about the web site and said it was illegal if I did not register it with the State Elections Board. The (then) mayor also wanted the DA to charge me with a hate crime. For what you ask? I wish someone could tell me!

    Reference the headline of an article that ran in the Sheboygan Press: DA: Anti-[deleted] Web posts, calls, letters not illegal, Sheboygan Press, July 25, 2006

    Press article headline of DA findings

    Another article ran in the Sheboygan Press on July 26, 2006 titled, “Recall Web Site to register as political action committee”. The article explained how I may have been “violating state law by not registering as a political action committee”. Um. I was a web designer – NOT a political activist. Yet the Press insisted on portraying me as such.
    Oy Vay
    On July 24th, Mike Knuth of the Sheboygan Press via an e-mail, threatened to sue me with copyright infringement and forced me to take down articles I referenced on the recall site. I added their links. Gee. I always thought it was an honor to have others link to another web site…I was wrong. Always learning…and of course, my most sincere apologies to the Sheboygan Press.

    You can imagine the “fun” Medusa had with all of this. And me – well heck, all I did was make a web site. And get this – I enjoyed making it! Truly, I did. What was quite the learning experience was the ramifications in doing so – including negative health effects.

    On July 25th, the following was posted in the recall web site’s guest book, which I have little doubt Medusa was responsible for, although I could not prove it then or now. Again, my belief is based on the proxies used – and the fact that she was the only one using them as well as the only person harassing us.

    These were all copied precisely as posted; with the exception of many corrections in spelling – I was going to leave them as is to further show the ignorance; however, I didn’t want to have a book rife with spelling errors, so I have corrected words that were spelled incorrectly:

    Message Number: 63
    Comments by: The Free Man on 7/25/2006 7:39:34 AM
    IP Address:
    Country: United States

    f**k all you fags who want the recall,at least hes helping the minorities. If your not satisfy then y not vote Chia Vang for mayor n make everyone happy he kill you to

    Excuse me, but just who is REALLY dragging race into this? It sure wasn’t me, nor was it the recall group. And what kind of person talks of “killing” all the time? Definitely a “creep factor” going on.

    The Physical Distress Begins

    During this period, I developed an ugly “rash” on my right hand. I saw my doctor and he diagnosed it as psoriasis, a condition often caused by stress. I had never suffered anything like this before. I do not have the exact date I was diagnosed, but the information is on file with my doctor. In any event, I will now be susceptible to outbreaks of psoriasis the rest of my life. Thus the nightmare of physical symptoms of all of this begins…and believe me, this was only the beginning. In addition to the psoriasis, hyper-ventilating and chronic irritable bowel were kicking in and anxiety attacks were became daily – and scary – events.

    I blamed myself – felt I wasn’t being “strong” enough. Needed to “thicken my own skin” etc. So that’s what I did, one day at a time…

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 005

    In addition to the death threats noted in the previous post, there were harassing telephone calls (also reported) received to my home telephone number. Nothing was ever done – about any of it, to anyone involved.

    On July 22nd, the following was posted on the recall forum (unedited):

    We need to contact WI state Ethics Board, FBI.
    “Hello, we need to contact the State of Wisconsin Ethics Board to investigate if [name deleted] or his campaign accepted monies from the National Council of Laraza, a racist anti-American organization or any other organization or groups connected to the Mexican Government. Also the FBI should be contacted to investigate if [name deleted] has been involved in the smuggling of illegal aliens into our community. His wife should also be investigated for illegal activities such loans and home loans to illegal aliens”.

    I had no clue as to who posted it but again I was labeled as some kind of “racist”. Gee, think it could be her setting me up for another fall? Probably, but again, I couldn’t prove it so I deleted it due to its racist overtones and kept my lips zipped.

    The recall site also had a guest book visitors could sign; this had been implemented since its inception. We had been getting a lot of positive and supportive comments; however, right around this time, in addition to the above post on the forum, was the following entry in the recall site’s guest book this same day (warning: foul language):

    Comments by: Robin Yount on 7/22/2006 12:23:49 PM
    IP Address:
    Country: United States
    “Leave the guy along. Get a f*****g life CUNT OR DIE!”

    I did some quick IP look-ups and these were all done with the use of proxies – the very same proxies Medusa was so fond of using. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    The Sheriff wasn’t taking the death threats seriously, anyway, so I certainly didn’t feel inclined to tell them about these nasty posts. To quote Capt. Dave Adams:

    While the notes could be interpreted as a threat, the Sheriff’s Department is not investigating them as a serious crime”.

    Gee Sheriff, thanks… Reference the excerpt from an article below, which ran in The Sheboygan Press, July 29, 2006:
    Adams quote

    Now I knew where I stood.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 001


    In early 2006, I learned of a local online forum and began to participate. It was fairly small, but many issues of interest to me were under discussion so I joined in. Just a simple act that millions do every day, ’round the world.

    A woman I’ll refer to from here on as Medusa ran this forum. I am going to start my story at the time I began participating in her forum in order to give some important background information that you will see pop up in her comments over the course of the years. So please bear with me as I run through the circumstances that led into the cyber stalking and harassment that has yet to end.

    I participated in Medusa’s forum anonymously for several months and began to learn more about goings-on within the city I reside. There were many concerns regarding issues we were facing, many of which came out of city hall. This eventually led to talk of a recall of the then-mayor. As time passed, talk was turned to action and a group was formed to proceed with a recall attempt. It is important to note that I was NOT a member of this group at this point in time. In addition, I was not politically savvy, nor radical by any stretch.

    As I was just about to graduate from a 2 year course in web design and development, I offered to create a web site for the group if they wished to have one – at my own expense. I felt it would be a good experience for me to work with others on a project, plus I was eager to lend a helping hand to what I felt was a worthwhile cause.

    I had been doing nothing but studying, working and attending weekly church services for many years. My focus was on building a new career for myself. While studying and hard work have their rewards, doing nothing but can also be quite isolating – I wanted to fix that. It was time to reach out and meet new people. Plus, my studies were finally coming to an end, which gave me the time to embark on this new journey.

    My offer to create the web site was well-received. In fact, the enthusiasm fired me up to get going. I shut off the phones, dug in and in a few days had a nice rough draft for the site design. I registered the domain name and told everyone we were ready to go live whenever they gave me the content they wanted on the site.

    It was time to divulge my identity. I began this process by confiding in a local talk radio host I felt I could trust. Naturally people were curious who this mystery gal was, and I certainly understood. Plus if we were to work together, we would need to be in touch with one another, so I knew it was important but wasn’t sure how to best go about “outing” myself. This talk show host, who’s first name is Nick, told me when the next meeting would be and, understanding my shyness, offered to attend with me.

    I took Nick up on his offer, the night arrived and Nick introduced me as the web designer of the recall site. Everyone was so kind and so seemingly happy with my willingness to play this role that I left there feeling very humbled and very grateful to God for bringing me to that place, at that time, where I met what I thought to be some of the best people to have ever crossed my path in this crazy life.

    We all worked splendidly together. There was group of about 6 that I worked the closest with. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and immediately began to get enough content together for the web site so as to get it online.

    On May 19th, 2006, we went live. And it drove a stranger nuts. This stranger is Medusa.

  • Meet Medusa

    Medusa”, aka Mary Struck of Kohler, WI, wants to be “sourced”.

    True to form, Mary wrote Amazon whining about my books  saying,

    “Jennifer quotes extensively from Sheboygan talk without once citing the source as far as I can see.”

    Okay, Mary, there’s your “credit”. You want it, you’ve got it. I’ll say more, but first my own “disclosure”.

    Mary is a Stranger

    A strange stranger!

    • I have never met this woman.
    • I do not know her in any capacity whatsoever.
    • I wish I had never, ever heard her name.
    • I have wanted nothing more than for her to leave me alone and get OUT of my life since 2007.
    • I have tried legal means to stop this harassment and stalking; all efforts were in vain.
    • I have never bothered her on her foolish forum, in her day to day existence, or in any other form whatsoever.
    • Most of all, I DO NOT POST ON HER FORUM, nor have I since early 2006.

    What I am doing here, is nothing more than reiterating my experiences. Experiences she put me through  of her own volition, fully aware of what she was doing, proud of what she was doing, wanting the public to see what she was doing, and unable to quit what she was doing and still is doing.

    This is MY life she injected herself into and MY story to tell if I so desire. You cannot steal someone’s life, lie, defame and libel unabashedly and horrifically about it, create a monster out of a person who is truth, quite harmless, and then claim copyright. That is absurd. (Unless you’re a sociopath).

    Amazon Washes Their Hands of Struck

    Amazon, understandably, does not get involved in lying whack-job harassment and pulled the books until, and I quote:

    “…a resolution has been reached between both parties concerning the title.”

    Well, things never get “resolved” with a full-blown sociopath, so that’s not going to happen. I told Amazon to go ahead and pull the books; I’ll do this on my own, as I’ve had to do everything else in life. This story WILL be told. I can’t even blame Amazon – contact with her sends most sane people running the other way.

    But first, let’s give Mary Struck the “sourcing” she so desires. Here’s her portrait:

    Mary Struck
    Mary Struck, Kohler, WI

    (Contributes to the “nightmare” aspect of my story).

    She says her URL is SheboyganTalk.com but in reality, there is nothing there. That is nothing but a cover – technically, what is known as a redirect. She hosts her hate on TerraMedia [dot] us/forum/. She doesn’t even live in the city of Sheboygan.

    She didn’t even read the books but just as she’s done with my life, she only had to find them to declare herself a self-proclaimed “expert” on what was in them.  Nothing new there, nor anything unexpected.

    Regarding the content of my books, let’s paraphrase something Mary herself said somewhere along her “twisted trail of slime“:

    “Everything discussed in these books has been culled from a public web site and a public trail of shenanigans.”

    Struck’s “Original”:

    Struck admits to stalking

    Mary also claims copyright; however, I would sure appreciate it if someone could tell me how posting on a foolish forum, under a one letter moniker (anonymously), on the World Wide Web with wild abandon because you think no one knows who you are, allows you a right to “copyright”. That’s absurd.

    And of course, when Mary copied me incessantly, it was just “reporting”.

    Direct From the Queen of Madness

    11-1-2007, 11:53 AM: “Don’t think of my reports of Jeni’s false accusations as bickering, think of it as public documentation.”


    M is publicly documenting

    01-11-2008, 11:43 AM: “If you don’t want people talking about your PUBLIC forum, then make it PRIVATE and STFU already.”

    Medusa says make it PRIVATE and STFU already

    01-21-2008, 10:15PM: “I have a right to ridicule and/or inform the public of the crap they spew”.

    04-03-2008, 02:47PM: “They can publicly lie about people every day on a public forum, but no one should discuss it in public. When will those nitwits ever get a clue?”

    12-04-2009, 03:01 PM: “Guess what? If she wasn’t public with her stupid bigoted comments and lies about people, there would be nothing for me and others to comment on, now would there? As long as she’s public with her comments, anyone can report on them whenever they want. See how free speech works? (Oh that’s right. The right to free speech is only for Jeni and her bootlickers. Silly me, I forgot).”

    It is her PUBLIC RIGHT dog gone it!

    And so on it went … and still goes.

    If it’s been her belief that it’s her “rights”, why are mine any different? I’m tired of being silent and “the bigger person”.

    Allow me to repeat myself: THIS STORY WILL BE TOLD. Right here. Bit by bit, day by day, a little more will be posted from my side of the horror. You can also purchase a copy from me on CD, in PDF format. Click the covers to the left for more information.

    Follow and see what it’s like to live a living nightmare.

    Image (of Mary aka Medusa) source: Another victim of Mary Struck Madness, who shared some videos. Visit his YouTube video: ON STRUCK Day 5: Meltdown in Kohler…