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  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 194

    Posted on by jbr

    Lets wrap up 2010 – the craziness just keeps going in circles anyway.

    I think by now you can see I have screen shots of all of this, so I’m just going to post the text from Medusa’s remaining, defaming rants of 2010.

    For heaven’s sake, I don’t know where she comes up with some of this crazy stuff, but now she claims I falsified information on WhitePages.com! Sure. I guess I just have access to everything, don’t I!? Along with being every one!!


    11-27-2010, 12:31 PM: “Anyone know who [deleted] is and why the LIEsinger cabal would see fit to falsify whitepages.com listings to make it look like I share a Sheboygan address with these people? Two days later, Oct. 4, Reisinger or one of her toadies try to log into my admin control panel. Then I get a letter from their attorney dated that same day — Oct. 4 telling me to stop talking about her.”


    11-28-2010, 10:17 AM: “Never heard of [deleted]. More fraud from you losers. Once a fraud, always a fraud. Now we can add identity fraud to your twisted profile. Hey “Jen” and friends, the Veromi terms of service says ‘formal civil, criminal, and injunctive redress’ will be sought against anyone ‘impersonating another person at any point’ on their background check sites. That means you’re screwed.”


    11-29-2010, 01:10 AM: “You’ve really outdone yourselves proving what evil, conniving frauds you are. I hope your mommies and Jesus are so proud of you.”


    12-06-2010, 09:36 AM: “Do you ever get tired of staying up until 3 a.m. just so you can come over here and obsess over me with your pathetic displays of petty jealousy?”


    I think holing up in a dark room spamming recipe sites 24/7 doesn’t help your psychotic issues at all. Maybe you should venture out and get a real job. Might make you feel good about yourself. Then you won’t have to work so hard trying to tear others down, or ruin their careers with your lies and general nuttery.”


    I wonder if talking about someone like this and tearing down a person’s life, turning it into something totally opposite of what it really is, really makes her feel good…a woman who never seems to have worked a real job in her life, supported by a husband, with nothing better to do than think of ways to be a more malicious bitch than she already is…just sayin’.


    12-08-2010, 03:04 PM:My host — Siteground — got a letter from LIEsinger’s latest attorney, [deleted], ordering them to ‘disable’ this forum because of OLD comments made on here that have long since been removed, and that this attorney can’t possibly know the context within which my comments were made. Not only that, but his letter contains false accusations towards ME. He says I ‘accused’ his client of ‘plotting the assassination of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.’ What a bunch of bullshit.”

    (Ohhh…but she did…see Book Bit 095)

    This attorney worked for Homeland Security, yet one of the reasons he wants me shut down is because I alerted readers to some Milwaukee wing-nut posting online wishes for terrorist attacks, death wishes against the president of the United States, and rants toward our Hispanic mayor? Okaaaaaay”


    Naturally nothing is Medusa’s fault, everyone else is wrong, and the attorney didn’t check out his facts – but he did. It doesn’t take much, especially for an attorney, to do so. No one responded to her rant.


    Now she’s going to get me! On 12-08-2010, at 03:04 PM, Medusa started a topic titled, “Your First Amend. rights are under attack again” It was VERY long, very redundant of much of what’s been covered, and very shrill. She went on defense, lying, spinning, copying and pasting extremely OLD issues and comments – from her forum, the Spirit forum, a blog I once frequented before she started stalking me (back in 2006 & 2007) – you name it – and it’s all been covered.


    12-09-2010, 07:12 PM: Time to drop a turd — here’s the evidence. I always know when to check my email for yet another attorney’s letter — when this bunch goes mute and takes cover from their usual harassment and spewing of lies.”


    They think their anonymous proxies protect their little ‘shenanigans,’ but they all screwed up and posted at least once under their real IP numbers. I turned all my documentation over to law enforcement a month ago, and I gave the two Siteground attorneys a few local numbers to call to get the 411 on Jeni. They also have access to all my server log files, including the error log showing IP number trying to gain unauthorized access into my admin control panel.”


    Here’s the text from my error log file showing that IP trying to log in, then switching to an anonymous proxy to try some more. Both IP numbers have posted harassing and defamatory crap here (while I’m blocked from Reisinger’s sites).”


    I guess she didn’t like the lawyers letter. And I guess her server logs proved I wasn’t on her forum, wasn’t posting on her forum, and never tried to “hack” her forum. She even went so far as to photo shop supposed “log files” – logs that weren’t even from her server, but from a free site stat service- and made it look as though I was all over her forum, trying to hack, trying to read personal messages, you name it. It was absolutely schizoid. That I got a few laughs out of, I confess.


    Oh and she went on and on – I bet it would add at least a dozen pages to this book and create way too large a file size if I added all those screen shots. She made one topic with 10 posts – all her, no one else. In each of those ten posts she had several screen shots with screeching – not much that made a whole lot of sense, either. I can’t even give her an “E” for effort on that mess. It truly was pathetic.



    12-12-2010, 08:00 PM: “I have removed all references to ‘you know who’ and any future mention of a certain name or her websites will be deleted. Any future assaults by certain trolls will be moved to a hidden folder along with all my other documentation should the need arise to reference them. (If anyone needs to see it for any reason, email me for the password). If ‘you know who’ wants to continue to fork out $$$ to attorneys in an attempt to harass and penalize me via the legal system, have at it. I’m pretty confident she wouldn’t get too far, and in fact would most likely end up on the losing end.”


    I can be reasoned with by reasonable people. Or, you can always come here and defend yourself or your acquaintances. (‘The best remedy for speech is counter-speech’). If you’re someone who needs to cry to cops and attorneys every time you have your feelings hurt, do us all a favor and just stay away.”


    Reasoned with? HER?

    When pigs fly!

    Counter speech – sure, if you’re not dealing with a mad woman looking for a pissing match! She made a first class fool of herself and everyone knows it. Except her.

    Now, did I dare to believe her? Hell no.

     Was I right not to? Hell, yes.


    Cuz she’s still as mad as ever and can’t stop proving it.

    Tasmanian devil

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 193

    Posted on by jbr

    Here she is, trying to stir the pot with the lowest, filthiest, meanest, most rotten diatribe she can conjure up. All I’ll say about it is, no one knows what truly happened but me and the man involved. He knows he betrayed me and he knows I know it. The rest is no one else’s business.

    Here is Medusa’s take – rant – rage?? Whatever.

    11-25-2010, 08:38 AM: “So what, Jeni. YOU — miss holy righteous condemn-everyone-else, preachy Bible-thumper — SPREAD YOUR LEGS FOR ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND. That makes you an evil, VILE, selfish, FILTHY adulteress whore. Then you topped it off by lying through your sanctimonious teeth about him to the media so you could destroy his livelihood and deprive his poor family of retirement benefits.”

    “You are nothing but a manipulative, vindictive, lying, hate-mongering, filthy puke who has to have someone constantly in your targets because you don’t have a life or friends. Now you have to come here looking for attention because you think someone will actually side with you. They won’t, because you are despised more than anyone. Now go choke on some turkey.”

    The Wicked Witch

    She was doing this ALL ALONE. I had no idea, and far too much on my plate to bother with the likes of her, but she JUST. COULD. NOT. QUIT. (WOULD not?)

    She be crazy.
    She be crazy.


  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 192

    Posted on by jbr

    I am so busy again! Trying to break into admin panels and sending people to harass Medusa – so much so she’s going to have a letter sent to me from an attorney!
    Blah Blah

    10-23-2010, 08:59 PM: “Life will go on when LIEsinger and [deleted] get a letter from MY attorney ordering her and her bootlickers to cease-and-desist from coming violating her attorney’s orders.
    AND I might just send my evidence of the breaking and entering attempts into my admin panel to the cops. My attorney will get it for sure.”

    Oh…I’m shaking. (Never did get any letter, btw.) As for the nonsense about me trying to “break into an admin panel” and all her “proof” – well, I hope she did turn it over to the cops because then it must have been proven that it wasn’t me, because I never heard a single word about this so-called matter. (I think it’s all just more of her BS, quite honestly.)
    This is a hoot – the Internet is her “private property”!

    “I bet if an attorney orders me to quit disparaging his client, but his client comes on my private property trying to provoke me into disparaging her so her attorney can profit from it by suing me, then I bet MY attorney can tell her attorney to keep his client the hell off my private property. “


    You tell ’em, Mary Struck – er Medusa!

    And Another Bold-Faced Lie


    “Who told you to remove that info, LIEsinger? The cops proved crazylife wasn’t me.”

    That crazylife nonsense? That goes back to Book Bit 30! She can’t quit with it – nor can she quit lying about it. I never ever stopped believing (knowing) she was crazylife, nor did anyone ever prove otherwise. And didn’t she ever hear that expression, “Me thinks thou protests too much“? Sheeze!
    The claws have been sharpened – time to issue a veiled threat now.

    10-24-2010, 09:34 PM: “But go ahead and listen to that pathological liar LIEsinger at your own risk. If we ever meet under oath, all you bitches will go down for the evil you’ve perpetuated against so many people.”

    And again…

    “No. I’m not going to ignore them. I’m finishing my paper for this month, then I’m going to work on getting them busted.”

    OH NO!! lol

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 191

    Posted on by jbr

    Let it be clear that Struck -er, Medusa, has made many other people angry with her incessant lying and defaming people, so whoever did this following post could have been anyone from a growing number of people.

    The reason abortion is legal. M@ry Stru cks Mommie Dearest.

    But isn’t it just too easy to jump in and keep up the “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!” mantra? Of course.
    An obscure picture from my youngest niece’s wedding where my mother was dancing with a young man. My mother, in her late 70’s at this time, becomes Mary’s fodder again.
    “Hi Joan. You should get some cajones and rein in your brood. “

    Face palm
    Next, someone posts to “m”, “I noticed than many of your threads and posts ARE about you“.
    To which Medusa leans toward the gutter pig inside of her again:
    “Of course you do. You have some sort of freaky girl crush on me. Sorry. I don’t swing that way.”

    To which this person replies:
    “Lady I’d not touch you with a ten foot pole!”

    So…in spite of that fact she knows darn good and well that isn’t me posting we get this comeback:
    “Isn’t that sweet how the LIEsingers clued spammers in on how to post. Such grownups. Maybe I’ll go try to coerce the police into arresting baby Jeni and Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

    Big Headache
    My aching head…

    Such stupidity never ceases to make my head hurt.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 190

    Posted on by jbr

    After the previous heated banter, Medusa creates a topic titled, “Slime-stoppers accepting anonymous tips.” Now she’s what -some kind of detective agency? Investigative reporter? Intrepid journalist? (ROFL anyone?)
    Notable note: All of these posts were made one right after the other, with NO ONE responding. This is all Medusa filling her forum mad house with her obsessive madness.

    “If anyone wants to send me anonymous tips or documents that will aid me in investigations being conducted against the lying, slimey LIEsinger and her slithering cabal, you can mail them to: [deleted address]. You could also email [deleted], but snail mail is the way to go if you’re really afraid of being tracked down by unscrupulous characters.”

    “And FYI . . . As I mentioned in another thread, Snailshit is off the list of suspects. He’s still in jail and doesn’t have access to computers. So I reckon it’s either JenJen herself coming over here to harass me, or her baby-mama Niece Julieeeeeeeee, or her ex Mikeyyyyyyyyy the trucker.”

    Yep, Medusa is still stalking my niece, too. The story about this “ex” being a trucker – no clue where she got that from, but from my end, it sounds totally delusional. Or maybe hallucinations? Ach. Probably both! 🙂

    Content Thief Strikes Again

    Content Thief Strikes Again

    Oh, look.

    Dierkes already already told me this comment and others on LIEsinger’s forum may be [deleted]. He DID get both of them dumb shits to trust him.

    “[J*&@!], you should have gone to Milwaukee for another lawyer. Sorry but really, think about it, lawyers up there just don’t have a pair, if you know what I mean. Think about it. You got a strong case here that’s unbeatable. God bless you, [J*&@!], hang in there, take care and keep doing what you do best – being [J*&@!]! See you on the other site soon, I hope!”

    Now – again – Medusa dredges up the lawyer I did, indeed trust – until he proved untrustworthy. To see her comments, one could surmise these two are buddies. After all, look how she speaks on his behalf!!

    “Dierkes wrote her off as being crazy and came running to me for sanity. Meanwhile, she and the goons pulling her strings get away with whatever they want. All they have to do is play the victim card, pretend to be nuts, and summon whatever attorney unwittingly gets sucked into their stupid games.”


    Turd is Back!


    “frankly i marvel at Jen’s ability to keep her mouth shut about you. you pull this shit on me and i’d be out there splashing your name to so many ppl in so many places and bringing so much hate your way you wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. but she’s a classy gal”

    “Turd” got to her – now she posts as “Time to flush” and says:

    “classy: class·y [ klássee ] adj
    1. insane, leeching off parents, married policeman’s succubus,old biddy,old maid, pathological liar, paranoid, racist neo nazi, shut in, self righteous, thief,waste of oxygen.

    synonyms: jeni,julieeee,joan.”

    Sheboygan Dictionary of Truth, 2010.

    (Julie – niece, Joan – mom)

    She be crazy.
    She be crazy.

    Now someone posts as “turd fan” and says, “turd, you are awesome whoever you are! don’t leave us!!!
    Now see what you think, but this sure sounds like another “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!” to me.
    “I know. When a cop doesn’t lick your jackboots and arrest your enemies for stupid shit that you cry about nonstop, they’re ‘liars’ and ‘criminals.'”


    I say, Struck not only thinks she can put words in lawyers mouths, now she’s putting them in every police officer on the Sheboygan police force, attorney’s and every city worker in Sheboygan!
    “All you have to do is mention the Reisinger name in front of any cop, attorney or city worker and you get this look”

    Now she thinks she’s actually “talking” to me. Another “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!”? Appears so.
    Going by the name “sara”, a post is made to Struck saying, “m, post their statements along with their pics of those ‘faces’ so we can really know what you say is true.
    “You’re the ones calling the cops every other day. Ask them yourselves. Don’t forget to take your fuzzy cuffs with you in case they break down and arrest me just to get you off their backs.”

    I wish!
    I wish!

    OOPS! Just insinuating “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!” wasn’t satisfying enough for old Medusa
    “Gawwwwd, now you just confirmed you’re one of the idiot LIEsingers, if not Jeni herself.”

    Not getting enough rise out of people (me), Struck’s persistent stalking revisits my totally innocent niece who’s only problem is announcing her life’s goings-on on Facebook. I suppose, in some vain hope I was actually visiting her dung heap of a forum, she hoped to grate on me by bringing up my precious Julie. Anyway, my niece works at Wal-Mart, 3rd shift as it helps her and her fiancee take care of the kids. If there was a “demotion”, I never heard anything about it so I suspect this is just more of Medusa’s madness going on. But it’s pretty twisted to stalk someone’s family members – grief. And then make a mockery of a young woman working hard to support her family, while the evil one, Mary Struck, sits on her lazy arse at home doing nothing but stalking people, defaming and libeling others.
    “Getting demoted to night sift at Wally world is living da high life, der hey. Daylight come and Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wanna go home.”

    Medusa gets no reaction so she stoops even lower…again with one of those nasty ‘ol anonymous names she loves.
    “Thats right BITCH you need to get your ass to work and make my taco! .. and who foots the bill for you NOT knowing how to shut your lower lips?”

    (My other niece worked at Taco Bell around this time.)
    Mary Misco Struck = Cyber Stalker and…
    Malicious bitch

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 189

    Posted on by jbr

    Aw gee, someone had to bring my name up – although it was in a kind way, but that is something old Medusa just cannot have. The title topic was “Sheriff Election”. The candidate ‘ol Medusa was screeching for lost (snicker). Anyway, someone going by the not-so-pleasant user name “turd” said, “[Deleted] needs to get the Jenster in his camp. Nobody ever supported the PD as effectively and vehemently as that amazing woman did and I bet she’d do the same for the Sheriff, too.
    Grasping at straws, Medusa sinks down to her gutter-pig level again – under one of her umpteen “anonymous names”.

    “So are you two volunteering to service the entire sherrif’s dept.? Did you vehemently serve the entire spd,and not just JW?”

    Gutter pig
    Later, in this same discussion, “turd” accused Medusa of deleting something s/he posted. “m”‘s response:

    11-07-2010, 09:24 AM: “Try staying off the computer when you’re stoned. You LIEsingers & Co. have made your point: You’re a bunch of dysfunctional hypocrites who are making even bigger fools of yourselves. Attorney [deleted] wasn’t impressed… He thinks she’s an idiot. He said he would have to sue himself for Post Traumatic Stupid Disorder.”

    Now she has to go into content-thief mode again, because she can’t come up with anything original. My my, look how awful we talked in the Spirit forum!! Tsk Tsk.
    Content Thief in Action

    Looks like Priebe already has the “Jenster” and her Klan in his camp. Hmmmmm.

    Posted on Sheboygan Spew-it:

    Topic: Todd Priebe is our New Sheriff

    By J e ni: “Me, too. He’s a good guy and I think he’ll do a good job as Sheriff.”

    Well. How DARE I express my opinion on the election outcome!

    Well, that didn’t get any reaction so it’s back to the gutter with yet another anonymous, wretched “user name”.

    “Discretion? As in being discrete when she was a cop’s whore?”

    Then we have the following – this, from a woman who has never spoken to me (thank GOD), much less knows what may or may not have occurred in my life at any given time, much less why…
    “Dierkes told me it wasn’t okay with LIEsinger when she caught her ex-husband banging another woman, though. Then she was the poor victim who couldn’t leave the house for 2 years because she was so traumatized.”

    By the way, if you’re ever looking for a lawyer in Sheboygan, there’s one NOT to trust – and you have Mary Struck to thank for that heads-up, with her diarrhea of the mouth via keyboard. Just sayin’.
    And there’s more…blatantly false info, just for the record. Trouble is, Medusa lies so much one really can’t know if she just make this up in one of her many mad moments, or if the lawyer did say that to her and HE made it up. ?
    “Dierkes said she was pissed because [deleted] would never return her calls, or he would have his assistant do it.”


    Out Come the Claws


    “She isn’t decent. She’s a lying, vindictive, manipulative whackjob who is going to disassociate my name from her sites once and for all, and stop sending her goons over here to harass me, or I will be on her like stink on a pile of shit until she does. You’re not dealing with your desperate horny ‘weenie’ Freeper heros here. I don’t give a shit about you, your mental health, or your sob stories. I have no pity for you people. Only revulsion.”

    This “discussion” between Struck and “turd” is getting heated. I have an idea who “turd” may have been, but I honestly don’t know for certain. In any event, s/he stuck up for me, albeit a bit crudely. That is what got Struck’s panties in a bundle. “Turd” said, “every1 ignored you and went about their lives but would you quit and leave well enuf alone? NOOOOOOOOOO you couldn’t shut your lying evil yap to save your own ass you stupid dumb fuck. go to hell mary struck. GO TO FUCKING HELL.
    What does Medusa have to say to that?



    “Cry J E N I, cry. Now bend over and take your karma, bitches.”

    Even “turd” got tired of her stench at this point.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 188

    Posted on by jbr

    Total Testosterone

    An annoyed a male whom Medusa so typically called “Jeni” posted as “totaltestosterone”. On 11-06-2010 at 04:42 PM, this person says to Medusa, “bitches are female. I am male all the way thru and thru.” That must have gotten on one of Medusa’s many rattled nerves.

    Watch Her Blow

    “Why don’t you post these same comments on Spew or enoughof? You won’t, because you’re a big whimp that LIEsinger has by the balls with her prudish rules and restrictions. Really sucks having to lick the boots of a stern, uptight, battle-axe prude, doesn’t it? After a day of posting things like ‘Bet your sweet bippies’ and ‘bamboozled’ or (talking about Sudoku puzzles and bed bugs), you have to come here to relieve yourself just to get the taste of her jackboots out of your mouth. She must really have those boots down tight on your big manly neck.”

    There we have it – Medusa has spoken. But “totaltestosterone” isn’t going away just yet!
    11-07-2010, 06:12 PM by “totaltestosterone”: “‘m’ also needs to be tested for major episodes of psychosis and rage that leads to episodes of hateful spew, vulgarity and filth – aw hell, the bitch probly need to be committed.
    Sure wouldn’t argue that point. 😉
    This rattles the mad one’s cage even more so she uses a gutter-pig stupid “user name” on her simplistic “anonymous posting” feature and blasts off her filthy false accusations.
    “Everyone knows where JR hangs out: in her home because she is a loony shut in who has spent her life leeching off her parents, hanging out at crazy right wing web sites, and serving the SPD in her christian way. Have a good day snail boy. She did get out of the house once — to hang out with Snail the porn king at Walgreens. Wonder if Snail shit was there to pick up his beastiality photos.”

    As always, Medusa just makes this stuff up as she goes. Never has anything to back up her crazy rants – because one cannot have “proof” of things that never were, never happened and are from nothing more than a mad mind working in over-drive. In fact, someone (apologies in advance for the foul language) does question her – it appears this person was attempting to speak her language…


    Sniff. Poor Medusa is a Victim

    Well, we can’t have someone asking Medusa for proof, so it’s time for Medusa to play her diversion and distraction game – with more of her lies.

    “So, to summarize, that lying piece of shit LIEsinger hooks up with a porn creep, uses him to harass and threaten me and others until he turns on her (because she and [deleted] had him arrested), now she tries to pin his revenge on me so her losers can come here to harass me again. This is the kind of manipulative shit she does over and over and over again. I’m the one who’s been the victim here, from day one.”

    This poster with the unpleasant name again asks for some proof –
    11-09-2010, 05:38 AM: “and why leave out very telling facts like the fact that it was j e n i herself that called the police when she suspected foul play. kinda sheds a whole new light on your bullshit spin. and you knew it cuz you took your nosy lying a$$ down to the courthouse and got his arrest report and then bragged about it and even typed it out on this shit sheboygan site, so trying to say you don’t know the truth when you sit here spinning your bull shit lies ain’t gonna wash. and if you’re so damn sure of yourself why don’t you show us how you KNOW all these things, huh?”


    Proof That There Is NO Proof

    We all know Medusa can’t prove what is not true, so here is her come-back:

    “Maybe you poor, sniveling babies should stay the hell away from here..”


    Now Medusa Is Totally Unhinged


    “Liesinger fan go back to wherever you came from. Which wal mart do you work at? Wild pigs are always in season.”

    Willy Nilly

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 187

    Posted on by jbr

    The Evil One Goes “Exclusive”

    “Below you’ll see a category titled “Exclusive.” Anyone can read the posts, but you must be registered to post comments or reply. You can still enter a fake email address when you register, but this category is for those of you who want to discuss issues without every topic going off on tangents or getting hijacked by trolls from Jeni Reisinger’s camp who come here using umpteen anonymous proxies just to cause disruption and harass people.”

    Seems to me she was the one who admitted to using proxies to “annoy people like Jeni”. Looking back, I see indeed it most certainly was:

    Some people use anonymous surfers to disguise their IP numbers and get around bans and to annoy people like Jeni.

    Liars Pants
    Now Medusa has to one-up herself – in light of her agenda all these years, plus the fact one couldn’t pay me to post on that mad house, this is another stunner. In one respect, she admits to knowing it is not me posting – but to boldly state any post is a “troll” of mine is crazy. I have no “trolls”. Furthermore, everyone knows you simply cannot be certain who is behind a post based on an IP number and most certainly not an IP number that leads to a proxy!

    “I start a normal, serious conversation, and Jeni Reisinger’s troll hi-jacks it with VILE, FILTH”

    Also note how to Medusa and her two then-friends, “harassment” is a very enjoyable norm.
    Harassment is good!

    Here’s a look at her “exclusive forums” – note one of the fake “user names” is “Sheboygan Citizen”.
    Medusa’s “Exclusive New Forum”.



    Yep! “SheboyganCitizen”. (While she resides in Kohler, WI). Oh but in her mind everyone is so stupid they could NEVER figure out all those made up user names were in fact Ms. Struck – er Medusa – herself.

  • Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 186

    Posted on by jbr

    Someone else had become wise to the ways of this woman, because they posted, on 10-31-2010, at 05:33 PM, “We’ve all have seen you use many different names, and talked like a pig with each and everyone of them…
    But since Medusa knows darn good and well I am NOT posting, it must be a “Jeni troll”!

    “Do tell how you’ve ‘seen’ me supposedly use all these different names? Now I KNOW you are one of LIEsinger’s trolls. Same shit, different day.”


    But Medusa isn’t a stalker – is she?

    10-30-2010, 06:40 PM: “If ‘turd’ is LIEsinger’s truck-driving loser ex-husband, that’s probably a pretty accurate assessment.
    Talk about being stalked…I’ve been divorced from that “loser ex husbandMedusa has referenced before for over 35 years and haven’t a clue what my ex-husband does for a living; in fact, the last I did know, he was not working, he was in and out of jail. His life is a sad story of a young man who became involved in heavy drug use and as far as I knew, was never able to stop. Yet Medusa now claims to not only be an expert on me, but on my ex-husband? What?
    I can’t imagine who she deemed was me to get such ridiculously incorrect information. She’ll pluck anyone off the Internet to say “that’s Jeni!!!” – well, I say, “that’s NUTS!!!”.
    Medusa’s frustration drove her back into the gutter – and attempts at anonymity; however, in all the years she had that dung heap of a forum, no one but her ever talked as disgusting as she enjoyed talking. Around this time, a revolting “new member” name and avatar shows up – and it is SO Medusa-like it had to be her – especially in light of the type of garbage posted. There is no pronouncing this “name”. Check out the avatar and a typical post that followed.

    Struck going anonymous again.

    Oh my goodness!!!