The Sweetest Thing…

While visiting a loved one in a nursing home, the sweetest thing happened…

It was almost time for supper. The nurse’s aides were helping some of the residents move into the dining area of the nursing home. Noting this, we prepared to leave. After grabbing my jacket I glanced down the hallway whereby I witnessed one of the sweetest acts of caring I have ever seen.

In the picture we have two nurse’s aides and two residents. The aide’s are on the right and left, the two in the middle are residents who suffer from late stage Alzheimer’s. One aide took the woman by the hand, while the other aide took the man by the hand.

The woman resident was a bit unstable on her feet. The man, upon seeing her “wobble” a bit, stopped in his tracks, gave her the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, and took her hand to extend his gentlemanly assistance. Look how tightly he is holding onto her hand.


Caring for Each Other
Strangers caring for each other

Of course, now-a-days if a man did this anywhere else some nutty woman would run off shouting “sexual harassment”!!! Sad. It was so wonderful to be in that place, at that moment, to witness this pure and innocent act of kindness and have no worries about anyone getting all riled up.

If I could, I would crown that man the “King of kindness”! 🙂

This is when I grabbed my camera and quickly snapped this image. It didn’t come out well – I did it so fast and they were all quite a ways from me by the time I got my camera, but the image is good enough to see the result of this sweet incident.

Both of the patients in the center barely speak any longer. Yet the instinct to help, the caring this man showed her in a simple gesture, was so touching it just boggled my mind.

Sometimes silence truly is king.

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