My friend Glenn recently passed – got me off track a bit.

Glenn was special – VERY special. He was an amputee victim; had lost both an arm and a leg.

Yet, Glenn was kind, caring, sweet and inherently good to the core. It’s so true that we are never too old to learn, because I learned so much from him in one short year…only I never got the chance to thank him. If you have a friend like this, do take a moment to tell them how much you appreciate them!

I saw Glenn just about every day for the past year. He enjoyed tooling around outside in his wheel chair, puffing on his Old Gold’s and chatting it up with neighbors and passers-by. He preferred the warm weather, but the cold didn’t keep him inside. (And no, anti-smokers, the cigs didn’t “get” him, he passed of natural causes.)

He enjoyed talking to one male neighbor about his nice, shiny motorcycle and truck – guy things, you know.

Glenn never once complained and was always happy to lend a listening ear. I never once heard him utter an unkind word against another person.

So to all the Glenn’s out there, thank you for what you are and may my friend Glenn rest in peace. He is sorely missed by many, but I have no doubt he is singing with the saints now, free of all handicaps…

Rest in Peach

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