Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 194

Lets wrap up 2010 – the craziness just keeps going in circles anyway.

I think by now you can see I have screen shots of all of this, so I’m just going to post the text from Medusa’s remaining, defaming rants of 2010.

For heaven’s sake, I don’t know where she comes up with some of this crazy stuff, but now she claims I falsified information on! Sure. I guess I just have access to everything, don’t I!? Along with being every one!!


11-27-2010, 12:31 PM: “Anyone know who [deleted] is and why the LIEsinger cabal would see fit to falsify listings to make it look like I share a Sheboygan address with these people? Two days later, Oct. 4, Reisinger or one of her toadies try to log into my admin control panel. Then I get a letter from their attorney dated that same day — Oct. 4 telling me to stop talking about her.”


11-28-2010, 10:17 AM: “Never heard of [deleted]. More fraud from you losers. Once a fraud, always a fraud. Now we can add identity fraud to your twisted profile. Hey “Jen” and friends, the Veromi terms of service says ‘formal civil, criminal, and injunctive redress’ will be sought against anyone ‘impersonating another person at any point’ on their background check sites. That means you’re screwed.”


11-29-2010, 01:10 AM: “You’ve really outdone yourselves proving what evil, conniving frauds you are. I hope your mommies and Jesus are so proud of you.”


12-06-2010, 09:36 AM: “Do you ever get tired of staying up until 3 a.m. just so you can come over here and obsess over me with your pathetic displays of petty jealousy?”


I think holing up in a dark room spamming recipe sites 24/7 doesn’t help your psychotic issues at all. Maybe you should venture out and get a real job. Might make you feel good about yourself. Then you won’t have to work so hard trying to tear others down, or ruin their careers with your lies and general nuttery.”


I wonder if talking about someone like this and tearing down a person’s life, turning it into something totally opposite of what it really is, really makes her feel good…a woman who never seems to have worked a real job in her life, supported by a husband, with nothing better to do than think of ways to be a more malicious bitch than she already is…just sayin’.


12-08-2010, 03:04 PM:My host — Siteground — got a letter from LIEsinger’s latest attorney, [deleted], ordering them to ‘disable’ this forum because of OLD comments made on here that have long since been removed, and that this attorney can’t possibly know the context within which my comments were made. Not only that, but his letter contains false accusations towards ME. He says I ‘accused’ his client of ‘plotting the assassination of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.’ What a bunch of bullshit.”

(Ohhh…but she did…see Book Bit 095)

This attorney worked for Homeland Security, yet one of the reasons he wants me shut down is because I alerted readers to some Milwaukee wing-nut posting online wishes for terrorist attacks, death wishes against the president of the United States, and rants toward our Hispanic mayor? Okaaaaaay”


Naturally nothing is Medusa’s fault, everyone else is wrong, and the attorney didn’t check out his facts – but he did. It doesn’t take much, especially for an attorney, to do so. No one responded to her rant.


Now she’s going to get me! On 12-08-2010, at 03:04 PM, Medusa started a topic titled, “Your First Amend. rights are under attack again” It was VERY long, very redundant of much of what’s been covered, and very shrill. She went on defense, lying, spinning, copying and pasting extremely OLD issues and comments – from her forum, the Spirit forum, a blog I once frequented before she started stalking me (back in 2006 & 2007) – you name it – and it’s all been covered.


12-09-2010, 07:12 PM: Time to drop a turd — here’s the evidence. I always know when to check my email for yet another attorney’s letter — when this bunch goes mute and takes cover from their usual harassment and spewing of lies.”


They think their anonymous proxies protect their little ‘shenanigans,’ but they all screwed up and posted at least once under their real IP numbers. I turned all my documentation over to law enforcement a month ago, and I gave the two Siteground attorneys a few local numbers to call to get the 411 on Jeni. They also have access to all my server log files, including the error log showing IP number trying to gain unauthorized access into my admin control panel.”


Here’s the text from my error log file showing that IP trying to log in, then switching to an anonymous proxy to try some more. Both IP numbers have posted harassing and defamatory crap here (while I’m blocked from Reisinger’s sites).”


I guess she didn’t like the lawyers letter. And I guess her server logs proved I wasn’t on her forum, wasn’t posting on her forum, and never tried to “hack” her forum. She even went so far as to photo shop supposed “log files” – logs that weren’t even from her server, but from a free site stat service- and made it look as though I was all over her forum, trying to hack, trying to read personal messages, you name it. It was absolutely schizoid. That I got a few laughs out of, I confess.


Oh and she went on and on – I bet it would add at least a dozen pages to this book and create way too large a file size if I added all those screen shots. She made one topic with 10 posts – all her, no one else. In each of those ten posts she had several screen shots with screeching – not much that made a whole lot of sense, either. I can’t even give her an “E” for effort on that mess. It truly was pathetic.



12-12-2010, 08:00 PM: “I have removed all references to ‘you know who’ and any future mention of a certain name or her websites will be deleted. Any future assaults by certain trolls will be moved to a hidden folder along with all my other documentation should the need arise to reference them. (If anyone needs to see it for any reason, email me for the password). If ‘you know who’ wants to continue to fork out $$$ to attorneys in an attempt to harass and penalize me via the legal system, have at it. I’m pretty confident she wouldn’t get too far, and in fact would most likely end up on the losing end.”


I can be reasoned with by reasonable people. Or, you can always come here and defend yourself or your acquaintances. (‘The best remedy for speech is counter-speech’). If you’re someone who needs to cry to cops and attorneys every time you have your feelings hurt, do us all a favor and just stay away.”


Reasoned with? HER?

When pigs fly!

Counter speech – sure, if you’re not dealing with a mad woman looking for a pissing match! She made a first class fool of herself and everyone knows it. Except her.

Now, did I dare to believe her? Hell no.

 Was I right not to? Hell, yes.


Cuz she’s still as mad as ever and can’t stop proving it.

Tasmanian devil

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