Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 193

Here she is, trying to stir the pot with the lowest, filthiest, meanest, most rotten diatribe she can conjure up. All I’ll say about it is, no one knows what truly happened but me and the man involved. He knows he betrayed me and he knows I know it. The rest is no one else’s business.

Here is Medusa’s take – rant – rage?? Whatever.

11-25-2010, 08:38 AM: “So what, Jeni. YOU — miss holy righteous condemn-everyone-else, preachy Bible-thumper — SPREAD YOUR LEGS FOR ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND. That makes you an evil, VILE, selfish, FILTHY adulteress whore. Then you topped it off by lying through your sanctimonious teeth about him to the media so you could destroy his livelihood and deprive his poor family of retirement benefits.”

“You are nothing but a manipulative, vindictive, lying, hate-mongering, filthy puke who has to have someone constantly in your targets because you don’t have a life or friends. Now you have to come here looking for attention because you think someone will actually side with you. They won’t, because you are despised more than anyone. Now go choke on some turkey.”

The Wicked Witch

She was doing this ALL ALONE. I had no idea, and far too much on my plate to bother with the likes of her, but she JUST. COULD. NOT. QUIT. (WOULD not?)

She be crazy.
She be crazy.


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