Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 192

I am so busy again! Trying to break into admin panels and sending people to harass Medusa – so much so she’s going to have a letter sent to me from an attorney!
Blah Blah

10-23-2010, 08:59 PM: “Life will go on when LIEsinger and [deleted] get a letter from MY attorney ordering her and her bootlickers to cease-and-desist from coming violating her attorney’s orders.
AND I might just send my evidence of the breaking and entering attempts into my admin panel to the cops. My attorney will get it for sure.”

Oh…I’m shaking. (Never did get any letter, btw.) As for the nonsense about me trying to “break into an admin panel” and all her “proof” – well, I hope she did turn it over to the cops because then it must have been proven that it wasn’t me, because I never heard a single word about this so-called matter. (I think it’s all just more of her BS, quite honestly.)
This is a hoot – the Internet is her “private property”!

“I bet if an attorney orders me to quit disparaging his client, but his client comes on my private property trying to provoke me into disparaging her so her attorney can profit from it by suing me, then I bet MY attorney can tell her attorney to keep his client the hell off my private property. “


You tell ’em, Mary Struck – er Medusa!

And Another Bold-Faced Lie


“Who told you to remove that info, LIEsinger? The cops proved crazylife wasn’t me.”

That crazylife nonsense? That goes back to Book Bit 30! She can’t quit with it – nor can she quit lying about it. I never ever stopped believing (knowing) she was crazylife, nor did anyone ever prove otherwise. And didn’t she ever hear that expression, “Me thinks thou protests too much“? Sheeze!
The claws have been sharpened – time to issue a veiled threat now.

10-24-2010, 09:34 PM: “But go ahead and listen to that pathological liar LIEsinger at your own risk. If we ever meet under oath, all you bitches will go down for the evil you’ve perpetuated against so many people.”

And again…

“No. I’m not going to ignore them. I’m finishing my paper for this month, then I’m going to work on getting them busted.”

OH NO!! lol

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