Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 191

Let it be clear that Struck -er, Medusa, has made many other people angry with her incessant lying and defaming people, so whoever did this following post could have been anyone from a growing number of people.

The reason abortion is legal. M@ry Stru cks Mommie Dearest.

But isn’t it just too easy to jump in and keep up the “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!” mantra? Of course.
An obscure picture from my youngest niece’s wedding where my mother was dancing with a young man. My mother, in her late 70’s at this time, becomes Mary’s fodder again.
“Hi Joan. You should get some cajones and rein in your brood. “

Face palm
Next, someone posts to “m”, “I noticed than many of your threads and posts ARE about you“.
To which Medusa leans toward the gutter pig inside of her again:
“Of course you do. You have some sort of freaky girl crush on me. Sorry. I don’t swing that way.”

To which this person replies:
“Lady I’d not touch you with a ten foot pole!”

So…in spite of that fact she knows darn good and well that isn’t me posting we get this comeback:
“Isn’t that sweet how the LIEsingers clued spammers in on how to post. Such grownups. Maybe I’ll go try to coerce the police into arresting baby Jeni and Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Big Headache
My aching head…

Such stupidity never ceases to make my head hurt.

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