Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 190

After the previous heated banter, Medusa creates a topic titled, “Slime-stoppers accepting anonymous tips.” Now she’s what -some kind of detective agency? Investigative reporter? Intrepid journalist? (ROFL anyone?)
Notable note: All of these posts were made one right after the other, with NO ONE responding. This is all Medusa filling her forum mad house with her obsessive madness.

“If anyone wants to send me anonymous tips or documents that will aid me in investigations being conducted against the lying, slimey LIEsinger and her slithering cabal, you can mail them to: [deleted address]. You could also email [deleted], but snail mail is the way to go if you’re really afraid of being tracked down by unscrupulous characters.”

“And FYI . . . As I mentioned in another thread, Snailshit is off the list of suspects. He’s still in jail and doesn’t have access to computers. So I reckon it’s either JenJen herself coming over here to harass me, or her baby-mama Niece Julieeeeeeeee, or her ex Mikeyyyyyyyyy the trucker.”

Yep, Medusa is still stalking my niece, too. The story about this “ex” being a trucker – no clue where she got that from, but from my end, it sounds totally delusional. Or maybe hallucinations? Ach. Probably both! 🙂

Content Thief Strikes Again

Content Thief Strikes Again

Oh, look.

Dierkes already already told me this comment and others on LIEsinger’s forum may be [deleted]. He DID get both of them dumb shits to trust him.

“[J*&@!], you should have gone to Milwaukee for another lawyer. Sorry but really, think about it, lawyers up there just don’t have a pair, if you know what I mean. Think about it. You got a strong case here that’s unbeatable. God bless you, [J*&@!], hang in there, take care and keep doing what you do best – being [J*&@!]! See you on the other site soon, I hope!”

Now – again – Medusa dredges up the lawyer I did, indeed trust – until he proved untrustworthy. To see her comments, one could surmise these two are buddies. After all, look how she speaks on his behalf!!

“Dierkes wrote her off as being crazy and came running to me for sanity. Meanwhile, she and the goons pulling her strings get away with whatever they want. All they have to do is play the victim card, pretend to be nuts, and summon whatever attorney unwittingly gets sucked into their stupid games.”


Turd is Back!


“frankly i marvel at Jen’s ability to keep her mouth shut about you. you pull this shit on me and i’d be out there splashing your name to so many ppl in so many places and bringing so much hate your way you wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. but she’s a classy gal”

“Turd” got to her – now she posts as “Time to flush” and says:

“classy: class·y [ klássee ] adj
1. insane, leeching off parents, married policeman’s succubus,old biddy,old maid, pathological liar, paranoid, racist neo nazi, shut in, self righteous, thief,waste of oxygen.

synonyms: jeni,julieeee,joan.”

Sheboygan Dictionary of Truth, 2010.

(Julie – niece, Joan – mom)

She be crazy.
She be crazy.

Now someone posts as “turd fan” and says, “turd, you are awesome whoever you are! don’t leave us!!!
Now see what you think, but this sure sounds like another “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!” to me.
“I know. When a cop doesn’t lick your jackboots and arrest your enemies for stupid shit that you cry about nonstop, they’re ‘liars’ and ‘criminals.'”


I say, Struck not only thinks she can put words in lawyers mouths, now she’s putting them in every police officer on the Sheboygan police force, attorney’s and every city worker in Sheboygan!
“All you have to do is mention the Reisinger name in front of any cop, attorney or city worker and you get this look”

Now she thinks she’s actually “talking” to me. Another “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!”? Appears so.
Going by the name “sara”, a post is made to Struck saying, “m, post their statements along with their pics of those ‘faces’ so we can really know what you say is true.
“You’re the ones calling the cops every other day. Ask them yourselves. Don’t forget to take your fuzzy cuffs with you in case they break down and arrest me just to get you off their backs.”

I wish!
I wish!

OOPS! Just insinuating “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!” wasn’t satisfying enough for old Medusa
“Gawwwwd, now you just confirmed you’re one of the idiot LIEsingers, if not Jeni herself.”

Not getting enough rise out of people (me), Struck’s persistent stalking revisits my totally innocent niece who’s only problem is announcing her life’s goings-on on Facebook. I suppose, in some vain hope I was actually visiting her dung heap of a forum, she hoped to grate on me by bringing up my precious Julie. Anyway, my niece works at Wal-Mart, 3rd shift as it helps her and her fiancee take care of the kids. If there was a “demotion”, I never heard anything about it so I suspect this is just more of Medusa’s madness going on. But it’s pretty twisted to stalk someone’s family members – grief. And then make a mockery of a young woman working hard to support her family, while the evil one, Mary Struck, sits on her lazy arse at home doing nothing but stalking people, defaming and libeling others.
“Getting demoted to night sift at Wally world is living da high life, der hey. Daylight come and Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wanna go home.”

Medusa gets no reaction so she stoops even lower…again with one of those nasty ‘ol anonymous names she loves.
“Thats right BITCH you need to get your ass to work and make my taco! .. and who foots the bill for you NOT knowing how to shut your lower lips?”

(My other niece worked at Taco Bell around this time.)
Mary Misco Struck = Cyber Stalker and…
Malicious bitch

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