Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 189

Aw gee, someone had to bring my name up – although it was in a kind way, but that is something old Medusa just cannot have. The title topic was “Sheriff Election”. The candidate ‘ol Medusa was screeching for lost (snicker). Anyway, someone going by the not-so-pleasant user name “turd” said, “[Deleted] needs to get the Jenster in his camp. Nobody ever supported the PD as effectively and vehemently as that amazing woman did and I bet she’d do the same for the Sheriff, too.
Grasping at straws, Medusa sinks down to her gutter-pig level again – under one of her umpteen “anonymous names”.

“So are you two volunteering to service the entire sherrif’s dept.? Did you vehemently serve the entire spd,and not just JW?”

Gutter pig
Later, in this same discussion, “turd” accused Medusa of deleting something s/he posted. “m”‘s response:

11-07-2010, 09:24 AM: “Try staying off the computer when you’re stoned. You LIEsingers & Co. have made your point: You’re a bunch of dysfunctional hypocrites who are making even bigger fools of yourselves. Attorney [deleted] wasn’t impressed… He thinks she’s an idiot. He said he would have to sue himself for Post Traumatic Stupid Disorder.”

Now she has to go into content-thief mode again, because she can’t come up with anything original. My my, look how awful we talked in the Spirit forum!! Tsk Tsk.
Content Thief in Action

Looks like Priebe already has the “Jenster” and her Klan in his camp. Hmmmmm.

Posted on Sheboygan Spew-it:

Topic: Todd Priebe is our New Sheriff

By J e ni: “Me, too. He’s a good guy and I think he’ll do a good job as Sheriff.”

Well. How DARE I express my opinion on the election outcome!

Well, that didn’t get any reaction so it’s back to the gutter with yet another anonymous, wretched “user name”.

“Discretion? As in being discrete when she was a cop’s whore?”

Then we have the following – this, from a woman who has never spoken to me (thank GOD), much less knows what may or may not have occurred in my life at any given time, much less why…
“Dierkes told me it wasn’t okay with LIEsinger when she caught her ex-husband banging another woman, though. Then she was the poor victim who couldn’t leave the house for 2 years because she was so traumatized.”

By the way, if you’re ever looking for a lawyer in Sheboygan, there’s one NOT to trust – and you have Mary Struck to thank for that heads-up, with her diarrhea of the mouth via keyboard. Just sayin’.
And there’s more…blatantly false info, just for the record. Trouble is, Medusa lies so much one really can’t know if she just make this up in one of her many mad moments, or if the lawyer did say that to her and HE made it up. ?
“Dierkes said she was pissed because [deleted] would never return her calls, or he would have his assistant do it.”


Out Come the Claws


“She isn’t decent. She’s a lying, vindictive, manipulative whackjob who is going to disassociate my name from her sites once and for all, and stop sending her goons over here to harass me, or I will be on her like stink on a pile of shit until she does. You’re not dealing with your desperate horny ‘weenie’ Freeper heros here. I don’t give a shit about you, your mental health, or your sob stories. I have no pity for you people. Only revulsion.”

This “discussion” between Struck and “turd” is getting heated. I have an idea who “turd” may have been, but I honestly don’t know for certain. In any event, s/he stuck up for me, albeit a bit crudely. That is what got Struck’s panties in a bundle. “Turd” said, “every1 ignored you and went about their lives but would you quit and leave well enuf alone? NOOOOOOOOOO you couldn’t shut your lying evil yap to save your own ass you stupid dumb fuck. go to hell mary struck. GO TO FUCKING HELL.
What does Medusa have to say to that?



“Cry J E N I, cry. Now bend over and take your karma, bitches.”

Even “turd” got tired of her stench at this point.

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