Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 188

Total Testosterone

An annoyed a male whom Medusa so typically called “Jeni” posted as “totaltestosterone”. On 11-06-2010 at 04:42 PM, this person says to Medusa, “bitches are female. I am male all the way thru and thru.” That must have gotten on one of Medusa’s many rattled nerves.

Watch Her Blow

“Why don’t you post these same comments on Spew or enoughof? You won’t, because you’re a big whimp that LIEsinger has by the balls with her prudish rules and restrictions. Really sucks having to lick the boots of a stern, uptight, battle-axe prude, doesn’t it? After a day of posting things like ‘Bet your sweet bippies’ and ‘bamboozled’ or (talking about Sudoku puzzles and bed bugs), you have to come here to relieve yourself just to get the taste of her jackboots out of your mouth. She must really have those boots down tight on your big manly neck.”

There we have it – Medusa has spoken. But “totaltestosterone” isn’t going away just yet!
11-07-2010, 06:12 PM by “totaltestosterone”: “‘m’ also needs to be tested for major episodes of psychosis and rage that leads to episodes of hateful spew, vulgarity and filth – aw hell, the bitch probly need to be committed.
Sure wouldn’t argue that point. 😉
This rattles the mad one’s cage even more so she uses a gutter-pig stupid “user name” on her simplistic “anonymous posting” feature and blasts off her filthy false accusations.
“Everyone knows where JR hangs out: in her home because she is a loony shut in who has spent her life leeching off her parents, hanging out at crazy right wing web sites, and serving the SPD in her christian way. Have a good day snail boy. She did get out of the house once — to hang out with Snail the porn king at Walgreens. Wonder if Snail shit was there to pick up his beastiality photos.”

As always, Medusa just makes this stuff up as she goes. Never has anything to back up her crazy rants – because one cannot have “proof” of things that never were, never happened and are from nothing more than a mad mind working in over-drive. In fact, someone (apologies in advance for the foul language) does question her – it appears this person was attempting to speak her language…


Sniff. Poor Medusa is a Victim

Well, we can’t have someone asking Medusa for proof, so it’s time for Medusa to play her diversion and distraction game – with more of her lies.

“So, to summarize, that lying piece of shit LIEsinger hooks up with a porn creep, uses him to harass and threaten me and others until he turns on her (because she and [deleted] had him arrested), now she tries to pin his revenge on me so her losers can come here to harass me again. This is the kind of manipulative shit she does over and over and over again. I’m the one who’s been the victim here, from day one.”

This poster with the unpleasant name again asks for some proof –
11-09-2010, 05:38 AM: “and why leave out very telling facts like the fact that it was j e n i herself that called the police when she suspected foul play. kinda sheds a whole new light on your bullshit spin. and you knew it cuz you took your nosy lying a$$ down to the courthouse and got his arrest report and then bragged about it and even typed it out on this shit sheboygan site, so trying to say you don’t know the truth when you sit here spinning your bull shit lies ain’t gonna wash. and if you’re so damn sure of yourself why don’t you show us how you KNOW all these things, huh?”


Proof That There Is NO Proof

We all know Medusa can’t prove what is not true, so here is her come-back:

“Maybe you poor, sniveling babies should stay the hell away from here..”


Now Medusa Is Totally Unhinged


“Liesinger fan go back to wherever you came from. Which wal mart do you work at? Wild pigs are always in season.”

Willy Nilly

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