Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 187

The Evil One Goes “Exclusive”

“Below you’ll see a category titled “Exclusive.” Anyone can read the posts, but you must be registered to post comments or reply. You can still enter a fake email address when you register, but this category is for those of you who want to discuss issues without every topic going off on tangents or getting hijacked by trolls from Jeni Reisinger’s camp who come here using umpteen anonymous proxies just to cause disruption and harass people.”

Seems to me she was the one who admitted to using proxies to “annoy people like Jeni”. Looking back, I see indeed it most certainly was:

Some people use anonymous surfers to disguise their IP numbers and get around bans and to annoy people like Jeni.

Liars Pants
Now Medusa has to one-up herself – in light of her agenda all these years, plus the fact one couldn’t pay me to post on that mad house, this is another stunner. In one respect, she admits to knowing it is not me posting – but to boldly state any post is a “troll” of mine is crazy. I have no “trolls”. Furthermore, everyone knows you simply cannot be certain who is behind a post based on an IP number and most certainly not an IP number that leads to a proxy!

“I start a normal, serious conversation, and Jeni Reisinger’s troll hi-jacks it with VILE, FILTH”

Also note how to Medusa and her two then-friends, “harassment” is a very enjoyable norm.
Harassment is good!

Here’s a look at her “exclusive forums” – note one of the fake “user names” is “Sheboygan Citizen”.
Medusa’s “Exclusive New Forum”.



Yep! “SheboyganCitizen”. (While she resides in Kohler, WI). Oh but in her mind everyone is so stupid they could NEVER figure out all those made up user names were in fact Ms. Struck – er Medusa – herself.

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