Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 186

Someone else had become wise to the ways of this woman, because they posted, on 10-31-2010, at 05:33 PM, “We’ve all have seen you use many different names, and talked like a pig with each and everyone of them…
But since Medusa knows darn good and well I am NOT posting, it must be a “Jeni troll”!

“Do tell how you’ve ‘seen’ me supposedly use all these different names? Now I KNOW you are one of LIEsinger’s trolls. Same shit, different day.”


But Medusa isn’t a stalker – is she?

10-30-2010, 06:40 PM: “If ‘turd’ is LIEsinger’s truck-driving loser ex-husband, that’s probably a pretty accurate assessment.
Talk about being stalked…I’ve been divorced from that “loser ex husbandMedusa has referenced before for over 35 years and haven’t a clue what my ex-husband does for a living; in fact, the last I did know, he was not working, he was in and out of jail. His life is a sad story of a young man who became involved in heavy drug use and as far as I knew, was never able to stop. Yet Medusa now claims to not only be an expert on me, but on my ex-husband? What?
I can’t imagine who she deemed was me to get such ridiculously incorrect information. She’ll pluck anyone off the Internet to say “that’s Jeni!!!” – well, I say, “that’s NUTS!!!”.
Medusa’s frustration drove her back into the gutter – and attempts at anonymity; however, in all the years she had that dung heap of a forum, no one but her ever talked as disgusting as she enjoyed talking. Around this time, a revolting “new member” name and avatar shows up – and it is SO Medusa-like it had to be her – especially in light of the type of garbage posted. There is no pronouncing this “name”. Check out the avatar and a typical post that followed.

Struck going anonymous again.

Oh my goodness!!!


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