Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 185

Now the queen of liars calls me a pathological liar and adds a veiled threat to myself and another victim of her choosing – but just before doing that, she crawls back into her favorite place, the gutter.


10-24-2010, 06:12 PM: “If I understand how libel works, and I do, Jenny would have to prove that she isn’t filthy, misguided whore that hides behind a cloak of righteousness while doing unspeakable acts that violate the very bible she thumps. I am innocent until proven guilty. She would have to go to court to prove that I am guilty of lying about her. All I need is one witness to testify that I am right. She could have an entire church testify to her virtues, but that doesn’t technically prove anything. How do you think the Enquirer stays in business?”


Kudo’s to the poster, “lester”, who added a welcomed comment at this point saying,

“If you are innocent until proven guilty, that applies to Jeni, too. But m says unspeakable things about Jeni and thinks she can just call it satire. M cannot prove one thing she has said about Jeni.”

Applause, applause!
Of course, the mad woman just glosses over that to go in for yet another “kill”.
In her beloved name calling on this one, she’s ranting at someone else – who is a real person for a change.

“But go ahead and listen to that pathological liar LIEsinger at your own risk. If we ever meet under oath, all you bitches will go down for the evil you’ve perpetuated against so many people.”

Seriously? She must have been talking to herself when she said that.
But she’s going to be a busy big bee, because…

10-26-2010, 02:40 PM: “No. I’m not going to ignore them. I’m finishing my paper for this month, then I’m going to work on getting them busted.”

I don’t know who her “them” consists of, but I do know not a single soul she may have been directing her unfounded anger towards got “busted” for anything.
So who is the REAL pathological liar?

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