Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 184

A Look Back


08-13-2010: “The professional victim is getting exactly what she wanted – all traces of her name is being removed from this forum and soon, from Google’s cache. Her name will never be uttered here again and and I will ignore her like everyone else does. Does that upset you?”

Just a little over a month and Medusa’s tirades got even whackier.

9-27-2010, 09:17 AM: “Well, I’ve gone into hiding because I’m afraid [J*&@!] is going to bring this horrible crime against humanity to the cops. I’ll be jailed for the rest of my life for making a joke on someone’s website.
09-27-2010, 09:17 AM: “…you’re not going to kill yourself over [J*&@!]’s onslaught of verbal abuse, bold faced lies, vile insinuations, utter and complete defamation, character assassination, bad, ugly, untrue, sinister, evil accusations!? You just don’t get it.
09-27-2010, 09:24 AM “To be able to understand that fruitcake one would have to be as nutty as she is. No thanks.
09-27-2010, 02:03 PM: “What happened to all [J*&@!]’s sites? They’re all gone? Awwwwwww, too bad. So sad. Who cares why they’re gone. Just so they are. Maybe the “weenie cop” threw a bucket of water on her and she and her websites melted.”
09-28-2010, 05:50 PM: “Perhaps Mommy and Daddy said enough is enough of enoughof, gave her a good spanking, took away her computer and sent her to bed…
09-29-2010, 09:19 AM: “Now I’m betting the Republicans had something to do with LIEsinger’s websites being scrubbed. My guess is, they had an attorney send a letter to her server and GoDaddy removed her sites. I think local Republicans are just tired of the local crackpots embarrassing them.


She be crazy.
She be crazy.


Now I’m a Hacker

And we can’t forget, EVERY BODY IS JENI!!! Someone posted to Medusa, “‘m’ you’re a piece of shit. Everyone is better off going elsewhere – Spirit or the other new one, whichever, anywhere but HERE.
So it just HAD to be me in Medusa’s mad mind…

“Awwwww. Getting frustrated because I won’t take your bait? I bet a few of my forum visitors would be interested in my evidence that you were trying to gain access into my admin panel, along with other suspicious activity. And that the IP numbers point to you and/or LIEsinger.”

A few minutes later…

10-23-2010, 08:59 PM: “Life will go on when LIEsinger and [deleted] get a letter from MY attorney ordering her and her bootlickers to cease-and-desist from coming on this forum attempting to provoke us into violating her attorney’s orders. And he will order her to stop linking my name to her pathetic [deleted] site. AND I might just send my evidence of the breaking and entering attempts into my admin panel to the cops. My attorney will get it for sure.”

And the next day…

“This should prove once and for all what I’ve been saying about her all along. Poor [J*&@!] just isn’t happy unless she’s the poor, persecuted victim.”

Then someone dares to call Medusa out for what she is- a pathological liar. 🙂
“Everyone will find out who’s really lying, once I start talking to cops and attorneys. This will be the final uprising of you shrieking, ugly beasts.”

Now, even though I’m not posting on her dung heap, nor was I even visiting, I’m not only attempting to “hack”, I’m also engaging in “entrapment”!
“I will also be raising the issue of attempted entrapment.”

This stuff is getting hilarious, now. What world does this she-devil live in, anyway???

Since you just can’t “prove” lies, I don’t think anyone was too worried – much less impressed. She looks and sounds like a first-rate fool – only looks are deceiving, because she’s much, much worse.

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