Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 183

Meta Tag Madness

Medusa had been using my name, my work, my blog and web sites in her meta tags for some time. I have it all copied in the HTML files I saved:

Meta Tags

She changed them around from time to time, but always included my name and my work. If you ran a search back then on my name, here is what you would see:

Meta tags 2

Or, like this:

Meta tags 3

I am not clear as to what the law says about that, but I do know big brands and big names will not let anyone get away with that. It’s falsifying and completely unethical. She used her site in her attempts to completely redefine who I truly am, creating a monster, then tried to gain traffic from anyone who may be inclined to run a search on me. She used fitnfree because it was the handle I used for one of the web sites I earn a living from and bellybytes because it is the name of another of my web sites. Brat City Web Design was my designer site. Meta tags are supposed to tell the search engines what a web page or site is about. She attempted to degrade not only me, but my work as well, in her 24/7 efforts to thoroughly and completely destroy me and all I’d worked for, for so long.

And she calls me a fraud.

Oy Vay
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