Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 182

Random Rottenness


“[Deleted] and [deleted] also joined sheboygan spirit forum so maybe [J*&@!] will run their websites (and give them blowjobs).”

Gutter pig

This is all Medusa, by the way – playing her “multiple personalities” game again.


“The only people getting blowjobs are the Sheboygan Police Department and possibly the Mayor. I hear he like hummers too.”

And now Medusa brags about the problems she put me through with her constant harassment, cyber stalking, lying, defamation and libel.
Medusa admits to knowing the damage she is causing

I have several witnesses who saw her and her lackies say repeatedly that she NEVER CAME to this “dark-sided” site, yet now she attributes this forum to

-umpteen sleepless nights
-lost work
-destroyed relationships
– hyper vigilance and severe post traumatic stress disorder.”

So Medusa is now fully aware that (for starters):

  • I do not go to her site.
  • I want nothing to do with her whatsoever.
  • I am not by any stretch, a “public figure”
  • She is causing me much distress and unwarranted humiliation.
  • She is making my physically ill.

And yet she will carry on – and will get even worse and more ugly, with no reason, no provocation, nothing. Just her crazy ideas in her paranoid, childish mindset.
Have mercy.

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