Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 179

On 08-07-2010 I received a disgusting email. Whenever something like this occurred I did two things – make myself go over to Medusa’s cesspool and see what she was up to. If that didn’t give me a clue, I ran a few searches of my own. This particular one knocked me out.

She linked me to pornography.


Gutter pig
Medusa linked my name to porn.

That link led to a site that said, “Women looking to get laid near Sheboygan!” It also included pornographic images of women doing – well, pornographic things. Ahem.
I will leave it to your imagination regarding what that one did to me. I honestly don’t know how to put it into words. I reported this to the police, but I never heard back.
On 08-07-2010, (around the same time period of the above evil) I received a scathing email from someone saying I really should “do something” about Medusa. It went on to ask that I complain about a video she had on YouTube. I responded that I didn’t want to see it or bother to complain and suggested they file the complaint. The person said they felt I should because she said nasty things about me on YouTube.
I never knew if these types of emails were for real, or just her trying to “stir the pot”, so I deleted it and didn’t reply again. However, later that day, after getting work done, I confess my curiosity got the best of me. Instead of going on YouTube, I ran a simple Google search on Medusa’s domain name to see if it would come up connected to her. Here are the results:
Search Results is Medusa’s domain – she also uses that domain for her little village paper. And of course, this came up connected to her, but the video referenced in the email I received was the same video she was so proud to put out back in 2008 – her stupid “god-warrior” video.
Out of curiosity, I did something I never did before – ran a search on my own name. Some interesting results appeared.
Search results 2
Search results 3

Meta Tag Madness

I then went and took a look at her meta tags in her madhouse-forum.
Meta tags
I am not clear as to what the law says about that, but I do know big brands and big names will not let anyone get away with that. It’s falsifying and completely unethical. She used her site to completely redefine who I truly am, creating a monster, then tried to gain traffic from anyone who may be inclined to run a search on me. She used fitnfree because it was the handle I used for one of the web sites I earn a living from and bellybytes because it is the name of another of my web sites. Brat City Web Design was my designer site. Meta tags are supposed to tell the search engines what a web page or site is about. She attempted to degrade not only me, but my work as well, in her 24/7 efforts to thoroughly and completely destroy me and all I’d worked for, for so long.

And she calls me a fraud.

Face palm

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