Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 178

Before we dig in, we must not forget…


In response to the comment from some “unknown” poster, “If you are looking for bright people, you are in the wrong place here.

“WHO is the blooming idiot here? Thats right, YOU are, Jeni/Joan/Julie/Jeni’s Mole….”

I don’t know where this next bunch of drivel came from, but for whatever reason, Medusa blew another gasket.
“No more [deleted], LIEsingers There are too many important issues to discuss these days without having to be distracted by these narcissistic self-promoters who just come here to leech off this forum for attention. So [deleted], and all the LIEsingers with their anonymous proxies are banned, and will continue to be until they run out of proxies. It’s futile dogging Reisinger because only medication can fix her (maybe). LIEsinger had to sell her house. So in the end, she lost. That’s good enough for me.”

Truth? Hardly. I never sold any house, ever. As for the lawsuit – well, to quote my then-lawyer, “You won, Jeni!” I’ll take his words over hers, that’s for sure. She knows me not, so she just makes this garbage up. But WHY? Who cares? What purpose does any of it serve – other than to attempt to demonize, demoralize and destroy me? And even at that – WHY? Talk about a major “DUH!”.

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