Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 176

Back to the Sheriff’s election. Medusa sure had a freakish obsession with that election…along with the obsessive hatred that I had any work whatsoever.
(She’s a “bubba” alright!)
At this point in time, she’s dredging up things that were three years old.
What she did here, by posting as “bubba”, was set herself up to go in for the gutter-pig kill.

“Awwwww. Poor, [holster-sniffer]. [deleted] listened to me instead of his partner’s psychotic, pathological lying ADULTRESS SLUT!”

Look at the times on the posts – 09:59 AM and 10:06 AM. Yep, she’s talking to herself and her multiples again. And as usual, she’s just not done yet. At 10:14 AM she logs in as another alter-ego, “Otto”. (REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.) This is to get in not only another dig at yours truly, but to also get in another:
“Hi Jeni! Wassa matta? Jealous because there is lots of traffic over here on the dark side? No one posting over at Sheboygan Spew It?”

See now anyone who happened to drop by Medusa’s madhouse is supposed to think ALL these people were just having so much fun at the expense of my life, my livelihood and my reputation. ‘Cuz after all, you’ve just got to hate on Jeni or you simply don’t belong in Sheboygan County!
But she just isn’t done yet – now she has to use my full first name and post, “Way to GO M thats GREAT”, as if I’m applauding Medusa for calling me an adulteress slut.
Medusa plays identity thief again
Note the time again – it’s now 10:17 AM. SO here you have a middle-aged woman, sitting at a computer on her own forum, posting under different names, all by her lonesome, simply to make it appear I had an entire cadre of haters in my home town. That is one unsettling visual, never mind having to live with the actual fact and repercussions of the nightmare she was putting me through.
Of course – and in spite of – all this fun Medusa is having playing multiple poster-personalities, hating on me isn’t quite enough. She’s got to stalk my nieces on facebook and see if she can’t get in a few digs on them, too. Medusa also proves she went so far as to stalk my niece in “real life”, too.
“I saw Jeni’s loud-mouthed baby-mama niece Julieeeeee at Walmart the other day looking like she was about to pop out another kid out of wedlock. Those LIE-zingers sure set the standard for morals. Talk about “dark-siders.” No wonder it didn’t take that dog [deleted] very long to sniff ’em out.”

This woman who can’t keep her mouth and mind out of the gutter, has the unmitigated gall to talk about morals.
You gotta be kidding me
Plus, she’s still not done playing propaganda! Now she posts under another multiple she calls “Officer Summer”, eluding to being the man I had been involved with.
“I tried to keep Jeni’s conspiratorial yap shut with my night stick but it didn’t work very well. If I had it to do over again I would’ve run like a scared chicken shit instead.”




“Unregistered Turd is from the LIE-zinger clan. They pretend they never lurk around on this “dark-side” forum, but every once and awhile they rear their ugly heads with some pathological rant. Then they go crawl under their rock for a few more months. They’re obviously still bitter that Jeni got her little cash cow pulled out from under her when [deleted] gave in to pressure from people complaining about their questionable NAD campaign.”


Cash cow??? I was a VOLUNTEER!

Stupid sure is as stupid does.
Face palm

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