Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 175

Time for Snail to re-surface. Apparently a story hit the local paper about some charges he incurred; I truly do not know the whole story- but stalker Medusa sure did. And then some.
Snail was someone I wanted to help out when he was down and out– nothing more, nothing less. But Medusa just keeps adding more and more to a situation she – again- truly knew very little about. She attempts to sensationalize it (ie – LIE) to really make it sound as though I associate with the dregs of humanity.

“Jennifer Reisinger’s ex-bootlicker and porn king/bestiality artist [deleted] (aka ‘Snail’) has been set free.”

“Porn king” and “Bestiality artist”??? News to me.
No one was interested. But the stalking continues – and takes on a new form. The man I had been in a relationship is now a “fornicator”, who donated to a Republican Senator – therefore, the Senator, I guess, should be frowned upon? And why look up who he donated to in the first place? Isn’t that taking stalking a bit far? I think most would agree it sure is – and even the wicked witch herself wouldn’t put that stupid comment under her stupid moniker “m”. But she just HAD to say it…
“Go Joe! just read Joes campaign finance report, 2 things stuck out for sheboygan talk folk. 1) he continues to take money from known fornicator John [deleted].”

In that same post, Medusa had to delete something “by request”. People were tired of her smearing them all because they somehow – SUPPOSEDLY – had something in common with yours truly. It didn’t matter how far she had to stretch the truth – or the supposed “connections” she made up. Tell me, what community wouldn’t be sick of it – along with the person (me) – stuck like a pig in the middle of something I didn’t create.

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