Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 174

Good morning to you, too Medusa, you perverted, warped fool.

Go fuck yourself (Or visit Jeni Reisinger)

How crazy-awful must a person be to say something like that on the World Wide Web?
In a topic Medusa titled, ‘people of authority on Facebook’, Medusa posted: “Apparently for some people, being referenced to on this forum is more embarrassing than having photos on Facebook at some drunk fest where people are shit faced…
She’s got that one right. The woman’s mind is filled with heaps of gutter-pig filth.
“[Deleted] and [deleted] also joined sheboygan spirit forum so maybe [J*&@!] will run their websites (and give them blowjobs).”

On July 4th, a topic was started by someone else whom I know to be a “real” person. It was a discussion regarding a candidate for an upcoming election. It was going on for some time before Medusa couldn’t help herself. In regard to a candidate they were defending, someone posted, “[Deleted] has experience in management as he was the CEO of Special Ops.
Out come her filthy fangs.
“[Deleted] has you well trained as his sock puppet. Now he just needs to get holster-sniffer Jeni Reisinger to do his guys . . . I mean websites . . .”

A piece of news hit the papers that the former mayor – the one I had “issues” with – was going to run for another office. Well, can’t let that go without bringing my name up – and proving how little she truly knows about me.
“Jeni will be so happy to have [deleted] to kick around again.”

< sarc >That’s just so funny…< /sarc >. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
Moving on to my “extreme political views” – you know, the one’s mad Medusa created in her psychotic episodes and delusions – Medusa creates a topic that not one single person bothered to respond to. I think you’ll see why.
“LIEsinger cries about police surveillance. All of a sudden Ms. right wing extremist Jeni Reisinger is citing the ACLU regarding police surveillance of political groups. Wonder how many people SHE caused to be under police surveillance because of her lying, false accusations, and holster-sniffing?”

I had shared a quote and an article reference on a topic that was on the ACLU web site somewhere online – which I happened to agree with. Can I not do that? Or is there some unwritten “rule” I missed that says I must always disagree with the ACLU – for starters? And furthermore, did she not just prove – yet again – that she cyber stalks me?
In another topic involving a sheriff’s election, Medusa actually had two or three people discussing the issue. As is often the case at this point in time, out of the blue she decides to add the following 2-cents after one candidates qualifications were cited: “I’m sure that excites the Reisingers.”
Doh! For WHAT?

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