Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 172

The Triple Strike

Strike 1: Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!!!

Again, too many names, too many references to locals that don’t – didn’t – deserve to have their names or organizations dragged into Medusa’s mad house for too many screen shots.

06-26-2010, 02:13 PM “Jeni Reisinger, pathological liar, defamer and ex-mistress of a former married Sheboygan police officer, is allowed to run a prayer request website while she continues to host a smear page that not only smears me with lies, but presents my business and husband in a false light. Reisinger uses some sort of method that keeps her page of lies about me at the top of Google rankings, while my legitimate Kohler sites are kept below it.” {insert image of me playing the violin for “m”}
She also blocks me from defending my reputation, and that of my business and husband on her smear page. The page includes a photo of me that she stole without permission from my business site. Rather than link to this site as her source, she links to my business site in an effort to paint my business in a false light. If you submit a prayer online at, guess which email address your PRIVATE prayers get delivered to?
Interjection: That was not true at all. Prayer requests went to an address ending in Suffice it to say, as usual, Medusa knows not a whit about what she speaks. She just made that all up. I didn’t even have an email address with Yahoo!. It’s ALL B.S.
Back to regularly scheduled rantings.
06-26-2010, 02:13 PM – CONTINUED: “That means Jeni Reisinger is able to read everyone’s personal prayers that get submitted on that site. The Dial 452-pray officers are [she listed their names from the web site]. Participating churches are listed here: This post will remain here until Reisinger removes ‘Struck Strike.’

06-27-2010, 05:00 PM: “Here’s my prayer list I might submit for “Just Jeni” . . . oops, I mean God.:
Dear Just Jeni (or God)
Please bless Obama’s health care plan
Please bless him with a second term
Please help him pass gay marriage.
Please help him ban guns.
Please let him pick a Muslim VP next time.
Please help him pass a law banning all prayer.
Please bless [deleted] and [deleted].
Please strike Sarah Palin with permanent laryngitis.

06-27-2010, 08:18 PM: “I want to complain to somebody in charge of hiring that so called ‘Christian’ woman. Talk about blasphemy.
What the hell got into her

Strike 2: Back to Blackmail

07-11-2010, 12:10 PM: “I don’t know, but whomever told her to remove her [deleted] smear page in time for the Sheriff’s race, can also tell her to remove whatever SEO feature she has keeping her “Struck Strike” page artificially ranked at the top in Google. Until then, a Google search of “Officer [deleted]” will bring up this thread at #1. (I know how to play the SEO game, too).

If I don’t see her “Struck Strike” page start to drop in Google rankings, I’ll be setting up my own blog page — just in time for the sheriff’s race. When people google the Sheboygan police department or [deleted], they’ll see a sordid tale of how two Sheboygan cops let a hate-mongering, racist, gold-digging holster-sniffer run amok in police programs lying about and threatening people, while these cops protected and even paid her. And unlike the LIEsinger, I wouldn’t even have to blog a bunch of lies.
No one tells me what, or what not to do on my own web site. Good grief, how ridiculous. Furthermore, I do NOT have or attempt “SEO tricks” – all I do is make clean, compliant web sites. I’m honest – remember what honesty is???
Medusa’s madness continues…
07-12-2010, 12:14 PM: “I have a friend who came across that stupid Struck Strike page and offered to find me ‘help’ if I want it. (Her clients include attorneys involved in litigation worth millions, and she has served as an expert witness in US District Court). I figure I’ll go the free route first. I decided to let it ride as long as her [deleted] smear page was also up there. Now it’s gone — just in time for the Sheriff’s race — while ‘Struck Strike’ sits at the top of Google rankings. I hold [deleted] and NAD (under [deleted]) partly responsible, since they enabled (and paid) that fraud while she was at the peak of publishing blatant lies about people. Then we were threatened with police investigations for exposing her antics (while she rolled in the sack with [deleted]). When her stupid Struck Strike page is scrubbed like [deleted]’s page, I’ll delete this thread.
07-13-2010, 03:12 PM: “Open wide and say ahhhhh Jeni can’t pass up a chance to do a cop a favor…

Strike 3 Enough is Enough!

Medusa still cannot stand it that I volunteered to help the NAD group with an amazing project they undertook (until Medusa ruined it for them). They did refund me for 2 years of hosting and 2 years of domain registration, with a little extra, but that was their doing. Here she blows again and here she goes again – lies, lies, lies.
07-03-2010, 12:59 PM: “I double checked a few documents and NAD (under [deleted]) was having Reisinger do that site DURING the same time period she was rolling in the sack with [deleted] She said in her deposition that she got paid $400 for the website, yet she had to offer $20 to strangers on a tech forum to help her out with a “simple” script. See….59&postcount=7” (link dead)
Somebody had contacted [deleted] about the enoughof site, and he acted like he had let NAD volunteers run amok with their personal agendas and he was unaware of a lot of what was going on.
Okay, so who signed the NAD checks for crappy websites by cop mistresses, and a big ol’ billboard on Indiana Ave.? Who did the buck stop with?


Just to clear the record – I am not a programmer and never professed to be one. I can use programs, I cannot alter the code without assistance. And never will I feel shame for that. I cannot do and be all things to all people! I didn’t realize Medusa held me to such high standards…(ug). As for the rest of it – said it before but it now bears repeating: Stupid is as stupid does.
And that “somebody” that contacted the officer? IT WAS HER. I knew it – had been told as much by the officer; however, she later admits it on her filthy forum – as that mass in her head that stand in for a brain really goes into over drive.
07-24-2010, at 10:06 AM: “Awwwww. Poor, holster-sniffer, [delete] listened to me instead of his partner’s psychotic, pathological lying ADULTRESS SLUT!
Evil bitch

God have mercy. Please.

No good deed goes unpunished.” Indeed.

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