Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 171

Medusa must really be feeling bugged out – she’s about to blackmail again. Again, too many names for screen shots of everything, but I’ll grab one of the beginning of her attempt at blackmail – again.
06-26-2010, 02:47 PM: “Since Jennifer Reisinger of Sheboygan has now removed her smear page of former Sheboygan Police Officer [deleted], she can remove her lying ‘Struck Strike’ page, too. As long as ‘Struck Strike’ remains on her Sheboygan Spirit website, the below post originally posted by her on Sheboygan spirit blog will remain here.
Officer [deleted] is the former Sheboygan Police Officer whom Jennifer Reisinger had an affair with. He reportedly hid his squad car in her garage during his visits.
Reisinger also runs Fitness and Freebies, Belly Bytes, and sponsored by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches in Sheboygan County
Copy and paste queen at it again


It was my business what I did or did not post on my own web site. The page she copied and pasted was something I put online because I was getting so many inquiries asking what happened regarding the “relationship”. This page allowed me to just send a link because I was very distraught and deeply hurt. To go through it over and over was too painful. However, its use had run it’s course, people had moved on and it was past time I took it down. So I did – it’s truly that simple. But the cyber-stalking witch, for whatever reason that remains a mystery to this day, gets a bug up her butt when I do this and starts with her wild speculations, accusations and wild, paranoid hysteria again.
Since when can she dictate what material I post on my own web site? Talk about unmitigated gall! And just a piece of advice – any, and I mean ANY involvement with this she-devil and you’ll open yourself up to the same thing, you can bank on it.
06-26-2010, 03:13 PM: “I like how the LIEsinger removes her [deleted] smear page right before [deleted]’s former partner, Officer [deleted], runs for sheriff.
The officer running for Sheriff had absolutely nothing to do with my taking the page down. It’s time had come and gone. In fact, I had forgotten it was up there and while updating the site I saw it and immediately took it down – something I should have done much sooner. The ignorance that pours out of this woman is stunning.

It just never occurred to her it might be a good idea – for once – to just …
shut up

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