Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 170

There was a Sheriff’s election going on at this time. One of the candidates was someone I had done some web site work with. Well, we can’t let him get away with that, now can we?
The topic contained a name, and became quite long and filled up with the names of others in the city, so I am not going to use screen shots; however, trust me, I have it all if ever it is needed.
Let the gutter-pig garbage begin. She gets every dig in she can conjure up in her twisted, lying mass of damaged cells that acts as her brain.
Gutter Pig
06-23-2010, 09:13 AM: “Are you one of the Jeni Reisinger holster-sniffers? I could totally excuse his crying if one of them was riding along.
06-23-2010, 10:46 AM: “I don’t know how much he was involved, but [deleted]’s ex-skank (Jeni Reisinger) said in her deposition that [deleted] helped [deleted] install the sophisticated security cams and panic button on her house after she got those supposed death threats. This was supposedly before [deleted] was actually shagging LIEsinger, but it was at least when the two of them were buddy-buddy in going after [deleted].
[Deleted] was also apparently paying [deleted]’s mistress/crappy web designer Jeni Reisinger to design a website for NAD that made Sheboygan judges look bad. They had a big billboard up on Indiana until people here complained. Then [deleted] made her take it down and she had her usual hissy fit.
The site had mugshots of every Sheboyganite charged with drug dealing (whether they were convicted or not), and a rating system underneath so visitors to the website could rate how the judges ruled. That lying trailer trash was being paid for this WHILE she was suing the city (and [deleted]). Her web skills were so crappy I found her on a tech site offering $20 to any stranger who could help her with the site. Nice.
06-23-2010, 02:01 PM: “Playing judge and jury was one thing, but paying LIEsinger to help while she was suing the city was just over the top. The NAD nags were probably the ones who were ultimately behind it, but still . . . the buck stopped with [deleted] letting a pathological liar and all around nut job with four counts of credit card fraud run any kind of police-related website.
Then Jeni’s big squeeze at the time — [deleted]– came on here spouting off about how he reported me to [deleted] to have me investigated. [deleted] is the Manson lookalike who was recently arrested for luring a minor into his apartment to look at porn and undress, and Walgreens reported that he was in there often to develop representations of bestiality. I called [deleted] and he denied investigating me and asked me to remove [deleted] comment. But still, why was that creep even bringing up [deleted]’s name? Probably because LIEsinger was telling him to.”


No, more like probably Medusa was lying about the whole thing. I never heard anything about her “being investigated”.If something went down between her and Snail, I knew nothing of it. And…




Just like with everything, Medusa cannot quit. And…drum roll…




“Then, at a later date, Jeni or one of her bootlickers came on here using the name ‘COP’ to ‘duly warn’ us that we were being watched as suspects regarding her death threats. According to ‘COP,’ we were ‘treading on dangerous ground’ for picking on her and the police.”

Well, it’s nice to end a difficult post on a humorous note! Whoever really did create that “COP” post deserves a medal. The person really got to Medusa. She can’t get over it! And I confess, I love it.
Big Grin

P.S. The candidate she trashed the hell out of here WON. The one she sang praises for lost – BIG. 🙂

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