Cyber Stalked Book Bit 169

Random Rottenness


“I’ll stick with a sheriff who has never palled around with a [deleted], or paid a Reisinger for crappy web design.”

“Are you one of the Jeni Reisinger holster-sniffers? I could totally excuse his crying if one of them was riding along.”

Medusa enjoyed using the term “tard” or “retard” – which IS offensive, but that’s just her style. Someone called her out on it, so let’s toss ‘ol Jeni into the mix!
“I’m not a Reich winger like you (and the Reisingers) who believes only your fellow Reich wingers are allowed free speech rights (and the right to be offensive).”

How about a little self-promotion? I’ll post this so people will be forewarned to avoid this woman and her site(s) like the plague. Call it a community service. 😉
Self Promotion
“FYI: Those of you offended by my use of the word “‘tard” can read my post on my legitimate Kohler news site here: [URL]”

Under a topic titled by the master pervert Medusa, “Sexually perverted Libtards”, an “anonymous someone” conveniently says, “Clinton, Edwards, Gore? WTF Al?“.
Which opens the door for the gutter pig to bring me up – again.
“At least they didn’t get caught messing with men, like so many Reich-tards have.”


Wow. I was involved with ONE man in a decade – and who are all her “Reich-tards”? Better yet, what IS a “Reich-tard”? Good grief.

(See how Medusa loves that offensive word, “tard”?)
Have to do a major eye-roll at this comment:

“To be honest, the kinky sex lives of old political has-beens really doesn’t fascinate me as much as it seems to fascinate you.”


It’s just the one she makes up in her mad mind that she LOVES to run with.

Now please note this comment and keep it in mind as I move forward – the hypocrisy is so crystal clear it’s astonishing.

“Frankly, I’m tired of the media and everyone else making such a big deal about humans getting naked and touching each other. Grow the hell up already and try to crawl out of middle-school. Animals are more mature about reproductive stuff than stupid humans.”




“Your claim to being an agnostic is You sound more like one of those idiot Reisingers. I just knew I was wasting my time on a nitwit.”

“I sent the [deleted]-hating Snail clone over there, but I guess the LIEsingers are too boring even for him.”

All kinds of random rotten rambling from the mad, mad mind of Medusa. Some of it is so childish it’s amazing there is a real-live adult behind the comments. A middle-aged one at that, who should have long since known better. Then there is the sick, twisted, gutter-pig that flourishes in those demonic genes of hers that one cannot – should not – excuse. I guess that is why they call people like this psychopaths, or sociopaths.


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