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06-04-2010, Posted to Medusa by “TakeYourMedsMary”: “I guess you still can not read. [deleted] said he does not have time to charge the deputies… You might want to get a refund from what ever school you went to because your reading comprehension is awful.

“I think YOU should seek a refund from the Jeni Reisinger school of journalist wannabe.”

Now I want to be a journalist? Wow, I didn’t know that.

Back to dirty digs.

To make it appear there are others equally as filthy minded as she is, Medusa will use her profile of “WTF” for this disgusting, reprehensible garbage; however, she uses this line under her own moniker of “m”, as well. (Which makes it quite obvious she is “WTF”.)

“I’ve never done anything to [deleted]. However [deleted] has helped loose legs Reisinger in spreading lies.”

This constant, never-ending sexual harassment was a complete and utter nightmare – and it sickens me so; plus, it was never to end. Around this time the police took my security away and trust me, to say I was feeling vulnerable is an incredible understatement. I was afraid to open my drapes. I would freeze in fear when my doorbell rang, completely unable to even get to the door to look out the peep hole I’d had installed. The sound of my telephone ringing would make me jump darn near through the roof – literally. I stopped mowing my own grass or shoveling my snow due to feeling “watched” from the Horace Mann parking lot. Instead, I hired a service to mow and my kind neighbor did my driveway in the winter.
I began to stay in the house a lot. I avoided public places. I changed my phone number constantly. I cannot stay off the Internet because that is where my work is.
But no matter what I did or did not do, where I went or did not go, including inside my home, there was no longer one moment or one place where I could feel secure or safe. I felt completely violated in every respect. I still do.
By this point, my life had literally become a living nightmare because of Medusa and her madness.
On 06-13-2010, Medusa posts an admission of the intent of her forum – the forum about a city she doesn’t even reside in, did not grow up in, but pretends to be an expert on. Whilst talking about FaceBook, Medusa says, “…you don’t have the advantage of anonymity there, unlike here, where we can be smart asses with reckless abandon.
“…you don’t have the advantage of anonymity there, unlike here, where we can be smart asses with reckless abandon.”


And that you are, Medusa. That. You. Are.


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