Cyber Stalked Book Bit 167

Now Medusa’s latest victim gets the same speculations she conjured up about yours truly!

“Back when Jeni ‘Quixote’ Reisinger was leading the [deleted] witch-hunts, I asked over and over again why that psycho was privy to ANY city and/or police business.”

To which she then added she now thought the same thing about her latest victim, etc.
I never responded to Medusa’s madness, but her latest victim replied to her; here he said, “You are worse than the UFO Enthusiasts.” (Thumbs up!) To which Medusa says:
“Oh yeah, people thought I was a crazy conspiracy theorist when I asked the same questions about Reisinger. Gee, why does it seem like LIEsinger is privy to city and police business that she has no damn business being privy to? Well, dang if we didn’t find out she was whoring around with a married cop while he hid his squad car in her garage after he outfitted her house with surveillance equipment.”

Just for the record, I wasn’t “privy” to anything. I submitted open records requests and talked to alder-persons. I also read meeting minutes and watched the Council meetings on television. That’s where all my “privy” information came from. Medusa knew it, too. In addition, she knew nothing of the truth of my relationship so I’ll just say this – in no way, whatsoever, could anyone called what TRULY DID happen, “whoring”. That’s despicable. However, the truth is WAY too inconvenient for the games Medusa plays with my life – and the lives of others, for that matter.
After simmering overnight, Medusa comes back with a veiled threat.



“You just better pray to your God that I don’t find out you or any of your goons have ever invaded my privacy . . .”


Really, Medusa – or else??? AND … Why is it okay for her to invade and rip apart the privacy of anyone she wishes, but no one better do it to her?


OOP! Time for Medusa to crawl back into the muck of her gutter.

Here the filthy minded wretch is referring to me, although doesn’t spit out my name. The topic was titled “LOWER TAXES !!!” and yet again, had not a thing to do with me.

“Unlike the trailer trash of SheVegas, I don’t need to hide squad cars in my garage and give blow jobs to cops to feel like I’m somebody.”

Gutter Pig
The revolting pig.
Same topic; and an admission I’m not news any longer – not that that inconvenient fact matters to Medusa, of course:
“Are you getting lonely on Sheboygan Spew-it now that hop-a-cop Jeni’s 15-minutes are over?”

And lest anyone forget…
“…[deleted] come out smelling like roses, he let LIEsinger run amok in NAD hiring her to set up a controversial website designed to make judges look bad. And that was while she was suing his boss, [deleted], and sniffing [deleted] holsters. [deleted] also helped [deleted] set up that nice surveillance system on the holster-sniffer’s house so they could watch for the bogeyman while Reisinger spewed her lies.”

The security was because I was receiving death threats – but it sure seemed to bother Medusa that I had it. And her not even a Sheboygan taxpayer. Now why would that be?
The gutter-pig is on a roll. In a topic about the new mayor:
“No one is saying a word because the recall cabal and hop-a-cop Jeni think [deleted] is the greatest.”

Just for the record, never once did I publicly state my preference in the mayoral election. She has no idea where I stood or even if I voted.
Hate to sound like a broken record, but again out of the blue comes another cyber stalking incident – and for what purpose is anyone’s guess. The discussion was about a young man and a metal folding chair, of all things. (The intelligence level on Medusa’s forum can be extraordinarily elementary). In any event, I had been invited to participate on a candidates web site – I had actually worked for him at one time, many years prior, so I was happy to join in and post. I was curious if she would find this, thus further proving my point that I am cyber stalked – she didn’t let me down.
“Here’s your apology: http: // blog/ view/ JenniferReisinger /”

(I put the spaces in there to avoid a hyperlink that is no longer active.)
But gee. Why would I feel cyber stalked?

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