Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 166

Since the word “terrorist” didn’t get people wound up, it was time for Medusa to ramp things up another level.
She’s going to try a new tactic – back to a site called Resistnet I had joined for a very brief time when it was launched. Once she started cyber stalking me there -something I fully expected by this point, I left. In fact, I only joined and posted ONCE to see just how far Medusa would go in her cyber-stalking of me. I really didn’t have the time to visit it or participate much.
Sure enough, she found me there and copied and pasted the first and last post I made. That was shown in Volume I. Medusa has tried to tie me into militia’s before, now she tries to take that and add terrorism and murder to the mix.
The title of her terrible topic: Militia kooks plotted to kill cops.

“Told you the Timothy McVeigh wannabes in this country were plotting violence. They were plotting to kill a cop in Michigan, then attack other cops attending his funeral. Nice. And they call themselves ‘Christian Warriors.’ How much shit did I catch for picking on the ‘God Warriors’ (including having my posts deleted on the Press forum)? Bet this bunch hung out on, too. (That’s the website that nut bag LIEsinger funneled her lying crap about me and [deleted] to, knowing full well armed crazies hang out there. Then [deleted] got shot at with a BB gun soon after that).”

This was way out of line. First of all, I NEVER mentioned the former mayor’s name anywhere – not even on my own forum once he was out of office. He was a private citizen again and I respected his right to privacy, period. Saying I “funneled” his name is asinine but insinuating I had something to do with that stupid BB gun shooting was Medusa’s pure evil showing. She did this several times in previous years, as well. She knew full well some young boys were swiftly caught and that I hadn’t the slightest involvement in the incident. To imply that I did takes a very sinister mind working over time.
Furthermore, I never mentioned her by name, either. All I did was refer to a cyber stalker – so here she is, admitting her misconduct.
Just more of Medusa’s malice in action.

Here come “da gutter pig”


“At least you don’t see me spreading my legs for a married Sheboygan Teabagger cop. Hahahahaha”


04-17-2010, 08:23 AM: “Why yes, I AM bigoted toward a lying, gold-digging cop-hopper; a cheating, badge-abusing whore-hopper; and an animal porn king. I don’t have a problem admitting that. Not at all . . (LIEsinger Klan must be getting restless now that their 15 minutes are over).”

Gutter pig

And out of the blue – yet again lies, lies and more lies.

Another thread began going on involving the man I mentioned earlier who Medusa decided to victimize. It was a lot of back and forth between Medusa and two others – and at the risk of sounding so redundant, again a topic that had absolutely nothing to do with me. The two men, and her diving into the middle of something that really was none of her business, were sparring about the details of an incident that apparently took place between them. Medusa gave them a sounding board with her forum. So you have this conversation going on about two people totally unrelated to me whatsoever and…

“Reminds me of LIEsinger going nuts blaming [deleted] for death threats left in her door. “

She is saying I blamed the former mayor when I had never said such a thing. Truth be told, I suspected her, but kept my mouth shut because I had hoped the police would be able to determine who it was and everyone could be sure. That never happened, so I had always kept my mouth shut.
In the same conversation:
“Has everything to do with my aversion to people persisting in publicly accusing others of serious crimes and proceeding to go on witch-hunts trying to have them arrested when you can’t put up any proof. You know, like the same aversion I had toward LIEsinger and all her Don Quixote missions from God to nail people based on her hallucinations of ‘the truth.’”


Missions from God?

She be crazy.
She be crazy.

Medusa injects herself into a serious matter between two men, which she had absolutely NOTHING to do with, for one reason and one reason only – the one man fanned her flames of hatred for the gentleman she made another victim. Yet, anything negative that occurs to meddling Medusa, is suddenly the fault of every one else – never her.
Roll Eyes

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