Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 165

Now we have some left vs. right political spew going on in Medusa’s forum under a topic she titled, “In your face, Tea Bigots”.
I guess it was too long since she cyber bitch slapped me, so in the middle of the show, Medusa realizes there’s a topic going on without “JENI”!!! Oh no!
Can’t have that, now can we?!

“I bet there are gray clouds over Ooostburg today (and the Reisinger Klan’s house). It’s sunny where I am, though.”

Where it came from or what it means is anyone’s guess.
We had an interim police chief until a new one was hired and started on the job. “Someone” posted asking what happened to the interim chief because he was no longer listed among the ranking police officers. Well wouldn’t you know, some how this had to be my fault.
“I’m starting to smell something fishy. A Reisinger must be lurking around again. I bet the new Chief got one of Jeni’s manifestos.”

(She’s not done yet.)
“He says third shift was his choice. Are [deleted] and [deleted] still captains? Weren’t they the two that told LIEsinger that nothing could be done about [deleted] because he retired? I can’t remember who talked to the dingbat. They were probably trying their best to get rid of her.”

(She’s having too much fun now. She can’t stop.)
“Maybe [deleted] took 3rd shift because the Reisingers will all be asleep.”

To Medusa, everything was a left-right issue and for a time, she really ramped up her hatred of anything right, especially the Tea Party. In one of her extreme rants about the Tea Party, she actually started a topic titled, “Tea bagger terrorism”. Okay, whatever trips her trigger, but again, she had to get my name in there, which – as usual – was totally asinine.
To give a bit of background in what was horrible, insane insinuations that Tea Party activists are terrorists, one person said to Medusa, “Like that makes a difference with you? Lumberjack and Otto have posted numerous times the facts and the locations of the facts and all you do is insult them.” This same person then mentioned an email s/he received, which s/he must have quoted and/or referenced somewhere. So…
“I rest my case. All you know how to do is sling empty insults and repeat what others feed you. You’re the Jeni clone.”

Then, in this same crazy conversation, some mysterious anonymous person says, “Why do you respond to BeenHereB4. He/she has nothing significant to add.” and Medusa decides it’s all MY fault she HAS to respond because…
“Because these are the type of people who run around spreading total misinformation about me. (That’s why Jeni Reisinger won’t link to this forum or give the URL on her smear page of me. Too afraid her 3 annual visitors will come over here and see what a lying propagandist she is).”

In all her rants, raves, accusations, lies, libel and defamation, never once does she show anyone so much as an iota of truth – but I am the “lying propagandist” – see how she turns what she is, onto yours truly? Creepy, I say, creepy.
OH NO!! lol

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