Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 164

A Revealing Rant

Here’s a revealing rant of Medusa’s. Three posts in a row, all her, using her “m” moniker. Please note the part in bold letters – done by me to emphasize an important admission by Medusa.
Revealing Rant

Every time I post a comment on the Press forum exposing the agenda of Fundies (like in Oostburg) or the Teabaggers, it gets deleted. So I posted a comment saying if it happens again, I’m going to start deleting all pro-Teabagger/Fundy posts, which I just did.

During the process, I replied to a post under one of my alternate usernames that I didn’t want to post under, so I deleted that one too. Except it would keep showing up again. I would delete it, refresh the browser, and it would be gone. Refresh again, and there it was again.

I’ve suspected before that one of the Press moderators is messing with people’s posts. Now I’m more convinced.

A post by a Teabagger calling for Obama to be executed can sit there, though.


Revealing Rant Part Two

Now that I think of it, that rabid righty blowhard “bgdaddy” was always bragging about knowing someone at the Press, and how he could get Vulture banned while he was allowed to continue to run his ignorant mouth.


Maybe the Press made the LIEsinger their moderator. (That’s not so far-fetched considering a couple of cops hired that fraud broad to do police websites).

Revealing Rant part three

03-19-2010, 09:52 PM: “Someone posted this on the Press forum:”

“Are all of you aware that for every comment/post on every article that the Press gets ‘kudos’ from Gannett Corp in Virginia?? This is why you are allowed to comment; it has nothing to do with wanting your opinion, it’s all about awards that the Press gets from Gannett.Boycott the Press & stop commenting. I don’t think the public is aware of this… pass the word on.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the Press or Gannett plants trolls to keep people riled.”


Self admission to her incessant use of alternate user names.


Every liar outs themselves eventually.

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