Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 162

Recall I mentioned that this year Medusa found a new victim – a man this time? Well, in a discussion involving him, Medusa tosses this into the mix – again, for no real reason.

“I swear he has the LIEsingers and Exit posting over there, too. Sounds retardedly familiar — like the lame rantings of a couple of Sheboygan inbreeds.”

“Just like LIEsinger, you issue these accusations about people, but can never put up real proof. WHAT A SHOCKER! [deleted] runs to the same cop that Jeni and her porn king pal (‘Snail’) [deleted] were running to when they were trying to manufacture ‘crimes’ to accuse me of. Hey, I know. Maybe [deleted] can talk [deleted] out of retirement and send him to Vegas to whore-hop some of [deleted]’s porn actresses. THEN you can ‘get to the bottom’ of the whole mess. All in a day’s work for cops who fraternize with Sheboygan’s Teabagging inbreds (especially the ones who spread their legs for them).”

Gutter pig
Again – I was not part of the discussion, nor does anyone ever respond to her rantings about me, but even that doesn’t stop her. She just keeps tossing my name into topics over and over. The woman has “Jeni” on the brain, and believe me, at this point it is thoroughly unnerving and creepy.
And what is with this “inbred” insanity? When your father’s family came over from Germany, your mother’s from Russia, how in the hell do you become “inbred”?
Oh but that’s not quite enough – now Medusa will toss in another baseless, crazy bunch of crap and say I don’t leave my house. This is another one she’ll enjoy repeating for some time, for whatever psychotic reason. But to add incredible insult to incredible injury, the gutter pig queen is going to really shoot low now.
On 02-27-2010 at 07:24 PM, someone posted: “I’m thinking that m and Jeni should go on the Jerry Springer Show and fight it out in a mud pool match. Bet Jeno would kick her ass but good. JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!
Medusa’s response:
“Are you forgetting she can’t leave her house? (Which is why you have to go there to get your $5 hummer).”

Say what?

Dear Lord in heaven, how does one woman say something so revolting, so degrading, so demeaning, so evil, so reprehensible and so potentially dangerous about another woman ON THE FLIPPIN’ WORLD WIDE WEB? Utter stupidity or just plain, pure evil? I tend to believe the latter.
Seriously, who can say this is “okay”, or merely “unfortunate internet postings”? She painted me as a cheap whore “selling services” using a word that I honestly didn’t even know the meaning of – until I looked it up.
That is a wretched, degrading, horrible, reckless, dangerous lie to post on the internet. I had a drunk show up at my door around 3 AM one morning asking for his “hummer” and holding a $5 bill. I received filthy emails (unless those were from Medusa taunting me) and filthy telephone calls. Now her stalking, taunting, hating, lying and accusing had literally entered the sanctuary of my home. (Which no longer felt like a sanctuary after this despicable stunt of hers.)
I was betrayed by a married man, yes, but that does not make one “immoral”. Trust me, I paid dearly for that mistake. Outside of that mistake, I have never lived with a man outside of marriage and have gone to great lengths to keep myself away from immoral, sexually decrepit behavior. Probably why I’m still alone in a world filled with sexual degenerates. He was the only man I had any relationship with IN A DECADE.
When I learned she posted this, I became physically ill. In fact, reading it again, even after all this time, it’s making me queasy. Time to move on.

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