Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 161

Time to go back to Snail. He was the homeless young man I tried to help out back in 2007 and early 2008. There was an article in the Press about him and some trouble he got himself into – apparently he was going to trial. I wasn’t following his story, but Medusa can’t let go of anything, especially if there is even the slightest connection to me, and had to post about it as soon as it hit the Press.

“I posted on the Press forum that Snail crap managed to interject himself into the middle of the Sheboygan soap opera involving a political activist/blogger, a cop (and his partners) and the former mayor, and some of the delusional rantings from the manifestos he liked to send around even became part of deposition questions,” and my post lasted about 10 seconds. Let’s see . . .who would be the most desperate to want that deleted? LIEsingers?”

I hadn’t had any involvement with Snail since 2008. To date I am not even sure of just what he did to get himself in trouble, other than it had something to do with a teen girl. How HIS incident warranted all of that garbage about me is mystifying.
Medusa loved to gripe and grumble about the Press forum, yet kept going back there to stir up trouble, according to her own admissions in her forum where she trumpeted glee or anger at what was going on there.
“Now all my Press posts are deleted, including one simply saying he has a few screws missing.”

That must have gotten on her last nerve –
“Why did he give a few to Jeni ????”

At this point in time, I had no blog for her to taunt, no forum for her to copy, paste and harass and my lawsuit was OVER. There was no reason for her to continue her “hate on Jeni” escapades but she did. Later with a vengeance…as I’ve said before, the quieter I was (am), the worse the witch gets.

Evil is as evil does.

On February 1st, 2010, my dad fell and almost died. He was 78 years old at the time. He went tumbling down an icy, snowy hill on a cold winter’s day. He broke his nose, his neck, was completely banged up and lucky to be alive. Somehow mad Medusa finds this out – too many people have big mouths – and posts the following:

“As for Jeni, I heard her and mommy dearest got their Karma a couple of weeks ago. Too bad Joan’s hubby had to take the brunt of the bad karma those psychotic, evil LIEsinger women attract . . .”

How does anyone get this evil? Never mind. I don’t think I really want to know.

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