Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 160

So now what? Medusa’s conjectures and speculations continue to be wildly inaccurate and full of vile lies. Of course, as long as she plants ugly seeds of distrust and disdain, that doesn’t matter. So…we MUST figure out a way to keep bashing Jeni! What else?
But first, a touch of humor – well, sort of. Someone posted to Medusa, “You also think that …half of the trolls on here are Jeni.” and on 01-20-2010 at 09:51 AM she replied, “Uh, you and your Mason gossips must be confused because I never said any such thing.
Face palm
I truly am not sure what this next one was all about, but do keep in mind, Medusa is the rabid political hack here – not me, by any stretch.

In a topic titled “Jesus Rifles”:

01-20-2010, 02:42 AM as “firstamend”: “Here we are again. The screwy religious right has secret religious bible verses on our military weapons. How many soldiers and citizens will die because the terrorists now think this is a religious war even though we said it isn’t. Let’s make this clear. The USA is not a Christian only nation. It is a nation of all religions.
MEDUSA: 01-20-2010, 02:16 PM: You gotta wonder if that kind of stupidity contributed to the Ft. Hood massacre, but the military is keeping it quiet.
Wondering how I could possibly tie into this? Me, too – but here we go.

“I should start billing you for all the time wasted countering your bullshit that you refuse to validate. Between you and the LIEsingers I could be a very wealthy person by now.”

The QUEEN of non-validation has the unmitigated gall to speak such absurdities.
This topic got into religion – rather heavily. That always gets Medusa fired up for some strange, unknown reason, but she out-does herself now. She creates a conversation with herself using Otto. Follow along – and yes, she HAS to drag my name into it. Again for whatever unknown reasons.
First of all, as “Otto”, she posts, “Do you think they’re evil righties, too? Or just lunatics with no party affiliations?
Then answers herself with her anti-Christian hate speech. (REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.)
“They generally support conservative candidates — especially the ones who talk ‘Jesus talk’ like Palin. It’s also called ‘Dominion-ism’ and ‘Triumphalism.’ The LIEsingers believe it. All those televangelists believe it Why do you think kooky LIEsinger recites the Declaration of Independence when she gets a hankering to hold ‘Liberal Liars Liable’?”

“OY VAY” as my grandma used to say. No clue if there are such movements out there, but as a Christian I was taught to witness, but that stuff – wow. It is way past time she stops saying what I believe! She has NO clue.
As worked up as that woman gets at the mere mention of Christianity one cannot help but wonder what devil possesses her.

Insight Into Insanity

Look how Medusa openly, publicly, gleefully wishes physical harm upon others.

“And a bunch of them got their heads cracked by the cops. I hope the same (or worse) happens to the Teabaggers”

Say what???
This from one who, just a few years ago (January, 2008 to be exact) said “Wishing harm upon others is pure evil” – all because of a silly joke in what was then known as the Spirit forum.
“Wishing harm upon others is pure evil.”

Indeed. It is evil.

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