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A comment from 01-09-2010, from someone who used to post on Medusa’s forum occasionally said something that I’d like to clear up. This person said, “You should know by now that this Jeni vs m thing has gone on for years and will continue until they both leave this earth.
First of all, there is no battle, other than me trying to get this mad woman off my back and out of my life. But you can’t battle someone who doesn’t bother you, now can you? That is precisely why Medusa would repeatedly say other people were me:


Why? That’s something I’ve asked myself every day of this living nightmare. Second of all, by the very nature of the comment, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was Medusa again posting under an alternate user name, because right now, it certainly appears she wants to create something never-ending to make damned sure I never get my life back.
She is like a devil stirring a pot filled with a blend of oil and water – will never, ever mix, but she is obsessively going to keep trying – NO. MATTER. WHAT.
Devil stirring the pot
On January 12th, 2010, Medusa decides she’s more worthy than the Press to report the news that my lawsuit was settled. On with the bashing. All of the following comments are from her in a topic she titled, “Reisinger’s case dismissed?” That in itself would have been funny were it not such a blatant lie. The case was settled, period. There is a huge difference between a settlement and a dismissal.
Note how she puts the question mark after her title? Inadvertent self-admission of her own spin.

Reisinger’s case dismissed?


Time for Medusa’s Madness


“I bet you voters didn’t know you needed a kooky Teabagger dragging the city through an expensive lawsuit and spreading her legs for a married cop to “preserve” the First Amendment. And SHE preaches about arrogance.”

Gutter Pig
“Way to go, Jeni. You bitch. And you call yourself an advocate for the taxpayer? You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever known. I suppose I couldn’t post this on da Press site.”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”. Also note how quiet “otto” has been – until the mad one needs reinforcement on “Jeni Hate”.


“Not to mention the hypocrisy (and arrogance). That confidentiality clause is BS, too.”

“So, in sending an email to the Press, did Jeni violate the confidentiality clause?”

“Here’s a post from the Press site that really sums this up well. ugly. racist. white trash.”

“She also defamed [deleted] and [deleted] by accusing them of ‘bilking the city.’ Stupid, stupid. Jeni. Just can’t keep her big, fat mouth shut to save herself.”

Ohhhh…haven’t had one of these in a while!



"The Riesinger cabal has started with their Press post deleting again. Hey 'keyboard' and 'Revere.' Expect to find your post mysteriously disappearing soon, too."
“The Riesinger cabal has started with their Press post deleting again. Hey ‘keyboard’ and ‘Revere.’ Expect to find your post mysteriously disappearing soon, too.”


And then the identity thief pulls out her made-up “jr profile”:


Did someone say…


(The name blocked out is the name of the man I had been involved with.)


“Why? Does the word “[deleted]” send chills up your spine?”


Hm. Nothing is working to get Medusa the attention she so desperately craves – and I’m quiet as a mouse, so now what? OH of course, let’s pick on her mom. Let’s see, who can we say is Joan on the Press forum?? This is all because someone posted on Medusa’s madhouse that I won so you see, it has to be me -or if not me, my mom. Neither of us frequented those Press forums – ever. But as I’ve mentioned before, truth is of no concern to this she-devil.


“I see you posted it on the Press too. Shame on you JOAN.”

Next, under her moniker of “Otto”, she claims my mother’s picture is online on some site – by the time I saw this the link she posted just returned a 404 error, so I have no clue what she was referring to, but you can see how very hard she is trying to get to me – now through my family most dear to me.
Recall that pot I mentioned???
“Did anyone else notice a remarkable resemblance between the photo of Joan on her page and jr’s avatar?????”


Back to engaging in the crime of identity theft:


01-13-2010, 01:54 PM: “Go get em John. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!”


Yep. John is “his” first name. Medusa seems to get some jollies out of making a mockery of my pain – and something she truly knows very little about.


Committing identity theft yet again…



Now Medusa pulls the “stupid user-name” posting stunt. You see, she “allows” anonymous posting on her forum. This way she can just make up any stupid name and post her crazed rants in her attempts to make it look like different people were actually posting. She does a LOT of this as the next few years progress.
“The Reisingers lie so much I bet she really lost…”


Can anyone tell me how you can lie when you’re not talking??? Just sayin’!


How you do dat???


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