Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 158

Amazing! A voice of reason pops up and makes a sensible comment…Why anyone bothered to try anymore was beyond my ability to understand. While I applaud the person or persons who occasionally did this to a degree, there’s also an element of fear. An “oh-no” moment, because I know I will be accused – again – of posting on Medusa’s forum when in truth, that is the last thing I would have done then, or would do now.
In any event, the comment went as follows:
01-07-2010, 11:31 PM: “And you really need to revisit the concept of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black. I mean, really, with all of your delusional, paranoid rantings about Jeni, and oodles of others, why should anyone believe anything you say.
As usual, Medusa cannot let it stand, much less leave me out of it, even though (yet again) the discussion had absolutely nothing to do with me in the first place. Also note – there’s nothing about religion under discussion at all.

“’Christians’ like you (and LIEsinger) are what turn people into atheists.”

Anyone understand the sudden connection to Christians? Me, either. Other than the fact that I am a Christian. Medusa was not done. Sixteen minutes of fuming (nor any other responses) to come up with the following, most incredible, diatribe.
“I know why lying, hate-spewing, dumbphucks like you and LIEsinger do it. It’s like a trigger word to summon all your fellow right-wing extremist nutjobs to justify spewing hate and going on the attack. ‘Liberal’ is equal to ‘Satan’ in your delusional world. I know, because I spent some time in a far-right ‘Christian’ conservative church. I know the code words. I know the mentality. I know the arrogance and self-righteousness. It’s a pathology.”

Roll Eyes
About this time, Medusa found a new victim, this time a man. His story is his to tell, so I really don’t feel comfortable saying much about it; however, the type of attacks were similar; evil, mean, vindictive, spiteful hatred, just as with yours truly. I did not know this man personally, but my heart sure went out to him and his family – and still does. She has not left them alone to date, either. Therefore, in another topic unrelated to me, I gagged when I saw this post from Medusa:
“…I just don’t think it’s right to slam kids and spouses.”

I have neither spouse nor child, so that was easy for Medusa where I was concerned. But Mom’s nieces, nephews etc., that’s alright? Furthermore, she was to soon begin saying the most wretched, horrible things about this man, AND HIS WIFE AND CHILD – and still does to date.
In fact, it wasn’t very long at all and she took her filthy mind, used handles of “Karma” and “69” and posted about this gentleman’s father – his father who had passed away some years earlier. Medusa had gone lower than low on many an occasion already, but apparently she was just warming up. This was really low. The blocked out names are the names of Medusa’s other favorite victim and his father. May God rest his soul.

01-20-2010, 07:36 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Karma in Sheboygan
His por old dad is fair game. He is the origional Sheboygan Village Idiot. His filth riddled letters to the local press are legendary. The best part is when [deleted] got hit by a car it was the best example of Karma ever.
Hand [deleted] and his lover [deleted] are known racists calling Mexicans ‘Wet Backs’ and [deleted], who has no respect for women either calls Mexican women ‘Mattress Backs’ Hand Job claims to be a Bishop in some phoney on line Church out of California.

To prove there really is a God [deleted] was hit by a car while J walking across the street.
The driver of the car that welded the Karma was a Mexican that is a real minister that holds his Church in an insurance building. This was God’s way of telling [deleted] to shut the hell up. Alas [deleted] is uneducated and incapable of learning.

Sheboygan joke of the week.
Q. Why did [deleted] (Illegally) cross the road?

A. Because there was a bar on the other side.

Poor [deleted] was a minister that held church in the tire shop!! That is how he tried to get out of paying taxes for years. You could buy a set of tires and pray that your family would be safe riding in your car!!!

Leaves a sane person speechless.


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