Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 156

As we head into another new year, we reach the end of my lawsuit. It was settled out of court. This occurred right away in January of 2010. Of course, the news hit the papers, Medusa and the Press thought they found out the settlement and ran with their big “findings” , then finally, all was quiet. It had come to an end.
Well, for me it had. I wanted to just move on but I can’t, because there is Medusa, right behind me, stalking me, harassing me and demonizing me, regurgitating her idea of my experiences and reinventing my life. While it does ease up a bit in multitude, it continues an upward spiral that rises to heights of evil even I could not imagine after all this time.
Medusa starts off the year deciding that SHE is now a web designer! Yes, amazing, isn’t it? A person going by the name “egghead” asked, “Does this mean I should take out the papers now?” To which Medusa replied: “Go for it! If you need a campaign web page . . . [big grin emoticon]
Okay, that has nothing to do with me – directly But gosh, where did she get it in her head to be a web designer? Someone told me copying is the biggest form of flattery; well, let me tell you, not when it’s someone like Medusa literally stealing your life! Its unsettling and downright creepy. It should be illegal.
At this point in time, technically and truthfully, I am not even remotely newsworthy – to anyone else, that is. As is going to often be the case from here on, it’s just Medusa who brings up my name in topics completely unrelated to me in any fashion. Of course, her comments are always negative and/or scathing – always repetitious. In this first one, two or three people were discussing an issue that had something to do with someone I’ve never met. I did not (and do not) know a thing about whatever was going on. But that just does not matter with Medusa Out of the blue, for no apparent reason, come more venomous lies and accusations.

“Just yesterday, I was thinking how much this cadre is following the template of Jeni Reisinger and her cabal. Like LIEsinger and [deleted], they have to start with the threats and intimidation (and deceit) when someone challenges their accusations in an open forum.”

She’s not done yet. In spite of the fact that no one else seems interested (thankfully) in discussing me, note how little time went by (1 hour, 3 minutes) before she just HAD to get in some more pot-shots in her “Medusa knows all” mode. (She was ‘thinking’ after all.)
“If you want to file frivolous lawsuits that will ‘cost everyone,’ (including me), then ‘everyone’ (including me) is free to discuss your case in an open forum. The First Amendment tells us so. You can dispatch your boot lickers to try to shut us up all you want, but ask Jeni Reisinger how well THAT works. (Maybe you should cry to the cops that I’m ‘cyber-stalking’ you. That worked out real well for the LIEsinger, to.)”


But she doesn’t cyber stalk me; no no no…

“Speaking of libeling — check out this thread (and especially the comments) on Badger Blogger: And oh look! There’s Jeni the holster-sniffer jumping in to run her big mouth there, too.”

Again, I had foolishly tried to participate thinking surely she was tired of me and of stalking me (who has that kind of time???) by now but see how wrong I was? As soon as I posted, there she was. This was no longer like a fly buzzing around that you can’t swat.

This is a full fledged living nightmare.

Living a Nightmare

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