Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 155

Link Topics from Medusa’s madhouse in 2009.

(No longer online) 01/03/09 ([deleted] Works for Florida Insurance Company)[deleted] 03/06/09 (Hey Igor and Otto . . .) 03/07/09 (Vulture Smackdown thread) 03/08/09 (SMOKING GUN: Say "bye, bye" to your lawsuit, Jeni) 03/08/09 (Mary Struck Strikes only with lying bullshit) 03/10/09 (Snail's IP number) 03/10/09 (Huh?) 03/12/09 (Duhhhhhhh #15) 03/15/09 (Duhhhhh #16) 03/15/09 (Sorry, no guest posting today) 03/19/09 (Screwy [deleted]) 03/20/09 (Bye Bye 03/22/09 (Joan must REALLY be rattled) 03/23/09 (I didn't know that, m. ) 03/25/09 (Jeni SMEARS [deleted] 03/27/09 (DPI squabbling and Badger Blogger censoring) 03/29/09 (LIEsinger Endorses [deleted] ) 03/31/09 (Liesinger copying material) 03/31/09 (Not much of a race...) 03/31/09 (Vote for Scott [deleted] . . .) 04/01/09 ([Deleted] says sex pervert is poor victim) 04/01/09 (Jeni's Wailing Wall) 04/01/09 (One big fat LIEsinger after another) 04/01/09 ([deleted] Strike by Sheboygan Spirit) 04/01/09 ([deleted] calls LIEsinger politically stupid and dumb) 04/03/09 (Hostmonster disables Jeni's "Smear Mary" site) 04/05/09 (LIEsinger is a "vigilante" now.) 04/07/09 ([Deleted]: Womanizer at it again) 04/13/09 (Why [deleted] should demand a retraction) 04/14/09 (Jeni Seeks Gun) 04/18/09 (Jeni took my money) 04/21/09 (Good Riddance to the Old, Good Luck to the New Mayor) 04/27/09 (Police: No one was in home during five-hour 'standoff') 04/29/09 (Caption this photo) 05/08/09 (Reisinger orders cease and decist to cover her own crimes.) 05/19/09 (Shenanigans closing) 05/19/09 (The Jeni of Ohio) -(Wow. You Sheboyganites get your money's worth with police service) 05/21/09 (yo bunny boiler...) 05/23/09 (Jeni's website to M) 05/25/09 (So who "betrayed" LIEsinger, now?) 05/25/09 (Look out! The Masons are coming!!!!) 05/31/09 (Cuckoo . . . cuckoo . . .) 06/05/09 (Hell hath no fury like Jeni scorned) - (Right wing censors on Press at it again) 06/12/09 (Anybody know this woman?) 06/13/09 (Doesn't this sound like it could be the former mayor?) 06/13/09 (Now it's Mayor [deleted] turn . . . did we not call it? ) 06/15/09 (I was right. It WAS [deleted] getting shot at) 06/18/09 (Atty. [deleted] has other problems now) 06/19/09 (Wife of Jeni's attorney is a holster-sniffer too ) 06/27/09 (Was [deleted] coaching LIEsinger?) 07/07/09 (Watch your back, [deleted]) 07/11/09 (Illegally Obtained Documents ) 07/13/09 (What happened to [deleted] photo of [deleted]?) 07/16/09 (WHY!?!?!) 07/17/09 (wheres the link mary???) 07/17/09 (I hear Otto is [deleted] of WHBL) 07/17/09 (OH! MarrrrryyyyAnn is on CCAP) 07/17/09 (Well, well, well, I was right . . .) 07/17/09 (tells us m) 07/18/09 (the love of marys twisted life) 07/20/09 (Jeni is a "super-zionist Insrael insider" too.) 07/29/09 ([deleted] on WTMJ 620) 07/14/09 (Where is Julie?) 07/18/09 (Mary's hysteria) 07/18/09 (Hey, Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) 07/18/09 (Jeni -- perjury?) 07/19/09 (We were "duly warned" . . .) 07/19/09 (Julie [deleted]) 07/20/09 (Jeni is a "super-zionist Insrael insider" too.) 07/21/09 (Does this spell the end of Reisinger's lawsuit???) 07/18/09 (Now Jeni is trying to set [deleted] up) 07/28/09 (Did Jeni unwittingly out [deleted] as "Snoopy"?) 07/31/09 (McClean dismissed from Jeni's lawsuit) 08/04/09 (Hey Jeni, JuLIE and other related kooks . . .) 08/05/09 (Recall Doyle flounders (like Recall [deleted])) 08/06/09 ([deleted].us) 08/07/09 (Give to me your holster, take from me my jackboots) 08/10/09 ([deleted] is out) 08/10/09 (Hey "COP," you need to add a cop to your list of suspects) 08/10/09 (Officer [deleted] sudden "retirement") 08/11/09 (Reisinger let taxpayers get screwed while she got screwed) 08/12/09 (deleted] responds) 08/12/09 (Reisinger's letter to PFC) 08/12/09 (Tired of having Press comments zapped) 08/13/09 (Is Jeni camp playing death threat game again?) 08/13/09 (Sheboygan Press Chicanery?) 08/13/09 (Deleted from todays's [deleted] Reisinger saga) 08/14/09 (Sheboygan soap opera tally) 08/16/09 (Today's tabloid editorial.) 09/09/09 (What's the Real Story??) 09/15/09 ([Deleted] investigation complete) 09/20/09 (Canton has its own Jeni & Snail) 09/21/09 (Irish Clovers versus....) 09/22/09 ([deleted] on the hot seat - Hang on to YOUR seats, - here we go again . . .) 09/26/09 (A New Look) 09/27/09 (Boo!! The Robot Video Calling [deleted] A Worthless Drunk Whoremonger Is Removed) 09/30/09 (Vote [deleted] For Mayor!) 10/06/09 07:47 PM (Is this Vulture?) 10/08/09 (Halloween 2009) 10/12/09 (Reisinger vs [deleted]) 10/13/09 (CRG goon versus union goons) 10/15/09 (Mary shoulda been there with a camera!) 10/16/09 (Who really spearheaded the [deleted] recall?) 10/18/09 (What is Milwaukee's obsession with [deleted]?) 10/19/09 (Atty [deleted] is so confused) 10/24/09 (Food, wine, beer, chocolate) 10/28/09 ([deleted] off the hook.) 10/30/09 (Liesinger's little games) 11/09/09 (Jeni is in the "news" again. Kinda) 11/09/09 (Don't call LIEsinger a "bag") 11/11/09 (Legal fees tallied up for Reisinger's lawsuit) 11/17/09 (Discuss County Sheriff's election here) 11/24/09 (She's not an evil, Satanic, hell-bound adultress, she's just an imperfect human) 11/29/09 (Racist Reisingers at it again) 11/30/09 (Unbelievable.) 12/04/09 (Conservative says adulterers should be publically ridiculed)
NM Spaceport may be operating in less than 2 yrs 12/08/09 (NM Spaceport may be operating in less than 2 yrs) 12/15/09 (Let the games begin.) 12/23/09 "Outsider" chief is [deleted] doing) 12/30/09 06:11 Am “?”

Volume II coming soon.

“Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your forum grow??
with bullshit, lies, and cyber-spies,
and IDIOTS all in a row!!!”

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