Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 152

“The LIEsingers sure seem to care enough to devote a whole blog section for smearing me. But like all their big smear campaigns, the dumb bitches can’t do it without engaging in fraudulent behavior.”


Food for Thought

Okay, if this blog, and the previous pages I had posted telling of some of the things Medusa has done to me and said about me are “smearing” her, then what is she doing to herself? And what do you call reiterating experiences in your life? In other words, how am I “smearing” her, when it is her very own words – words she was proud to place on the World Wide Web – I am using to tell the story of what she has been doing to me for over 7 years???


As it always does, one lie leads to another lie, and another lie and another … and Medusa’s pile is so high it reaches the heaven’s she doesn’t believe in by this point in time – and is still growing higher! She’s so intent upon her lies that she’s even answering herself.
OH NO!! lol
Lie upon Lie upon Lie

10-30-2009, 06:21 PM: “Also . . .

That “Spam attack” Jeni attributes to me on her smear page (with my picture right next to her accusations) was probably committed by their beloved Jason “Snail” Goodwill the porn king, or they’re simply lying about that, too. She says it cost her “thousands upon thousands of dollars” (yeah, right) so she reported it to the police. They supposedly subpoenaed the IP, but never got back to her. So she sticks my picture next to her sob story and includes it on her smear site.

Well, my business email account was also signed up for spam, and I have proof the person signing me up for the spam had the same IP number as Jeni did at the time. Either she did it, or one of her psycho relatives or Snail did it. (Snail was arrested by [deleted] like a week later).”


Oh yes. She has proof. Yet never coughed it up. Yawn. Guess it’s impossible to “cough up proof” for something that isn’t true in the first place, huh?



“Deleted from the Press ‘When will we stop hearing about this bag?!'”

Um. I don’t see where it says this person, which was more than likely just another user name of Medusa’s, if even “real” at all, is referring to me. However, in Medusa’s madhouse that simply does not matter (because that would mean being honest). In fact, speaking of honesty, she’s saying a post from the Press, supposedly about me, was deleted; meaning, it doesn’t not even exist. See what an easy way that is to lie? Just say someone said something but it got deleted! Add that it was about Jeni and WALAH! You have a whole new topic! That goes beyond spin into the twilight zone.
Entering the Twilight Zone
But let’s try to get a little more mileage out of this – this – this – whatever this is.
“My comment deleted, too. Same old, same old…”

Now let’s pull out good ‘ol alter ego Otto (two days later when no one else is inclined to join the hate-on-Jeni-madness) to this made up drama. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
“Guess I better copy this right away. It’s sure to be delected. Good Ol’ Jeni. The same person that throws a temper tantrum when she sees the city wasting one dime on something she doesn’t support. What a hypocrite! Every village must have an idiot (or two). Guess we know who ours are.”

Once again, for no reason whatsoever, Medusa drags me into a topic that got into a case that concerned a former Green Bay Packer football player and a sexual assault charge. Someone posts to “m”: “guess i never see humor in teen rape/sexual assault. maybe it’s just me.Medusa’s reply:
“So anyone who jokes about [deleted] supports teen rape/sexual assault. Are you a Reisinger?”

See the sick pattern here? She keeps stirring that old pot…
Devil stirring the pot



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