Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 151

An example of Medusa’s non-existent fact checking

Look what we have here a PERFECT example of Medusa’s non existent “fact checking” and her complete ignorance.

“Anyone know which cop Reisinger called to report me for “cyber-stalking)? Was it [deleted] or [deleted] hubby?”


Neither of those women had a husband on the police force.

My unknown hero, exit, brings a light of truth into Medusa’s darkness.

“Before I would make a statement like that, you should know that [deleted]s hubby passed away a few years ago.”

Another poster says, regarding the other woman mentioned in Medusa’s post, “[Deleted]’s husband is not a cop.”

Distract! SHE Has a Dream!


“I have a new dream: Jeni taking the witness stand before a judge and jury (and TV cameras) swearing to tell ‘the truth.'”

Scratch Head
That’s too weird.


And now, a Medusa-Challenge

“Post evidence supporting your accusations that lies are all I have, and that I talk to myself.”


I think I’ve taken care of that. Over 150 times so far…


And here is how the woman carries on a conversation when it isn’t going HER way.

A conversation with Medusa

coolie: La La La La La. La La La La La.

m: You wouldn’t last 5 minutes getting drilled by an attorney in a courtroom.

coolio: YOu would not last 2 minutes. Lying bag that you are.

m: YOU are such a lying bag you have to lie about other people lying.

This actually passes for an adult…

This woman is a parent. Good example of why so many of today’s youth are so messed up.

Senseless Sensationalism

“All the howling whining and knashing of teeth that you hear is not a halloween party. It is Jeni.”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”. (I know…she can’t spell. Sad.)
“I wonder if Jeni is worried about her eternal damnation to hell.”

Ohhhh…we haven’t had one of these in a while!

EVERY BODY IS JENI!!! (And/or her mom!)


“Or you could ask Jeni Reisinger (‘FedUp’) and her mother Joan (‘Mysterylover’).”

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