Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 149

Blasting me from the past

Let’s dredge up a lie from the past – she must keep a dossier of them. Out of the blue – again – comes a blast from the past, because there was just nothing current for Medusa to find. So, in her usual fashion, she just plops this garbage out there in a totally unrelated topic she had going on, for no reason whatsoever. This lie she made up dates back to 2007. (See Book Bit 019 for the whole story, if interested.)

“I remember someone posting on the Press forum in December, 2007 that he and two witnesses heard both [deleted] and Jeni at a bar make references to [deleted] and “dirty Mexicans.” That person said they were willing to testify under oath to hearing that.”

And again… “Someone” made a post that said, “The video of the robot calling [deleted] a whoremongering alcoholic piece of trash has been removed by the auhor. That video was straight dope!



“I don’t think that was an [deleted] production. It sounded more like a Jeni-bot.”

And again…in the same topic, and for no apparent reason that anyone sane could determine…
09-27-2009, 07:32 PM: “There used to be a Jeni bootlicker on the Press forum named ‘Robbie Robot.'”


See how the woman loves to use the phrase boot licker? Well…you are supposed to actually believe that all the following posts were NOT Medusa under yet another stupid moniker.


“As long as your in an apologetic mood, maybe you can send a sorry out to those that you helped to slander when you were Jeni’s bootlicker.”

“Will you ever apologize to those you helped to slander when your were Jeni’s little bootlicker?”

“Will it be an apology to those you helped to slander when your were licking Jeni’s boots?”

“How about you quit spamming this site your for you crap website and apologize to the people you helped to slander when you were Jeni’s bootlicker. No one wants to associate with after what you have done.”

“I have e-mails and screen shots. Asking for proof is just an admission. So how about an apology? Every one here knows what a little Jeni pet you were.”

“Just think of how much of a low life you are for helping Jeni How about an apology for that?”

There were SO many of those. They were ALL over. If you EVER talked with, dealt with, worked with or heaven fobid, laughed with me, well, you see what you get.
It never ends.

Medusa: STILL Living in the Past


“How is it that someone like Reisinger can be funneled more info. than the general public (or Press), so she can turn around and present skewed “facts” via her bullshit blogs?”


(Shhhhh…I’ll share a secret! ASK QUESTIONS!)

And what would a good day be without a wild conspiracy theory!? (Sorry for all the removed names but you can get the gist of it.)
Planting seeds

09-29-2009, 04:27 PM:

“If city people orchestrated this, they are ingenious.

Here are some facts:

Reisinger’s lawsuit [deleted] was scheduled to go to trial in October.
Around July 20, the Judge canceled an Oct. 23rd pre-trial conference pending a summary judgment motion.
All hell breaks loose between July and October.

[deleted] resigns.
Reisinger accuses [deleted] of sex scandal.
[deleted] gets fired
A video is leaked
[deleted] is accused of sex scandal.

And Jeni’s former “friend” [deleted] (Snail) was arrested again for showing porn to a minor.

I have a hunch this goes much farther and wider then a handful of city people engaging in mischief.”

Have to say it. What a stupid…

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