Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 148

Canton has its own Jeni & Snail

“Canton has its own Jeni & Snail. Remember the OHIO police chief caught on his own dash cam making out with a cop while a burglary suspect sat in the back seat? Now the burglary suspect is filing a lawsuit claiming his arrest was a frame-up by the former chief and cop just so they could slip out of town and make out.”

Looks as though I wasn’t the only one who has no clue what Medusa is talking about in this next post, because it sat there until the forum was down with zero comments. Guess Medusa was too busy making up her other bull pucky to log in as Otto and start another “mOtto” dialog.
Now Medusa is going to bring up an issue – or “blast from the past” – without, for a change, actually mentioning any names. The indirect reference she is “THE FLAG” issue from back in 2006.

Oh. Hah. Hah.

Now, in this conversation about the new mayor, the incredible “exit” appears again and makes a perfectly valid point. S/he said, “He is a breath of fresh air when compared to the last mayor.” Somehow Medusa takes that and turns it into a “Jeni tirade”! You can see “exit’s” comment quoted in Medusa’s response.

“Oh, NOW you’re showing your cards as to why you can’t handle me exposing the shenanigans of poor, Jeni-victim. (Isn’t “shenanigans” an Irish word?)”


Yet another totally mundane comment is made – “Duh, I know that…” in response to the person having made a typo so now Medusa pulls out her new favorite identity, “WTF” to use to bring my name up.
“Did you know that people hold a low opinion of you because you associated yourself Jeni and helped to slander people?”


That is so incredibly stupid it amazes me it’s coming out of an adult.

Medusa now tries picking on the new mayor in her cesspool. And there was some scandal I won’t get into; however, I will show you how this crazy, obsessive bitch keeps dragging my name into things that I had zilch to do with. Remember, at this point I’m not “out there” at all. And all along, I NEVER bothered her in any fashion, including bothering with her dung heap of a forum. But that didn’t matter. She still has to lie, defame, harass, libel and bully.

“You can’t blame people on here for being suspicious and questioning accusations like this. Jeni’s minions have played little games here before trying to get me into trouble.”

GAWD. There is another Jeni out there…..


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“You’ve sunk to a new, all time low, Juan. I am truly amazed. Like your female counterpart, Jeni, you will say anything and stop at nothing to try to make your lame point. The two of you deserve one another.”


“[Deleted] posts on the Press forum: ‘[deleted] has been pumping for this video to be posted for several days, hoping to be the first to present it.’ Wow. Did you get that tall tale from your buddy Jeni?”

“Now [deleted] is doing a Jeni on the Press forum and trying to divert his attack toward my business. (Be sure to check out the upcoming issue, [deleted]. Doesn’t look like that smear campaign by you and LIEsinger (and Screwy [deleted]) has been all that effective).”

Scratch Head


If most of that made no sense to you, join the club, because I can’t make any sense out of it, either.

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