Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 147

Always on her mind…

In a topic about a city employee being fired, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with me or anyone else I knew, Medusa just cannot stop herself from making up more garbage about things which she truly knew nothing about.
First, you have this comment by an “unknown”: “It may be unrelated, but it does seem strange that it happened around the time the [deleted] retirement was rushed through. Perhaps she simply objected to how that was done. This is just a guess. I have no reason to think one way or another.
The name I deleted was the name of the man who betrayed me. It is also worth noting that the original article about his retirement was a big, fat, ugly, nasty LIE. The police LIED to the Press. That all important fact is something the she-devil never, EVER mentions. Because of this, the story did get a lot of coverage. I could have never imagined such a thing myself and it was very difficult. But the key point here is that the police lied to the press.
Okay, so here she blows.

“We know the Reisinger bunch were after his pension at least as early as this past March when someone posted a thread here titled ‘Can [deleted], Pull his pension to save $$$.” I think it’s more likely [deleted] planned his retirement date months ago, and the Reisigner camp has been trying to thwart his plans, while the [deleted] camp has been trying to stay one step ahead of her.”
Well first, and well Medusa knows it, I didn’t make that asinine post. Second, I never wanted him to lose his pension. The only thing I ever wanted from him was honesty, but I guess I got as much from him as the public got from our police at that time. We entrust a lot to our local police forces and we should be able to expect the truth from them, IMHO. But, that’s another animal. Back to Medusa madness.
And as usual, she can’t quit, even though no one else cares to “go there”.
“I would not be surprised if the two ARE related. If Reisinger sent a letter to the PFC complaining about [deleted], do you think it’s likely she also cried to Payne with her tales of woe about being ‘used as a women in every sense’?”
And then – she STILL can’t quit, in spite of the fact that no one is responding to her sickening rants about me.
Snail mail Medusa the goods!
Ah yes, snail mail that “intrepid” reporter can and WILL use anything you say against you in her “online court of chaos (and madness)”.
Roll Eyes
She can’t let it go. Two days go by and she still has to prattle on with her BS. This time it’s an “m-Otto” dialog, but mostly just “m”. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
“Like I posted on the Press forum, let’s see phone records detailing how many times Jeni called [deleted] to cry about something, or try to have someone arrested (or fired).? I would especially like to hear the details of how she tried to have me charged with ‘cyber-stalking.'”

“I suspect the next thing we’ll hear about this is that the DA has better things to do with his time. And then we won’t hear any more. Until Jeni finds someone else to accuse.”

“Or . . .Until she files a lawsuit against [deleted].”
09-15-2009, 03:34 PM: “I don’t know much about [deleted], but I could just see Jeni and her dopes doing the ‘poor, innocent victim’ con job on Angela Payne.”

“Watch out 4 da BUNNY BOILER!”


Say what???

(That one woke me up – that’s funny, actually.)


“If the Press were truly aspiring to be like The National Inquirer, they would report on all the Reisinger nuttery (and actually print her photo along side [deleted]’s) instead of coddling her.”


09-18-2009, 11:12 PM: “She better hope she didn’t do anything illegal that [deleted] could report, because then her mugshot could be in the Press for all those people clamoring for her picture.”
Doh! For WHAT?

Enter Exit!

This person is awesome – no clue who it was, though. Whoever s/he was/is, the biggest thank you ever! H/she pops in and out occasionally from this point on. In this topic, s/he says, “I bet you will still be dogging her 5 years from now. Time to get over it. Let it alone. That is, unless you enjoy chasing her. Time to come out of the closet?
Medusa’s response:

“What do you care? Does her trail of shit lead to your door, too? Or are you another kooky relative?”

Scratch Head
What the hell did SHE care for???

NOT done YET!


“We talk about local news here. Your precious little Jeni-victim thrust herself into the local news again of her own volition. Duh. (And someone sent me her “get[deleted]” packet because they obviously wanted me to bring it up). So if you can’t handle reading it . . . don’t.”

NOT done YET!


“Reisinger calls herself a “watchdog.” I and others are simply “watching the watchdogs.” Here is Fox City’s version of [deleted]talk: Go there and tell them to ‘stop fighting’ and see how clueless and out-of-date you end up looking there, too.”

That site Medusa mentions? It was suspended. Here’s a screen shot I took when I first looked.

Bologna site


Now it just shows “page cannot be displayed”, but for some time it had a big “SUSPENDED” notice on it. Looks like Medusa and her “full of bologna” friends were really the ones full of it.


Just sayin’.


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