Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 146

The FAKEST of FAKE “Concerns” EVER

Boy, Medusa sure got excited when someone – again – threatened to kill me, or so she says. I mean for all I know it was probably her! In fact, it was more than likely the post Medusa references was made BY HER. She loves, loves, LOVES to play the drama queen and set herself up for posts like this. By this point in time she had been doing it to me for over three years, after all. Plus, she’s the ONLY one who ever “clamored” for my picture. No one else gave a damn. Likewise with the death threats – not only did she obsess over them more than anyone else, she kept bringing them up putting me at greater risk. Then she adds insult to injury by actually stating I probably gave them to myself.
Roll eyes Yeah, right.
Threat on Yahoo?

“Is Jeni camp playing death threat game again? Did anyone see the yahoo on the Press forum who was posting veiled death threats to Reisinger?

He was saying some pretty nasty stuff, calling her a whore and implying Winter should off her, and in a bigger city she would’ve been in the obituaries if she blabbed about a cop like that. The same person has been a big proponent of concealed-carry on the Press forum.

I have to think either that guy is incredibly stupid, or he was spurned by Reisinger, or it’s another death threat ploy to draw sympathy toward Reisinger while making Winter look bad AND getting the Press skiddish about allowing comments that rip on Reisinger (or clamor for her picture).

Jeni was buddy-buddy online with the gun-hugging extremist crowd — even seeking their advice on where she could find a gun while linking to her sad sap blog post about corrupt Sheboygan cops. And since when do conceal-carry proponents stick up for cops?”


Also please note the lack of a link, of one of her beloved screen shots – looks like another bunch of made up Medusa-madness.


“Otto” (who is really Medusa) thinks it’s just TOO funny!

Too funny isn't it

And Medusa regurgitates.


“I’m talking about threats posted on the Press forum a couple of days ago. I would think the Press reported them to authorities, but I wouldn’t put it past someone from Jeni’s camp (or Jeni herself) to post them to draw sympathy for her and get the Press to go on their censoring frenzy. If the threats were posted via anonymous proxy, I would especially be suspicious.”


Annoy people like Jeni
“Some people use anonymous surfers to disguise their IP numbers and get around bans and to annoy people like Jeni.”
Yes, how well I know, Crazylife – er, Medusa – taught me just how much “some people” love to use them.
And one more time … let’s make fun of death threats. They’re such a hoot to people like Medusa, after all.

“So many death threats, so little time. She’s cried ‘wolf’ too many times now. What a wacko.”



Willy Nilly
From what I could gather, Medusa was angry at the Press because her comments were being deleted. Gosh, wonder why… anyway, she comes up with a conspiracy on this matter, too. You see, nothing is EVER her fault!

“Maybe the Press hired LIEsinger to be their forum moderator.”

“My comment was deleted, all of Revere’s remain. Yup, I think the Press is going out of its way to accommodate Reisinger.”

Medusa must have been having a tough time stalking me at this point. No Spirit forum, no Spirit blog…oh what WAS Medusa to do? She did some insulting of people who had been members of the forum, but that got ZERO feedback, so what is a cyber stalker to do??
Engage in more made-up madness, of course. Someone posted a filthy comment in a topic that was about an article and went way off course. The person said, “…go do what kids your age do… find the Kohls women’s underwear ad section, jerk yourself off, and go to bed.
Spin master Medusa goes to work!
“Well, THAT just convinced me one of the Spew-its has been hacking into Yahoo email accounts. Is Snailski out of jail or something?”

Then, in this same topic, “someone” says, “Spew it? I dont get it………….”. This leaves the door wide open for Medusa. Gosh, think she’s playing her games again? I sure do…
Then “someone” says, “Spew it? I dont get it………….
“Maybe you could get him a new job at Taco Bell or Walmart. Nice try trying to scare Igor off. Maybe you and Auntie Jeni are just jealous that he hangs out here and not on your forum of horrors (Sheboygan Spew-it. Get it? Sheboygan Spirit = Sheboygan Spew-it).”

I have three nieces. One works at Taco Bell, the other at Wal Mart. So now I know Medusa is also cyber stalking my nieces. Major creep factor – good thing my girls can take care of themselves! Also note that Medusa is insinuating it is one of my nieces that is posting there.

Now that would be a cold day in hell.


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