Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 144


Haven’t we seen this before – like MANY times??? It first showed up in Book Bit 065!

“Remember when “COP” (probably Jeni Reisinger) wrote in June, 2008 blaming and threatening a bunch of us for Reisinger’s death threats?”

Hm. Now why bring that up – again? Oh, Medusa is going to tell everyone now.
“I think Jeni probably cried to [deleted], he promised her he would watch us as suspects, then she came over here and posted that threat knowing her personal cop-on-a-leash had her back.”


In her dreams!


One more time: EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!


“Yeah, ‘COP’s’ rant sounds like classic Reisinger. I’ve seen her use the term ‘duly’ on her other sites. (Oops! Was I “cyberstalking” her again? Call the COPS Jeni!”)”

I had to write a letter to the Police and Fire Commission, detailing what occurred with the man I had a relationship with. Some jerk supposedly sent a copy of my letter to Medusa to further make a mockery out of the incident . However, I was told it was given to her by someone on “the other side” of my lawsuit. But whichever, she thought she was hot snot for getting her grubby gossiping mitts on the letter.
You can well imagine Medusa had a field day with the pain of it all.
The Letter

08-10-2009, 01:30 PM: “I’m guessing [deleted]’s retirement was a result of a letter Jeni Reisinger sent to Police and Fire President [deleted]. Of course ONCE AGAIN she paints herself as the hapless, naive, innocent victim — this time she’s a victim of a cop who abused his authority. An anonymous somebody sent me a copy of her letter, here are some highlights: [deleted].

She includes phone records showing he called her while on duty. She says [deleted] ‘used, abused and mocked’ her during ‘a time of great fear and vulnerability.’ Then she says he never ‘outright threatened’ her, but instead “constantly reminded” her that he ‘had a lot of power’ as a police officer.

My heart bleeds for you, Jeni. [deleted] is an ass, and so are you (and your goofy family).”


Oh my stars, the “COP” post again!!!


“Wait, I though we (m, Rhonda, others and I) were being watched because we were suspects in the death threats.”


(REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“Maybe she sent the death threats to herself. Or one of her upstanding family members left them at her front door knowing Jeni would go off half-cocked”

“Like I’ve said umpteen times — poor, poor Jeni is always the victim, never the perp. Keep it up, LIEsingers…”




“How stupid to reveal what she did. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Who wants someone that can’t be trusted (as in having an affair with a married cop) working with them as a “watchdog”? If I were a member of some advocate group, I wouldn’t want that stupid whore anywhere near. Thank you, Jeni, for banning me from your sites. That way I can’t possibly be associated with you. It would ruin my reputation. No wonder she doesn’t have any friends left. Anyone with a brain baled a long time ago.”


Reminder again – “m” is also posting as “Otto”.<


“God only knows what is conjured up in her sick mind. But, the fact that [deleted] resigned makes one think that an affair did occur. And, I think he admitted to it in his deposition for Jeni’s lawsuit. Her depo refers to that. Of course, Jeni most likely lied on that.”

Now someone besides Medusa and her alter-ego Otto actually chimes in – rather nasty, but the crux of the sentiment does echo my own. The post said, “i bet you’re the one that left those death threats. you’re the only one insane enough to do such an outrageous and stupid, hateful thiing – you show your hate every day, so it all makes sense.

And here she blows…




“Besides, you lying POS LIEsinger, Jeni had security cameras and [deleted] hanging out at her house at all hours. How would I ever get away with walking up to her front door on multiple occasions to leave death threats? Only [deleted] or a family member would be able to pull that off. Or Jeni made it up. I hope ALL your lying trailer trash asses (Jeni, Joan and Julie) are investigated along with [deleted].”

Doh! For WHAT?
“Another day, another false accusation from camp Reisinger.”

“Speaking of her bootlickers. Once again, I doubt there are many left. I’m sure her mommy will stand by her side. Who else is left? Julie? Who is Julie? Her posts sure look alot like Jeni’s. Funny how we haven’t heard from anyone, on any forum, who wants to stand up for Jeni. Not [deleted 5 names]. She simply doesn’t have any support. Because she’s a certified loon and they’ve all abandoned her ship.”

“Poor, poor Jeni Reisinger. Always the victim, never the perpetrator or accessory. Have your sick sacks ready tomorrow, because I’m going to post her letter to the PFC.”

And post it she did.
Next post: Comments the she-devil posted under her many anonymous names, as well as her own.
Devil stirring the pot

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