Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 142

I am trying to set someone up?

Huh? Had to do some digging around to discover that Medusa posted ALL of this (3 RANTING posts in one topic ALL BY HER) based on an anonymous post IN HER FORUM.
See why she loves to allow that stupid “anonymous posting”? She can pull all kinds of shenanigans with that enabled.

“People use anonymous proxies to disguise their identity. WHY THE HELL WOULD JIM USE AN ANONYMOUS PROXY IF HE’S GOING TO SIGN IT WITH HIS INITIALS ‘JG’, YOU PEABRAINS? I think Jeni or her idiots are just trying to set [deleted] up like they do everyone else. And so what if Jim WAS trying to look at your deposition? it’s PUBLIC RECORD”


(No…depositions are not public record unless the case goes to trial, said my lawyer’s secretary.)


“You KNOW it won’t be good enough for her that THE FACTS have been presented to her, she’ll continue to smear, smear, smear. If anyone else is fed up with her “shenanigans” and are interested in having her stupid lie/smear pages shut down, email me (mary@[deleted]) because there is a simple way to have it done, and you don’t have to have any contact with that lunatic at all.”

OH NO!! lol
“And of course I can’t challenge her accusations on her blog because she blocks everyone from posting comments except for her ‘trusted friends.’ Frauds!!! I hope you realize, Jeni, that by not allowing comments (or not linking to this forum as your source), you are admitting your guilt. That also makes your blog LIBELOUS.”



On a different topic, someone calling themselves “rambo” pops in and slam dunks Medusa:

“the only woman who doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about is marrryyyy stttruuuckkkkkkkk – and it’s none of her damn business either. everything out of that cunts mouth. marrryyyy strrrruuckkk, is nothing but filtered gossip and bullshit spin.”


And here we go…


“Hi Jeni. I thought you were too high and mighty to call anyone a cunt. Guess not. I’m so NOT surprised. Cunt.”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“The LIEsingers must be PUI again (posting under the influence). Drink up girls. You’ll need it for when the Milwaukee media gets hold of your Sheboygan hijinx.”

Or Jeni’s puppeteers stopped keeping her and her inebriated family members up to speed.”


No clue where or why Medusa keeps insinuating this drinking stuff. No one in my entire family has ever had any kind of drunk arrest or drinking problem. Of course, this IS Medusa we’re talking about.


Random Rottenness

On a topic about the local Brat Day festivities where some complaints were made about the festival, someone says, “You people just can’t have a good time. No matter what.” Now…if anyone can explain how that comment elicited the following response, PLEASE DO!

“Unlike you Jeni, at least we get out of the house and enjoy our lifes.”


The Queen of Proxies …

Back in 2008, Medusa proudly told anyone who visited her forum how to use proxies to visit the Spirit forum. Don’t forget, also, that Medusa used the letter “m” to post with, along with a huge slew of stupid names and even the names of real people, including mine. But now the queen of proxies has the unmitigated gall to post:

“Hey Jeni, JuLIE and other related kooks…Why do you need to use anonymous proxies to post here? I don’t ban or block people. You’re the only ones using the proxies. Has to be because you’ve got something to hide.”

Really – something to hide, eh? Like when you post as – oh, say, crazylife???
No clue what she’s up to but first, I didn’t go over there, proxy or otherwise and second, she ALWAYS banned people when their posts didn’t suit her, or she just felt like being a malicious bitch. So there’s a bold-faced lie, too, but what else is new.

She even admits it.


“I tried to ban Snail, but maybe it was really Julie. Or Jeni and Julie letting Snail use their computers.”


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