Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 141

OMG. Here she goes with MY lawsuit again.

She had more interest in it than I. Plus, I knew playing arm-chair attorney is a pretty dumb thing to do, so for me, the entire matter was entrusted to my very competent attorney. I rarely gave it thought until I was contacted about it for whatever reason. But mad Medusa just keeps getting orgasmic over the thing. The big question never to be answered is WHY??? (She even takes a screen shot of it – DOH!)

“See: ‘Please be advised that the Scheduling Conference referenced below is hereby CANCELLED due to the pending summary judgment motion.'”


All motions were denied. In short, I WON. Because I was in the right. ‘Nuf said.

Okay, let’s put “Frog” away and pull out “Otto” for some jeni-bashing fun!

“Oh, thank GOD! I don’t think Jeni could possibly handle ANOTHER trip to MILWAUKEE in so short a time…..”

“Ha ha ha. I’m surprised the conference wasn’t scheduled for 2029.”

That Medusa. Just too funny.


For a real change of pace, there was what appeared to be an actual conversation going on about a tragic accident. Twenty-seven posts were made and I guess the mad one couldn’t stand it any more that I wasn’t brought into the topic. Someone made an innocent comment saying, “You should come and exercise by our place sometime. If you are not simply crushed, then I’ll bet that, at the minimum, you wont be able to walk stairs for 2 or 3 days.” This comment is what Medusa uses to drag my name into the conversation.

“Why, is Jeni’s niece Julie going to be there? (I bet Julie could beat you up, [deleted]).”


Honorable Mention

That pretty much ended that conversation, but she – er an “anonymous person” – just had to slam dunk the person who made that innocent comment, too. You see, the man’s father had been senselessly killed in an accident. It was a very tragic event, as well. But Mary doesn’t like this man, so take a look at how low she will post – in anonymous fashion, of course. (And note how much time went by before she made her attempt to “resurrect” this topic where she actually had people “chatting”.)
The deleted name was the name of the man who killed the other man’s father.
Devil stirring the pot
That devil is alive, well, and trying to stir up that pot with all HER might.

Did Jeni unwittingly out [Deleted] as “Snoopy”?

Gee. Did she? Let’s speculate. For 38 POSTS MOST ALL “m” TALKING TO HERSELF! I’m not going to post the screen shots because there are too many names, too many lies, too much BS, too much libel, too much defamation, too much speculation and WAYYYYYY too much copied & pasted material from other sites – that she had no right to steal. I’ll post some of her “finest moments” in her one-woman diatribe, though. Have to see this stuff to believe it.

  • So Jeni admitted during her deposition that she heard [Deleted] refer to [Deleted] as “Taco Bender.”
  • Jeni puts her big foot in her mouth — again. DOH! Thanks, Jeni, for confirming my suspicions. You think I have this big tipster hotline with [Deleted]. No, I just have your big mouth telling on you.
  • Here are some ‘Snoopy’ niceties on [deleted] directed toward me. I was banned soon after, and Jeni still yammers I “cyber-stalked” her there. (Uh, I ended up there because SHE posted a link there when bragging about all the support she was getting for her lawsuit — Lying twit).
  • Be sure to read the other comments on that badgerblogger thread by Jeni and her bootlickers.
  • And here’s ‘Snoopy’ joining in on the [deleted] “bribe” conspiracy
  • (Did you lick them Jeni jackboots good and hard, Snoopy?)
  • Jeni showing the love to “Snoopy” as reported by “Anywho” and EOE
  • Jeni, sitting there lying through her ass …
  • What information was Snoopy leaking to Jeni so she could carry out her character assassination …
  • And what else did he tell her during their little “pillow talk”? I can just imagine the plotting and scheming that must’ve gone on between Jeni’s sheets.
  • Snoopy, aiding and abetting Jeni in attacking [Deleted] — and outing the fact that Mike drove a bus for the Transit.
  • You’d think a “PROFESSIONAL” of LAW ENFORCEMENT would’ve reigned her in a little. Instead, he protects her, and may have been contributing to her wild accusations. How sweet.
  • In about a week or two, Jeni’s lawsuit will be thrown out, there may or may not be a media brouhaha for couple more weeks, then she’ll fade into obscurity and nobody will care what she says or does anymore.
  • Like me and my soon-to-be ex-wife always said… ‘crazy in the head, crazy in bed…’
  • Wasn’t Snail bunking up in Jeni’s garage for awhile? Hope she fumigated it for her badge buddy.
  • I hope to God no cops were supportive of Jeni’s whacked out ProPhoenix conspiracy theory.
  • I see McClean was dismissed from Jeni’s lawsuit yesterday. There, there. It will be all over soon and Jeni’s 15 minutes of “woe is me” victimhood will be over.
  • I don’t have to ask her lawyer squat. I called the clerk of court in Milwaukee the other day. I’m betting the media will be putting in some requests, if they haven’t already. My little Internet forum should be the least of your worries.
  • Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Jeni is a hypocrite.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if she told a few fibs during her deposition, too.
  • Parodying and poking fun at politicians is one thing, but to keep perpetuating false accusations while blocking “the truth” from being posted on their blogs and forums is criminal. And altering our comments on her blog to say the opposite of what we said — that’s downright evil incarnate.
  • You saying “dozens of people saw it” doesn’t mean shit coming from you LIEsingers (or LIEsinger lickers — whichever applies).
  • I wasn’t a big sucker like Jeni letting [Deleted] and the recallers use me. Now look who’s crying about being used and betrayed. Serves her right.
  • The recallers tried to get me to be their middle-man, too. I didn’t bite. Dumb, desperate Jeni did. That worked out well, didn’t it, Jeni?
  • At least they aren’t letting him keep Reisinger as webmaster of the state Crimestoppers website anymore.
  • Hey, I have an idea. Since [Deleted] still allegedly has Jeni’s garage door opener, maybe he can lead the parade of Crimestoppers through her house. (Make sure it’s when Jeni and her niece JuLIE are on the computer).
  • You really need to stop posting here, Jeni. You just put your foot so much farther into your mouth…………. I’d feel sorry for you, but you’re too vindictive for pity.
  • PUI again? What’s the matter? Are you finding out that pursuing a federal lawsuit against a city attorney, police chief and mayor isn’t all fun and games?
  • I was catching up on the Sunday paper today and there was yet another photo with [Deleted] in it. It had to do with some group of young people awarding a gas station owner for not selling tobacco to kids, or something like that. It DOES seem like he’s been getting a lot of positive press for the past few months. Maybe he’s going to be the next police chief.
  • HOW On Earth can the SPD still have [Deleted] out there as it’s face of the Dept? So . . . I’ve heard Jeni made sure this was taken care of . . . Do give us the deets, JuLIEeeeeeeeeeeee? Jeni? Joan?


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